Best VPN with iPhone App

There are numerous things that you can do with your device and a good Internet connection. With both, plus a battery charger, you can almost rule the world! Well, maybe not entirely. But you sure can watch online streaming content, solve school and work tasks and assignments, send emails, chat with your inner circle, read and watch the latest news in your country and the world, enjoy live sports e...[Read More]

How VPN Works on iPhone

Protection, privacy, security, accessibility, and anonymity are underrated aspects of the online world. People haven’t realized just how essential each of those factors is because they are usually smitten with the web pages, emails, social media, online streaming content, and some of the best characteristics and offerings of the digital era. However, you should not take those things lightly....[Read More]

What does VPN Stand for on iPhone

Online interactions and activities gain importance every day. Many users engage into work activities through the web, and a high percentage of them use their mobile devices to perform essential tasks with ease. Tech companies design their phones with more user-friendly interfaces each passing year, giving them comfort while browsing the web, sending emails, having important conferences via video c...[Read More]

Opera VPN 1

Last year, Opera, the Norwegian company famous for its web browser, released a Opera VPN client for the Android and iOS operative systems. The app is completely free and represents a very valuable initiative that is rarely seen from companies like these. They’re not the first to do it, but they are surely one of the few free VPNs that come from the hand of a respectable brand, something that was v...[Read More]

What is the Best VPN for iPhone iPhone 8 and iPhone X?

If you want the best VPN for your brand spanking new iPhone 8 or iPhone X , then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve personally tested many iPhone VPNs with our own credit card investing time and effort in testing iPhone VPN speeds and how they perform. Picking a VPN can be hard, and while it’s fairly easy on PC to find a “decent” VPN, finding a VPN provider that has a good mobile app is a bi tr...[Read More]

9 Tips to Keep Hackers Away from Your iPhone

Your private information among other things can draw the line between a good and a bad public reputation. Privacy is a very valuable asset, yet it becomes harder every day to keep it safe from the ill-intentioned in the smartphone era. As we put more and more personal information in our devices, there is a higher risk of being deeply affected by any leaks in the security of the phone. iPhones are ...[Read More]

2017-07-17 08_28_14-Free photo_ Censorship, Limitations – Free Image on Pixabay – 610101

In the last several years, the number and frequency of smartphone attacks have come to a pretty sudden increase. And the majority of them have occurred because of the bad protection. This can only mean that whatever their users are doing, they are doing it wrong. We need to be aware of the time we live in, as well as the dangers that follow it. Our smartphones as a perfect example of the fact that...[Read More]


The times have changed since you were a child, and it is perfectly normal to many for kids to have iPhones and iPads today. Even the younger ones love to use them, and they also love everything about them. From tapping and swiping the screen, to playing many of the available games. Most of all, however, they enjoy using them for watching videos. So, if you have a child, it will probably want to pl...[Read More]

2017-06-07 09_27_17-itunes store – Google Search

As we’re sure that every Apple user already knows, iTunes is the single best way to buying and downloading pretty much any app ever made for Apple devices. The store is always innovative, and you can find new, popular, exciting apps that will capture your interest from the moment you download them. And, as the Apple Music advances, even your favorite songs have become available on iTunes. Th...[Read More]

2017-03-22 11_20_26-Free illustration_ Download, Computer, Data, Internet – Free Image on Pixabay –

Torrents are great for how you can download all sorts of massive files quickly from a variety of hosts. However, the iPhone doesn’t allow you to download torrents. That is, it doesn’t let you do it until now with this method described here. You can quickly download torrents on your iPhone by using a few simple steps. Much of this entails the use of a VPN. It keeps you secure without being caught o...[Read More]


PPTP is just one of the many VPN protocols that you can use to protect your computer and iPhone. However, that said, while it’s an option, it’s not necessarily the best protocol by any stretch of the imagination. We covered this subject in depth, here in this article–but the basics are that PPTP is a severely outdated protocol with a lot of security holes. Unfortunately, a lot of users don’t...[Read More]

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