How to Unblock NBC Sports Live Extra Outside US

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NBC is clearly among the channels with the most loyal fan base in the United States. Their sports subsidiary, NBC Sports Live Extra, is widely acclaimed because of its large coverage of live events and its entertaining shows, recaps, and analyses. Imagine you watch NBC Sports Live Extra every day, religiously. There is a show you especially enjoy, but you are traveling to Spain for three months because of work. Does that mean that you will not be able to enjoy that program anymore? Thankfully, that is not true: you have the option to unblock NBC Sports Live Extra outside US.

It is a straightforward process. By using a smart DNS proxy server or a Virtual Private Network (VPN), you will be capable of configuring your device, be it an iPhone, an Android Phone, a computer or a Roku box; to avoid geo-blocking and function as if it was operating in the United States of America.

Relaxation, a healthy snack and your favorite sports debate show will now be in order for you after a stressful day at work, thanks to these two useful online streaming tools: VPN and smart DNS.

How to unblock NBC Sports Live Extra outside US with a DNS proxy

A Smart DNS proxy server allows to ‘translate’ hostnames into IP addresses according to the needs of the user as it sets it in the configuration. This process will prevent services like NBC sports to know and act as if you were using it from abroad.

It is, by definition, a ‘masking’ process. For successfully installing and setting up a smart DNS proxy server to unblock NBC Sports Live Extra outside US, you have to:

  • Get a free, or paid, DNS proxy service provider.
  • Configure your device to use this service correctly.
  • Access NBC Sports Live Extra website.
  • Enjoy the best shows and programs on your favorite sports channel.

The main benefit of using a smart DNS proxy server for online streaming is that it does not reduce your Internet speed, whereas other methods like VPN can incur in a small decrease in some cases. Also, it will hide your location from NBC Sports Live Extra, so you will not have to worry about geo-blocking restrictions to enjoy the best games and shows of your preferred option.

Best Smart DNS options

If you don’t want to use a VPN to unblock NBC Sports Live Extra outside US, you can acquire a DNS server. Unlocator is the most recognized and effective brands out there.

Remember: You can’t go wrong with either a good VPN or a smart DNS proxy server. Each method has benefits and threats, but both can help you enjoy the experience of watching the best TV wherever you are.

How to unblock NBC Sports Live Extra outside US with a VPN

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, has a similar effect of that of the Smart DNS proxy server. You borrow a temporary IP address, which means that your true address will remain hidden and, thus, incapable of being recognized by NBC Sports Live Extra as one that does not belong to the United States of America.

VPN will obtain an “American IP” so that the geo-blocking protocols or practices the website can use to detect foreign connection are useless. It’s not magic; it’s a Virtual Private Network!

Not only the true IP address of the user will be hidden from the site we are currently talking about, but also from every website or email you access. Using a VPN, you can enjoy every type of channel in several countries in the world; anywhere, anytime.

The advantage of VPN, besides the obvious gains in security and privacy, is that it practically redirects and changes the destination of your browse data and traffic. That is why it is so easy to unblock NBC Sports Live Extra outside US, because the page or app will not recognize that you are in another country. An important thing to remember is that the channel functions with a paid subscription and you cannot watch it beyond the US borders… without a VPN or smart DNS proxy that is.

Another benefit of establishing a VPN, at least when compared to other methods such as Smart DNS proxy servers, is that security protocols such as DNS Hijacking or Transparent DNS do not affect a virtual private network at all, whereas DNS will not work if one of those measures were to exist in a particular case.

Best VPN options

The online streaming market is full of acceptable options when it comes to Virtual Private Networks. Most of the following service providers are free or charge a minimal amount of money per month.

The best and most recognized are TorGuard, PIA, and IPVanish VPN.

The user needs to keep in mind that geo-blocking restriction is not the only use of VPN. As a result, you have to understand what you need and what you want to accomplish and then find a VPN provider that better fits your requirements.

Why is TorGuard your best choice?

Some of the best sporting events can be watched via TorGuard VPN because this provider works to satisfy its customers’ needs for only a small monthly fee. It emphasizes protection for the user, security in its traffic and data interchange and connection privacy.

All of the advantages of using VPN to unblock American (and foreign) channels are more evident with TorGuard: it is safe, it helps to hide your IP address to avoid restrictions and blocking, it offers privacy and speed connection is barely affected.

TorGuard has made sure every requirement a client may have is fulfilled to perfection thanks to a strong customer care and protection service. It is relatively easy to use and configure, and many of the channels available in the grid can be seen in High Definition (HD), to make it a worthwhile experience especially for sports fans.

A little bit about NBC Sports Live Extra

How to Unblock NBC Sports Live Extra Outside US

NBC is a gigantic American broadcast network, owned by the NBCUniversal Television Group. One of its principal subsidiaries is NBC Sports; a nation-wide channel which range of coverage varies from the National Football League (NFL), the Olympic Games, Indycar Racing, the PGA Tour of golf, thoroughbred horse racing (including the Triple Crown), NASCAR, the National Hockey League (NHL) and soccer, usually the English Premier League. Cycling (the Tour de France, the most prestigious race in the sport) is also broadcasted, as well as tennis, with the French Open on air since 1983.

NBC Sports Live Extra is one of the mobile apps of this huge international TV chain, one that is restricted for US use because it needs a paid subscription. Fortunately, tools as VPN and DNS are widely available to unblock some of the channel’s content.

Is it free? Can users see live content?

It is imperative to clarify that the use of NBC Sports Live Extra is free with a VPN or a smart DNS proxy server. Replays and highlights have no cost but may need to be a paid subscriber to watch live events.




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