Prevent Your ISP from Throttling your Internet

Imagine it’s Friday night, and after a long week of work, gym, taking the kids to school and performing other duties, you want to relax, go to bed, turn on your laptop and stream a movie or a TV series on Netflix or another platform. Then, you notice that there is something wrong with your Internet speed. It is lower than it usually is, but the issue is only presenting itself on specific pag...[Read More]

What Can My ISP See?

When you browse the web in your laptop or mobile device, you find your comfort zone and make sure anybody in the office, room or establishment, in general, can see what you are doing in your online sessions. Or so you think. Usually, workers prefer to choose PCs in corners, or in places where nobody can spy on their content. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the person in question is doing some sha...[Read More]

How to Stop and Bypass Bandwidth Throttling with a VPN

Net neutrality is the principle of treating all data on the internet equally. It exists with the purpose of preventing ISPs and governments from controlling or regulating the speed of transmission of determined content in order to benefit others from it. Essentially, what net neutrality mainly tries to prevent is bandwidth throttling. Bandwidth throttling can happen for a number of reasons. For in...[Read More]

Current Challenges Facing Net Neutrality

When we talk about net neutrality, we are really talking about the governments, ISPs, and similar parties, groups, or institutions. The concept of the net neutrality revolves around making all of these parties treat all the data on the internet the same. Basically, you can’t treat any type of data differently, no matter where it comes from, who is sending it, what type of content does it con...[Read More]

How to Bypass Metadata Retention in Australia Using a VPN

The latest development of the situation in Australia doesn’t seem to be especially good for their internet users. The government has decided that their citizens aren’t in need of their privacy anymore, so Australian telcos and ISPs got 18 months to make necessary changes and start collecting pretty much all the data they can get their hands on. This is the deadline that ran out almost ...[Read More]

ISPs Collecting Your Metadata – VPNs have Become Necessary

Australian ISPs are now officially required to record and collect all of their customers’ metadata, alongside the telecommunications companies, and this includes several types of information: Name, date of birth, address, email and any other information that could help identify the owner of an account. Communication details: The way of communicating (SMS, voice, email, forum, chats, social m...[Read More]

Hide Your IP to Stop Your ISP from Spying On You

If you’re reading this, you’ve obviously decided that you’re not safe enough with your online signature and data flow exposed for everyone to see, and you’ve decided to take steps and protect yourself. Great idea! You’ve come to the right place, and we’ll be happy to help you and explain what methods can you use and recommend the best options. First that you nee...[Read More]

Tips to Prevent Being Tracked

Nobody wants their privacy invaded, and the whole point of the internet is anonymity and privacy itself. As time goes by, we’re slowly being cheated of our privacy, and little by little not only are we losing it, it’s also being shared around and even sold to major corporations. And let’s not forget the hackers and other cyber criminals that might want to track your activities wh...[Read More]

Don’t let ISPs Monetize Web History: Here’s How

Ever since the FCC’s privacy rules were voted out of the picture by the US government, the internet users have felt vulnerable, and their ISPs have got a green light when it comes to selling the private user data. For many of the US citizens, this is not acceptable, and those who knew how have already started finding ways of protecting themselves and their privacy, and making it that much ha...[Read More]

FCC’s privacy rules voted out by the US Senate

The freedom to use and sell data collected by the ISPs (Internet Service Providers) such as Verizon, Comcast, and AT&T may soon be given back to these companies. The US Senate has passed a resolution to deny the FCC’s rules concerning the online privacy of the America’s internet users. Adopting means that the ISPs will now have permission to use and sell your browsing history and a...[Read More]

Does RuinMyHistory Stop ISPs From Tracking Data?

Since the new Bill concerning American’s online privacy has arrived, people are looking for ways to hide their browsing history, change their IP addresses, and generally bring any sort of protection and privacy into their online lives. One of the ways to do this is being brought to the eye of the public, and that is RuinMyHistory. The question is, does it really do the job, and are you safe ...[Read More]

How To Prevent your ISP from Tracking Your Data

As you may have heard, the recent vote of the United States Senate brought a Bill that, if approved, allows your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to sell your browsing history and other personal data to third parties, and they don’t even need your approval to do that anymore. This means that everyone who appreciates their online privacy has to find some way to fight back and keep it for thems...[Read More]

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