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After the 2013 events involving the US National Security Agency, the world realized that being online was not safe. Surveillance agencies are constantly monitoring the activity of most internet users, and as people get used to putting more and more personal information on their phones, it has never been more important to find ways to protect ourselves from these entities. There are many tools and ...[Read More]

The Things the Internet Knows About You Might Scare You

After the scandal involving the National Security Agency of the United States a couple of years ago, it was made clear that law enforcement agencies were spying on us. What you might not be aware of is that, in fact, having a major institution tracking your online activity has always been quite common. Except most of these aren’t government agencies, they’re just companies who want to make money o...[Read More]

2017-07-05 09_28_38-donald trump angry – Google Search

Ever since Donald Trump became the President of the US, internet users’ online privacy has been dropping more and more. Not only was FCC’s privacy policy completely shut down even before its official start, but also the new legislation came in its place. So, with net neutrality being a thing of the past, completely destroying online privacy was as easy as you can imagine. Right now, wh...[Read More]


When we’re talking about online security and data privacy, we have to remember that it’s not simply one fight. It doesn’t revolve around doing a certain number of things, and the fight can never be over. That’s a war between many factions. The three main ones are the government, the regular internet users, and the cyber criminals. These three factions are in online war sinc...[Read More]

2017-05-11 08_54_11-811px x 401px – DON’T GIVE AWAY YOUR INFO

You’re probably aware that the number of apps that are available today makes it impossible not to have at least some of your personal data stored somewhere online. Everyone uses these apps, and whether they realize it or not, the apps do take something in return. However, there’s a difference in using your data so that the app can work better, and stealing and exposing your privacy. So...[Read More]

2017-04-17 09_08_33-trump rise to power – Google Search

When Donald Trump took office, his controversial nature was one of the key points everyone noted. A change was inevitable. This what can be said of his current decision of rolling back the privacy laws put in place by the Obama administration. This has had huge impacts on how people behave online. Initially, most users of VPN services were companies and individuals who worried about their online p...[Read More]


Nobody wants their privacy invaded, and the whole point of the internet is anonymity and privacy itself. As time goes by, we’re slowly being cheated of our privacy, and little by little not only are we losing it, it’s also being shared around and even sold to major corporations. And let’s not forget the hackers and other cyber criminals that might want to track your activities wh...[Read More]

2017-04-03 11_22_49-tracking – Google Search

Since the new Bill concerning American’s online privacy has arrived, people are looking for ways to hide their browsing history, change their IP addresses, and generally bring any sort of protection and privacy into their online lives. One of the ways to do this is being brought to the eye of the public, and that is RuinMyHistory. The question is, does it really do the job, and are you safe ...[Read More]


Just because you are free to do whatever you want online in your home country doesn’t mean you don’t have to worry about how your data is be used. Online privacy rights are varied throughout all parts of the world. You must be cautious when online regardless of where you go. United States While much of the online world is open and free for you to explore in the United States, your content could be...[Read More]

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