How to Use a VPN with Overwatch


Overwatch is one of the most successful online games of all time. It’s getting more and more competitive and each year there is more content added to the game. It’s a massive game from a competitive standpoint internationally and you will find most major countries around the world participating in the phenomenon.

Many players in Korea use VPNs to access the game to cheat, but there are also players who use VPNs while gaming to protect from DDOS attacks or just to protect their online security in unsecured Wi-Fi hotspots like PC Bangs or mobile cafes. Now, however, Blizzard has decided that it’s worth hindering the potential benefits of using VPNs in PC gaming cafes in order to stop cheaters.

The reason is that Blizzard believes Korean PC Bangs are used by players to cheat with aimbots, to troll, or to use smurf accounts to conduct mischievous play. Players in PC Bangs will no longer be able to use VPNs to hit various server regions around the world.

Now, only one Korean account can be made via one Korean social security number (a feature used in the game, League of Legends).Now this also means that foreigners in South Korea will have to buy a license in order to play Overwatch at PC bangs.

So whether you want to still use a VPN with play Overwatch to protect your security in PC bang or just play in other servers around the world, (please don’t cheat) there are still ways to do so. You just need the right VPN!

Which VPNs work in Korea with Overwatch?

I would firstly recommend TorGuard since it’s probably the best VPN to work in Asian countries. It has been bolstering speeds in these countries with new updates lately, they’ve added plenty of servers as well as integrated Stealth VPN which makes it extremely hard for services and even governments to detect and decipher VPN use from regular HTTPS traffic.

Other popular VPNs like Private Internet Access and ExpressVPN (very expensive) are OK for general use in the States or other countries, but I cannot guarantee that they will work as good in Korea, China, or Japan.

Spark has a simple mission to help you chose the best VPN without any bias. Which VPN do I use? See it here!

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