How to Unblock UK TV Channels from Abroad

unblock UK TV channels from abroad

The United Kingdom is one of the most culturally rich countries in the world. The British have contributed music, traditions, food, desserts, movies and many other things, and TV is one of those things. A crucial one.

Many British people living abroad miss the shows and programs they used to watch back home. They grew up enjoying them, and since there are so many of them living in other countries, they need to find a way to find an excellent online streaming alternative.

Many countries, sites, and channels have restrictions for people in other nations. That is called “geo-blocking,” and it can be a bummer for avid viewers. But fear no more: there is more than one way to unblock UK TV channels from abroad, whether you are in Spain, South Africa, Japan, Brazil or any place.

People in need to watch British TV shows and movies need to become familiarized with several technical terms. A couple of them are VPN and DNS proxy server. What are those and how can they help you enjoy the best of UK television.

A Virtual Private Network, or VPN, encrypts your online identity, masking your IP address and replacing it for one belonging to the country you have selected, in this case, the United Kingdom. This way, you will avoid the geo-blocking because the system will recognize your connection as one with United Kingdom location, and no channel will be unavailable for you.

But a VPN is not the only existing path to unblock UK TV channels from abroad. There is also the Domain Name System or DNS proxy server. For the final objective’s sake, it gets the same results than the VPN: masking the user’s connection to avoid geo-blocking and prohibitions. But what it does is taking a domain’s name and converting it into a numeric code that machines usually understand more appropriately. This conversion or translation is convenient to the user.

United Kingdom television

Many British channels are available for online streaming, and they can all be unblocked successfully for international use with the use of VPN or DNS proxy server. So it does not matter if you are not physically in the UK, you can still rejoice and watch the best from the best.

British people are very fond of their things, and their TV shows, movies, and soap operas mean the world to them, especially if they are outside the UK borders. Their grid of channels has options for every taste.

Stay informed with the latest news in England, Scotland, Wales and the Northern Ireland with Al Jazeera News, BBC News Live, BBC Parliament, Sky News Live, RT News Live and many other channels.

Netflix UK, Film4 TV Live, and horror channel are the best options for movies and TV series. ITV (and all of its subsidiaries, like ITV Live, ITV +1 Live, ITV 2, 3 and 4 Live), BBC One, Two and Four, Channel 4 Live, Channel 5 Live, Yesterday TV, Really TV, Quest TV, Pick TV Live, More 4 TV, 5 Star TV, CBS Reality and CBS Drama are the entertainment alternatives.

Even the little ones have several choices: Pop TV Live, Tiny Pop TV Live, CBeebies TV Live and CBBC TV Live. UK television is full of options, and that is why people living abroad are looking for ways to watch their preferred channels.

How to unblock UK TV channels from abroad with VPN

How to Unblock UK TV Channels from Abroad

A Virtual Private Network will not only allow you to visit, use and download content from international pages, but also will protect your identity and privacy while you browse the web. It is a safer way to use the Internet because all of your data and traffic will be encrypted.

To unblock UK TV channels from abroad using a VPN, you will need to follow a series of steps. Note that VPN will not work on some devices, but to offset some of the negative points, it can dodge security barriers and protocols like DNS Hijacking.

The process for accessing and watching UK channels free of charge is not complicated. You have to:

  • Acquire the services of a VPN provider.
  • Install the software on your device.
  • Connect to the Internet with a UK VPN server.

That’s it. You can now enjoy unblocked content from the United Kingdom, without any restriction.

Best VPN options

VPN server’s market is hot enough in the world that there are many options for every need and requirement. For example, one user may need to encrypt his/her traffic and avoid geo-blocking, whereas another one may just need some privacy and identity protection.

There is proof to suggest that TorGuard is the single best brand when it comes to VPN servers. It is easy to use and set up, and it has many other benefits and advantages over some of its alternatives in the market.

If you want to try another option, then Private Internet Access, IPVanish, and GhostVPN represent excellent selections, depending on the user need and other factors of various kinds.

How to Unblock UK TV Channels from Abroad  How to Unblock UK TV Channels from Abroad  How to Unblock UK TV Channels from Abroad
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TorGuard is leading the race of VPN providers

TorGuard made a name for itself as the most reliable option for those who need a Virtual Private Network. It has more than 1200 servers in 43 different locations on the planet, an impressive coverage ratio in comparison with its competitors.

You won’t feel safer with another brand, as TorGuard makes sure to conduct data encryption in such a way that your privacy will be guaranteed and peace of mind will become the norm. There are many threats on the Internet: hackers and viruses can be a pain in the behind, so the best way to fight those malicious agents is acquiring the services of TorGuard. It will not take more than a few dollars in your pocket, and you will see that it will be well worth the price.

How to unlock UK TV channels from abroad with DNS proxy server

The other option you have if you want to unblock UK TV channels from abroad is to purchase a smart DNS proxy server. It will “redirect” or “manipulate” your connection at your convenience, masking your location and elude security and geo-blocking that some channels may have.

A DNS proxy server will not slow down your connection as a VPN does. In the downside, it will not function if the site or page has protocols or barriers like DNS Hijacking, whereas a VPN server does not have this issue.

To unblock UK TV channels from abroad using a DNS proxy server, you must:

  • Acquire a DNS service provider.
  • Configure it to reroute your traffic, specifically the parts that have to do with location.
  • Enjoy the benefits of unblocked content.

Best DNS proxy server options

Unlocator has been identified as the leading company when it comes to unblocking content for online streaming, avoiding geo-blocking protocols with ease. It is an accountable enterprise and allows users to watch over 200 channels online without any restrictions.

If you are not satisfied with Unlocator profile and features, there will be other quality alternatives you could acquire at different costs. Smart DNS proxy, Iron Socket, and UnblockUS have built strong reputations in the DNS proxy server department.

Compatible devices

If you do the process via DNS proxy, most, if not all available tools will allow this technology, including iPhone, IPad, IPod, Android, Mac, and PC. There is some equipment that does not allow VPN servers and thus will not work with that technology.

If your goal is to unblock UK TV channels from abroad, you have two powerful tools at your disposal: you could set up a VPN server, or you can reroute location traffic of your device with the help of a DNS proxy server.

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