How to Disable a Keylogger in Windows 10

With all the stories and news about hackers, malware, ransomware, and the rest of threats out there, we can only consider ourselves lucky that we have not already become a victim of one such attack. However, there might be another threat that Windows users are facing for several years now, without even knowing about it. When Microsoft first released the Windows 10 Technical Preview, they were pret...[Read More]

How to Stay Anonymous as a Whistleblower

Working as a whistleblower is extremely challenging, now more than ever. As the technology advances, the organizations that you are trying to investigate and unmask can increase their privacy, and even constantly monitor their employees. The bigger they get, the more dangerous they are, and harder it is for you to stay anonymous. Investigating the governments is by far the most difficult task sinc...[Read More]

Is it Safe to Put Your Data on the Cloud?

Saving files on our computers is known and familiar to everyone. We are doing it ever since we first got our computers. We know how to process works, where the files can be found, how to share them, and everything else related to that. However, what happens when we put our data in the cloud? Where does it go? Who has access to it? Is it really safe to do that? People have been wondering about thes...[Read More]

How To Stay Safe Against Windows Exploits

The internet can be a dangerous place, and many of its users have already either heard about the things that can happen or had them happen to them, personally. The dangers are many, from viruses and malware to hackers, stealing data, and selling your private information. Sometimes, the ones that are collecting and selling your info aren’t hackers at all, but your own ISP. The point here is t...[Read More]

Internet Safety Tips to Protect Your Teens

As you know, the number of social media is rising all the time, as well as their popularity. They’re especially interesting to teenagers and children that are about to go into teenage hood. Since we all know what kind of a place the Internet is, it can be expected that your child might feel upset and react negatively to some disturbing content or rude online behavior. That’s why itR...[Read More]

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