WebRTC VPN “Bug” and How to Fix It

Two years ago, early in 2015, Firefox and Chrome decided to introduce a new feature for their browsers and called it WebRTC. This “feature” turned out to be nothing less than a spy add-on that permits every website you visit to scan and record your real IP address, and not even the use of a VPN can protect you from this. WebRTC WebRTC is short for a Web Real-Time Communication, and it&...[Read More]

End-All VPN solution to Ending IP leaks

VPNs are amazing tools to encrypt your internet traffic, but like all widely used tools, they have vulnerabilities.  If you’re not using a top tier VPN, you might be experiencing some form of an IP leak. Since VPNs are designed to protect your IP address, this can be a huge problem. IP leaks can be in the form of DNS leaks, IPv6 leaks, and WebRTC leaks. If you want to check if you have an IP...[Read More]

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