How to Unblock Trailer Park Boys on Netflix


Trailer Park Boys is one of the best TV shows in existence. It’s been going on FOREVER, in fact, since 2001–which is crazy. But the show just keeps getting better and better, and the 11th Season of Trailer Park Boys released on March 2017, is one of the best ones yet. It takes the character development to a new level, and you’ll discover new levels of “crazy” among many of the characters.

Trailer Park Boys is now exclusively on Netflix–and you can watch everything from Season 1 to Season 11–which is amazingly convenient if you have access to the US version of Netflix in its entirety. However, if you’re outside of the US in China, or somewhere else with a restricted Netflix library, you might have found that you can’t watch the Trailer Park Boys on Netflix due to strict region restrictions that disable content.

The basic idea is that every country has a “different version” of Netflix, and if you want access to the biggest and best version, you’ll need to find a way to “appear” as if you were in the US to access the US version of Netflix. It sounds complicated, but it’s actually pretty simple.So what are you waiting for Randers? Come on and join the booze cruise!

How to Unblock Trailer Park Boys on Netflix Outside of the US

How to Unblock Trailer Park Boys on Netflix

Step 1

The first thing you need to do is understand how you will unblock the US version of Netflix to watch the Trailer Park Boys. Basically, you need to change your IP address to look like a US IP address.

Unfortunately, in the past, the easy way to do this was to get a shared IP among other users to access Netflix via proxy. Netflix found out people were doing this, and long story short, they were pissed.

So now, the only way to access Netflix outside of the US is to get a dedicated IP address–assigned to the US, that is unique to YOU. By doing this, you get a unique IP that won’t be flagged by Netflix proxy detection, and you can unblock content without region restrictions. You can watch everything on the US version of Netflix–not just The Trailer Park Boys!

In order to get this unique dedicated IP, you’ll need to signup with TorGuard VPN. They are the only VPN provider that has this unique solution, and you can do this buy purchasing a subscription and a dedicated IP add-on on checkout. The good news is that you can use this 25% code “Best10VPN” to get a really good deal.

Step 2

Once you get signed up with TorGuard, the rest is downhill. All you have to do is enter in your dedicated IP into the app’s settings and then connect to your IP. Once you connect to your IP, you now have a US identifying IP–but your internet is also encrypted which means that your ISP, government, or snooping agency can’t see what you are doing. That’s the best hing about VPN–is that it’s multipurpose and perfect for things like P2P torrenting your favorite shows or movies not on Netflix. In fact, if you don’t want to bother with Netflix, you can just use TorGuard to torrent your files for free. Of course, this is not recommended for obvious reasons…

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