5 Reasons Not to use PureVPN

PureVPN is a popular VPN provider with a huge user base. However, we haven’t rated them highly on our website despite their boasts of speed, security, and usability. In this top 5 list, I’ll go over 5 horrible PureVPN screwups to educate you on the past, so you can decide what’s best for you in the future. #1 2013 Hacked Purevpn Billing System In 2013, PureVPN was hacked. In this hack, customers w...[Read More]

Is PureVPN Good? 6 Things They Don’t Tell You about PureVPN

Is PureVPN good? We already covered them in an extensive PureVPN review here where you can see some of the good/bad, but today we are going to take another updated look at the service in 2017 to give you a bit of an update of what we think of the service to help you decide if you should use the VPN, or stay far far away in another galaxy. Is it all bad? Today I’ve come up with some major points th...[Read More]

PureVPN Hacked?

Only a few days ago users starting noticing that PureVPN was hosting a malicious file on their blog. This file was obfuscated as a Microsoft office document. However, users found out that this file was infected with many dangerous components, including a windows password stealing trojan. Here are some screenshots of the examination of the file: What does the hack mean? Hosting a malicious file on ...[Read More]

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