How to Unblock US Netflix in Germany

Unblock US Netflix in Germany

Netflix is arguably the world’s most famous multimedia library. It has thousands of TV series, movies, documentaries, animated and short features available for instant streaming: you need a fast Internet and a monthly subscription, which is affordable and easy to access. However, the American region is the most content-rich, but there is a way to unblock US Netflix in Germany and any other nation. Stay with us and find out all the details.

The beauty of online streaming

We grew up having to pay for a ticket to enjoy a good movie or renting them to play them on equipment such as Betamax, VHS, or DVD. However, new generations have it easier: they can use their Smart TVs, tablets, phones, desktop computers, or laptops and enter specialized platforms with all kinds of multimedia content, including films, series, and other shows.

The act of connecting to the Internet and reproducing content is called online streaming. Millions of people around the world do it, no matter the location, budget, or any other variable. Numerous services are free, while others require some form of payment.

Netflix is, by far, the most famous online content library on the planet. It has so much material available that licensing agreements with studios and production companies come into play. These entities and Netflix agree upon the regions in which a specific film or series will be shown, and any connection request from outside of that area will be blocked.

Geo-divided content

Netflix has a specific “catalog” for every nation in the world in which it provides its services. Since the company is American and has its headquarters within the country, not to mention the most sizable user community, it is only natural that the US library is the most complete of all.

The American region has the best and most complete collection of movies and the hottest TV series at the moment. That is why people in other places want to access this particular location. You can unblock US Netflix in Germany, or in any other country, thanks to VPN technology.

Netflix regions by content and country

With 1,157 TV shows and 4,593 movies available at the moment, the American catalog is Netflix’s broadest and most complete. The content availability gradually decreases depending on the nation and licensing agreements between the online multimedia library and productions companies, studios, and other entities.

Country                                                                # of TV Shows                                             # of Movies  

United States                                                              1157                                                                   4593

American Samoa                                                         985                                                                      4538

Puerto Rico                                                                  1073                                                                    3807

Martinique                                                                     803                                                                    3736

Guadeloupe                                                                   803                                                                    3732

French Guiana                                                               803                                                                    3710

Benin                                                                               462                                                                    3171

Equatorial Guinea                                                         1071                                                                  3114

Anguilla                                                                           657                                                                    2913

British Virgin Islands                                                    697                                                                    2911

Turks And Caicos Islands                                             696                                                                    2899

Jamaica                                                                           686                                                                    2890

Saint Vincent And The Grenadines                           686                                                                    2887

Dominica                                                                         686                                                                    2880

Trinidad and Tobago                                                    686                                                                    2879

Grenada                                                                          686                                                                    2879

Saint Kitts And Nevis                                                    686                                                                    2872

Antigua and Barbuda                                                   646                                                                    2871

Suriname                                                                        672                                                                    2859

Dominican Republic                                                     669                                                                    2854

Haiti                                                                                 671                                                                    2845

Honduras                                                                        671                                                                    2845

Canada                                                             623                                                                    2562

Chile                                                                                 561                                                                    2470

Ireland                                                                             544                                                                    2419

Mexico                                                                            592                                                                    2406

United Kingdom                                                            442                                                                    1586

Australia                                                                          443                                                                    1585

New Zealand                                                                  440                                                                    1569

Netherlands                                                                   390                                                                    1494

France                                                                              387                                                                    1485

Pakistan                                                                          328                                                                    1440

Germany                                                                         328                                                                    1,440

As you can see, you can’t compare the United States’ 1157 TV shows and 4593 movies with Germany’s 328 and 1,440, respectively. The Germans can only enjoy a small percentage of the productions they can watch if they unblock US Netflix in their nation.

VPN technology: your ticket to unlimited entertainment

To unblock US Netflix in Germany, people would have to obtain an American IP address. Netflix is prepared to see your IP number, and with that, your location. If it detects that you are connecting from Germany, it will show you its region-adapted content and not the one you want, which is the United States one.

With a Virtual Private Network, you will be able to obtain an American IP address, and with it, Netflix will think you are connecting from the United States and show you its catalog. But what exactly are VPNs?

VPNs are online tools for content encryption that come in the form of apps or clients, easily installable on nearly all devices, operating systems, and platforms: you can run a VPN on Mac, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi, Android, iOS, and even directly on routers.

How do VPNs encrypt your content?

VPN technology reroutes all the user’s traffic and its IP address, as well as other connection details such as browsing history, to remote servers via computer-generated tunnels. To build these channels, Virtual Private Networks use protocols, such as OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP, IKEv2, PPTP, and others.

These apps provide security, privacy, and anonymous browsing since they can help the user dodge any external agent that may represent a threat, including hackers, cybercriminals, malware developers, governmental surveillance agencies, copyright enforcers, online advertisers, and more.

However, VPN technology is famous for its location spoofing capabilities. Since they can hide the user’s IP address and lend him, or her, a different one from the nation it chooses (provided it is among the offered options,) they can dictate the country that the person will connect to. By joining an American server, the customer will be able to unblock US Netflix in Germany.

How to unblock US Netflix in Germany

  • Choose a VPN service provider with servers in the United States of America and fast speeds to support Netflix streaming.
  • Connect to that VPN’s website.
  • Register for the VPN service. You will have to provide a few details about yourself for billing purposes, as well as a valid payment method.
  • Create a username and a password to enter your account any time you want.
  • Download and install the VPN app in your device.
  • Launch the VPN app in your device.
  • Sign in with your credentials.
  • Connect to an American VPN server.
  • With your brand-new American IP address, go to Netflix USA and enjoy the best and most complete online content library.

TorGuard: the best security and accessibility suite

How to Unblock US Netflix in Germany

Surpassing the 3,000 total servers in 55 nations (one of them being the United States of America), TorGuard is the most efficient and reliable VPN brand to unblock US Netflix in Germany and any other nation.

Its top-end speeds can compete with the best VPNs in the market, and the reliability of its encryption trumps the competition. With TorGuard, you will have multi-protocol availability (including OpenVPN) five simultaneous devices, unlimited bandwidth, a kill switch, DNS leak protection, and the most responsive customer service in the field, all for $10 per month.

In conclusion, to unblock US Netflix in Germany, you need an American IP address. The best method you can implement to get what you need is hiring a trustworthy VPN app, like TorGuard.

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