How to Unblock VPN at University, Work, Cafe, or Anywhere!

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If you’re at a university of work, you know how annoying it can be trying to use a VPN. Maybe you’re using a VPN to try to play a video game blocked by an overly ambitious college IT tech, or maybe you’re at work trying to check sports or video game news.

Whether your ISP, university, work, or airplane is blocking your VPN, you can still find a way to unblock your chosen VPN.

Why Do Places Block VPNs?

So who is blocking VPNs? And why? Well there are many possible reasons and explanations for that.

Usually networks that are blocking VPNs usually want some measure of control over users accessing the internet. Here are some reasons people use VPNs at work

  • Work Environments

If you want to access social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, or watch YouTube videos, then you’ll have to use VPN.

Most workplaces don’t want you slacking off on the job (even though everyone does) and a lot of work environments track your online history and usage

If you use a VPN they won’t see what your doing and you can gain access to blocked websites easily. This is why work environments block VPNs.

  • Schools/Universities

Most school admins have set up super strict firewalls to limit students and their content. One reason is that they don’t want students messing up networks, but they also don’t want students downloading stupid applications that can ruin computers.

If students are using VPNs they could bypass restrictions and install content, slack off, or use computers owned by universities for their own purposes.

  • Countries

Countries like China have huge country-wide firewalls that are super strict. These firewalls disrupt information, communication, apps, services, websites, and all manner of internet activity.

VPNs are blocked so users within the country can’t get access to controversial news or topics like pornography.

  • Plane, Hotels, Etc

Many plane Wi-Fi connections or hotspots are airports have restrictive connections that limit your speeds and websites. With a VPN, you can bypass these restrictions and use apps and services that would usually have restrictions.

Many hotels like to severely clog and slow down streaming services so that you’ll spend more money on TV and movies provided by the plane, hotel, or wherever you are staying.

How Companies, Schools, Cafes, Public Wi-Fi Block VPNs:

How do these companies, schools, and workplaces block VPNs? Well the main method is simply by detecting VPN use and restricting those components. It can be easy for firewalls used schools and workplaces to detect VPNs detecting encrypted headers and specific port numbers that VPNs use.

These firewalls tend to block specific ports or through firewalls using more advanced deep packet inspection techniques that root out VPNs. In order to unblock your VPN, first you will have to learn how to hide it. The best method is using “Stealth VPN”.

How to Unblock a VPN At University, Work, Airplane, Public Wi-Fi, ETC

What is Stealth VPN exactly? Well, we made a video on it just to explain it to you, and a full length article.

The basic idea is that Stealth VPN makes your VPN disguised so it doesn’t look like a VPN to school admins, work environments, or in other situations. When you enable “Stealth VPN” on TorGuard, you can get around VPN blocks easily, and effectively.

We recommend Stealth VPN with TorGuard as it is the best way to access content unrestricted in China. Stealth VPN is impossible to detect with our Stealth Proxy feature which acts as a double layer of encryption.

Spark has a simple mission to help you chose the best VPN without any bias. Which VPN do I use? See it here!

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