Top 5 VPNs for Netflix in 2018

VPN for Netflix in 2018

There is no discussion: Netflix is the most extensive online streaming library in the world. In the market since 1997 and reinvented in 2007, this platform to watch all kinds of movies, series, shows, documentaries and other productions is obtainable in 190 countries around the world.

Netflix works with countries and regions, and each one has a different library of shows and movies, according to licensing agreements. The US Netflix catalog is a complete one and is the one that people around the world desire the most.

However, Netflix is banning international requests to access regions outside the geographical reach of other countries. To bypass geo-blocking measures, netizens used VPNs or Virtual Private Networks, but Netflix is blocking them around the web because it wants to protect the exclusivity of its content.

Now, Netflix has blocked many VPN or proxy providers that help users access the US content library from any part of the world, but some still work if you want to stream content online. Here are the five best VPN for Netflix in 2018:


Top 5 VPNs for Netflix in 2018

This may be the most expensive option that works with Netflix but remains a top-rated VPN service because of its app customization, speeds, security, live chat and extra features. TorGuard sells unique, dedicated IP addresses, which means that Netflix would have a hard time isolating them as a proxy or VPN IP address.

If you get blocked from the streaming content of Netflix by some reason, TorGuard lets you have another unique, dedicated IP in a matter of minutes if you communicate through the chat, which has an impressive response time.


Top 5 VPNs for Netflix in 2018

It is slightly different than TorGuard in some ways, but it can get the job done if what you want is to stream Netflix. They don’t have unique, dedicated IPs, but they provide you shared IPs specifically made for streaming Netflix.

NordVPN is also a little cheaper than TorGuard, and it is continually publishing enticing promotions and discounts. They also rotate their shared IP addresses around in case you get blocked by Netflix.


Top 5 VPNs for Netflix in 2018

SaferVPN is even cheaper than NordVPN, but you have to keep in mind that this is a small VPN service provider that lacks the app customization of TorGuard and is not as popular and versatile as NordVPN.

However, for Netflix users, it works just fine. They have a service on their app that allows customers to enjoy the best Netflix content. Like NordVPN, it assigns shared IP addresses made with the sole intention of streaming content in the world’s biggest library.


Top 5 VPNs for Netflix in 2018

Windscribe has servers in 26 locations, including the United States so that you can access the American Netflix catalog without much hassle.

It has a proxy solution that you can install on your browser to work with Netflix. Windscribe has the added benefit that it is free until you reach a bandwidth limit, set at 10 GB. Monthly subscriptions start at $7.50.

IvacyTop 5 VPNs for Netflix in 2018

Two of the nations which Ivacy can connect you are the United States and the United Kingdom, two famous streaming regions that Netflix lovers often look for in a VPN. Also, if you can’t reproduce the content in any of the countries in which Ivacy has servers, there is a live chat feature hosting agents that can help you solve your problems immediately.

In conclusion, Netflix provides some a wide array of entertainment options while you are on the web. To bypass the geo-blocking restrictions and the recent VPN chase that the company is leading, use one of the five best VPN for Netflix streaming in 2018, sit back, and enjoy the ride.

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