Prevent the Bad Rabbit Ransomware Attack

The Internet changed our lives for the better. If we could spend hours or even days to get acquainted with news or critical events around the world, now we have the information available in a matter of minutes or even seconds. Communications improved considerably, and with a smartphone, iPhone or any device with Internet connectivity, we can achieve beautiful things and use them for leisure, work,...[Read More]

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With a number of online threats these days, having a few malware on your device is not that hard to imagine. Especially if you don’t have extra protection. Catching them can have several different consequences, but make no mistake – none of them are good for you. You might experience different things. For example, your computer might run slower than usual. A lot of pop-ups are also a c...[Read More]


Many people miss the good old days when your mobile phone was just your mobile phone, and not that smaller of your computers, the one that you’re in habit of constantly carrying around. Mobile phones have had a rapid advancement rate in the last decade, and mobile malware has followed and is now on the rise as well. Especially since 2015. If you’re in need of tips on how to protect you...[Read More]


The most popular, and definitely the most tenacious cyber crimes in the last several years have been the phishing attacks. All around the world, people are constantly getting fake emails claiming to be coming from corporate companies, government institutions, and even famous organizations. The truth is, they’re not, and if you’ve received one or more of those emails, you were a target ...[Read More]

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New malware is being developed every day, and cyber criminals are becoming bolder when it comes to attacking their targets, whether it’s a high-profile company, a regular Facebook-only internet user or anything in between. What makes these cyber-attacks worse, is the way that hackers are always coming up with new ideas and ways to spread malware infections to their unsuspecting victims. Lite...[Read More]

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When one mentions Big Brother, the mind quickly jumps to a watchful old man with a menacing look. To the present world, the two security firms (CIA and NSA) represent the famed big brother figure. They both take data from individuals and firms as part of their surveillance exercises. The two have come under fire severally for snooping on people’s privacy with the National Security Agency bei...[Read More]

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