Unblock QQ Music Outside of China

unblock QQ Music outside of China

Imagine you go to China on a vacation trip. You spend three weeks in the country and fall in love with the traditions, the music, the gastronomy, the millenary culture, and the landscapes. You find services you just can’t access in your home nation, but you have to return someday, don’t you? Leaving would mean that, if you liked to unblock QQ Music outside of China, you would need to hire a VPN. In this article, we will explain you everything you need to know about the technology and the site.

Music streaming on the go

Wherever we go, we love to take our music with us. Music never abandons the soul, and it is always there for us no matter our mood or mental state. Streaming platforms such as Spotify took the industry to another level, and now, everybody can move around the globe and have their favorite tunes organized and sorted by artist, playlist, album, or other parameters.

The problem with most music streaming platforms powered by online services is that they are geo-restricted, which means that they can only offer its catalogs of songs and themes to specific countries. Even the best and most renowned networks in the field are limited geographically, and that represents a problem because they often achieve worldwide reach.

In the specific case of QQ Music, it is only available in China. That means that, once you leave the country, trying to access would be futile because the service will tell you it can’t operate in your current location.

That’s why, if you want to unblock QQ Music outside of China, you need to hire the services of a reliable, trustworthy VPN provider. But what exactly is VPN and how can you gain access to them? We will tell you in a bit.

QQ Music: a giant music streaming platform

QQ Music is a freemium music streaming service from China, meaning that it offers some features for free, but the best traits require a monthly subscription. It is owned by Tencent along with two other similar products, and this year it surpassed 700 million users and 120 million paid subscribers.

QQ has become, since its merger with China Music Corporation in 2016, arguably the most relevant option among its peers: it has a 15% share of the country’s online music market. QQ Music leverages its name to the audiences in the yearly QQ Music Awards.

According to QQ Music’s business model, labels can restrict their content to make it only available to paying subscribers. Among the artists that have implemented the approach are Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift.

There are three plans, or modes, available: QQ Music Free, QQ Music VIP, and QQ Music Luxury. The second option has up to 300 downloadable songs per month, and the third allows up to 500.

The only blemish in an otherwise excellent service is that QQ Music only operates within the Chinese territory. More than a blemish, it is how things work regarding Internet and the availability of content: there are copyright and agreements between the provider and the labels, and they, as a general rule, want the material to be shown only to local audiences.

VPN technology can help you control your music experience

To bypass geo-blocking restrictions and unblock QQ Music outside of China, you need to manipulate your online location. And the easiest and most effective way to do that is hiring the services of a VPN provider.

VPN means Virtual Private Networks. They are online encryption tools that can mask your IP address and all the traffic you generate when you connect to the Internet. To do that, they use protocols that reroute the information to remote servers and send it via a virtually-created tunnel.

VPN technology maintains your data out of the reach of hackers, governmental surveillance, censorship, malware developers, crypto miners, online advertisers, and other potentially dangerous or annoying agents that may interfere with your Internet experience.

However, these apps are highly sought in the market because they can help you unblock all kinds of international sites and services, including QQ Music outside of China. These platforms or web pages can know the area of their visitors by looking at their IP address. Yet, VPN apps can help users hide their real IP number and help them pick another one from a list of available servers and countries. Connecting to a China IP address would mean that all the pages and content that a regular Chinese citizen can enjoy would become available for the VPN customer, no matter where he/she is.

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Unblock QQ Music Outside of China

How to unblock QQ Music outside of China

  • Carefully select a VPN service provider with servers in China, fast speeds, and reliable encryption and protocols
  • Access your chosen VPN’s website
  • Choose the plan that best suits your needs and pocket
  • Sign up for the VPN service, providing a payment method and the personal details that each option asks
  • Create a username and a password
  • Download and install the VPN app or client on your device
  • Sign in to your recently created VPN account with your username and password
  • Connect to a Chinese VPN server
  • Unblock QQ Music outside of China anytime, anywhere

There aren’t lots of VPN service providers with servers in China, and that reunite all the requirements to bypass the Great Firewall. However, TorGuard can provide the best service at an affordable monthly cost of $10.

It has more than 3,000 servers in 55 nations around the world, including Hong Kong. You can unblock QQ Music outside of China and still enjoy fast speeds, AES 256-bit encryption, multiple protocol availability (including OpenVPN,) and all the security features you may need to secure your privacy.

Speaking of privacy, TorGuard’s no logging policy more than guarantees that there will be no leaks of your activity that the Chinese content filtering methods may flag. TorGuard also has an excellent customer service that includes a blog, video tutorials, manuals, guides, an FAQ section, and a highly responsive live chat feature.

Visit TorGuard

In conclusion, QQ Music is a fantastic online music provider, arguably the biggest in China and among the most prominent in the world. Chinese people living abroad will want to access it, as will tourists that go to the nation and fall in love with it.

However, QQ Music is mostly blocked in the international scene: it can only be accessed within the Chinese territory. To overcome the geo-restriction barrier and unblock QQ Music outside of China, download the app of a VPN provider and take matters into your own hands, gaining access to the platform from any country you want.

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