How to Unblock Al Jazeera in 5 Simple Steps

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Al Jazeera is one of the biggest news organizations in the world. It originates in Qatar, but due to regional conflicts and other forms of differences around the world, you might find that you can’t access Al Jazeera.

In this guide/tutorial, we will show you how to regain access to Al Jazeera so you can unblock it. With this guide, you’ll be able to access Al Jazeera from anywhere in the world. Even if you’re in Saudi Arabia, or the UAE, you can still watch Al Jazeera.

Al Jazeera often blocks its own contents from various regions, and Al Jazeera can even be hard to access from America.

How to Unblock Al Jazeera

How to Unblock Al Jazeera in 5 Simple Steps

Have you seen this image? This could mean that Al Jazeera is blocked in your geo-location. The reason this happens is that your ISP assigns you an IP. If that IP falls within a certain region that Al Jazeera is blocked, you can’t access the site.

Why use a VPN for Al Jazeera?

With a tool called VPN, or also known as “Virtual Private Network”, you can easily change your IP to a region that allows Al Jazeera viewership. The best part is that if you choose the right VPN, whether you live in Saudi Arabia, the UAE, or Egypt, you can remain 100% sure your activity is encrypted and your VPN activity is hidden completely.

Unblock Al Jazeera with VPN:

How to Unblock Al Jazeera in 5 Simple Steps

Step #1 Visit the best VPN for Al Jazeera. For Al Jazeera, we recommend using TorGuard since some middle-eastern countries are currently fighting agaisnt VPN use. TorGuard uses Stealth VPN to ensure your VPN stays hidden.

Step #2 Sign up for a subscription. You can get as low as $5 a month, or if you use the code “Best10VPN” you can get 25% off.

Step #3 Once you sign up you need to download and install the TorGuard app.

Step #4 From here, pick a region that supports Al Jazeera viewership. We recommend connecting to a UK server, or another server that lets you view Al Jazeera in your natural language. You might need to try a few, but TorGuard has a lot of server options for you to try.

Step #5 Once you pick a server, click connect and you will get a new IP address based on the country that you picked. From here, you can connect and watch Al Jazeera unblocked!

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