VPN Enabled Routers

A VPN enabled router is a device that can share Internet and support VPN encryption and security protocols at the same time. These tools allow users to achieve better connection speeds and browsing the web securely and privately. A startup or small business venture may only need a regular router. However, if the enterprise network hosts more than three devices connected at the same time, it may be...[Read More]

What is a Mini VPN Router? And Why Use One?

Virtual private networks are amazing tools to use. You can find them both in the private consumer sector and used around the world by businesses in the more public sector provided by companies like Cisco. However, more and more people at home are turning to VPNs just to access the internet, or to protect them self from snooping internet service providers in 2017. Whether you plan on traveling, sim...[Read More]

2017-07-11 08_55_37-wireless router – Google Search

Setting up a wireless router is one of the useful skills for you to have today in order to achieve bigger convenience in your own home. Doing it is pretty easy, and router makers have been working on making it even easier. Just to make sure that there is no confusion, we will provide you with some tips on how to do it. And, additionally, we will also add some advice on how to make your network eve...[Read More]

2017-03-28 10_55_12-811px x 401px – Can it Really be Free_

It is easy for you to access video services not available in your country or to reach websites that might normally be blocked when you use a VPN. You’ll have to get a VPN added onto your router to make this work. With a virtual private network, you can use a setup that allows you to connect to a server based out of a certain area. This helps you show that you are located in a certain area. Adding ...[Read More]


If you’ve been ignoring your router as a possible security vulnerability, you might want to consider rethinking how the internet and computer security works. Many people don’t know it, but your router can get hacked and spread malware to other devices in your network. In this article, we will answer the quest “can a router get a virus” and give you some tips on what you can do to preve...[Read More]

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