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Problems With Private Internet Access? What’s the Truth?

In my Private Internet Access review, I found the service to be decent. With faster speeds and a better app than most VPN providers I’ve found, it’s gotten one of our highest ratings. It’s also super cheap. But does that mean it’s the best VPN to use still in 2017? Well, not necessarily. The thing about VPNs is that your mileage can vary. While my experience in my PIA was f...[Read More]

Private Internet Access and Netflix – What’s the Verdict?

Netflix had long been relatively easy to access through a virtual private network or VPN. This especially comes as a VPN can conceal your real IP and have you surf the online world under a different IP from another region. This gives you access to all sorts of things without restrictions., particularly Netflix in a variety of different regions. However, it has become increasingly difficult for peo...[Read More]

What are the Best Private Internet Access Alternatives?

Private Internet Access (PIA) is one of the most known virtual private networks (VPN) on the planet at this moment. It has many benefits which have seen many users adopt it over the rest of the competition. Since its launch in 2011, the service has grown by leaps and bounds to be one of the most used when it comes to online protection. The service has grown so popular that mentioning a VPN to most...[Read More]

Is Private Internet Access Safe for Torrenting?

As the regular VPN users surely know, Private Internet Access (PIA) is one of the most popular VPN providers that can be found, and not by accident. This VPN is the best choice to combine with BitTorrent clients. It’s cheap, torrent-friendly, values speed and security immensely, and it’s considered to be the top torrent VPN. It also comes with an addition in the form of non-logging pro...[Read More]

How to Use Private Internet Access with Plex for Port Forwarding

The Plex app is an exciting media server program that lets you enjoy media on a variety of devices. With this, you can get free digital broadcasts from all corners of the world. As you use it, you can log onto an account to reach a variety of free broadcasts of all kinds. You can use this to quickly get online and have fun watching programs of all sorts no matter where you are. But to enjoy this, ...[Read More]

Is Private Internet Access Good? What They Don’t Tell You About PIA VPN

Is Private Internet Access Good? Today, we are here to answer that question in this look at one of the most popular VPN providers to date. This isn’t a full review, and if you want one, check out our Private Internet Access review. This is just quick look! Private Internet Access is headquartered within the USA and founded in 2011. Since then it’s grown to be one of the biggest and successful VPN ...[Read More]

Private Internet Access SOCKS5 Proxy Guide

Private Internet Access is one of the best and cheapest VPNs there is. You can get it for only $6.95, and in our review, we found that they are fast, reliable, and easy to use. One of the lesser known parts of Private Internet Access, however, is that they have a free to use proxy service included with the VPN subscription. In this guide about Private Internet Access, we will show you how to use t...[Read More]

Is Private Internet Access Broke?

Recently we covered a story on Private Internet Access leaving Russia. In this article, we noted how Private Internet Access claimed it was getting out of Russia to uphold it’s no logging policy–but we also noted how the whole thing was a bit fishy. There are many places like Russia that retain data logs–places like Australia, Canada, or even India that Private Internet Access still ha...[Read More]

Private Internet Access Russia Servers Seized by Government

Private Internet Access is one of our favorite VPNs here for many reasons. They are extremely cheap per month (only $6.95), and their yearly subscription is only $39.95. For that, you get great speeds, tons of servers, and great clients that are reliable. They even have decent live chat and an active forum community. However, like all VPN providers–there’s often a catch. For Private In...[Read More]

Private Internet Access vs ExpressVPN

Welcome to Private Internet Access vs ExpressVPN, a comparison article that matches up these two popular VPN providers against each other. In this comparison, we look over the best features of each provider to see who wins. Pricing Private Internet Access (PIA) PIA offers one of the most competitive pricing models at only $6.95 a month, $35.95 for six months, and $39.95 for a year. For some reason...[Read More]

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