How to Use a VPN to Unblock Netflix The Defenders

The Defenders

Netflix, since its transformation from a movie and series rental place to an online media streaming platform, is firmly entrenched as the top entertainment option for people with a smartphone, tablet, or personal computer and access to a good, fast internet connection.

The service has movies, series, documentaries, short films, animated features, and other types of productions for all genres: comedy, drama, science, fiction, action, horror, romantics, and all you may want to watch.

Netflix is available in Google Chrome, Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Windows 10, Android, iOS, and other browsers. You can reproduce it on streaming media players like Amazon Fire TV, Roku, PlayStation, Xbox, and Smart TVs such as Sharp, webOS, LG HDTV, Sony Bravia, Samsung Smart TV, Panasonic (Viera Cast Functionality), Vizio, Philips and Google TV. To put shortly: you can get Netflix on almost any device and operating system available in the market.

The Defenders: Marvel’s newest creature

One of Netflix’s hottest series is The Defenders. People waited for months for its premiere, and so far, producers and writers are satisfied with the kind of response the show is having. The production is inspired and powered by the super-hero element that Marvel provides.

The Defenders is a Marvel series that is available on Netflix catalog, and it narrates the story of four people uniting forces for ensuring the well-being of New York City, which is endangered by the presence of “The Hand,” an evil organization that wants to run the Big Apple.

The series’ main characters are Daredevil/Matt Murdoch (portrayed by Charlie Cox), Jessica Jones (interpreted by Krysten Ritter), Luke Cage (played by Mike Colter), and Danny Rand/Iron Fist, which is portrayed by Finn Jones.

The Defenders tells the story of how the four of them try to fight The Hand’s evil intentions, although they were reluctant to work as a team at the beginning. The main villain is Alexandra, interpreted almost to perfection by the always reliable Sigourney Weaver.

This miniseries is written and produced by a formidable group, including Marco Ramirez, Doug Petrie, and Drew Goddard. The initial season has eight episodes that have fans all over the world thrilled with emotions.

The Defenders is the last of the interconnected shows produced by Marvel and Netflix. ABC Studios and Marvel Television unify forces to create the miniseries with resounding success so far. People all over the world, not just in the United States of America, want to watch every episode.

The timeframe of the series is set several months after the events of Daredevil’s second season, and four weeks after what happened in the first season of Iron Fist (which is a character on The Defenders, as well).

This popular miniseries premiered in New York on July 31, 2017, and the whole eight episodes of the first season are available for online streaming on Netflix since August 18, 2017. Hundreds of thousands of fans across America waited for the release with unmatched enthusiasm.

In addition to the fans, the critic responded very well to the series’ first season, identifying it as an action-packed production that will fulfill the tastes of most audiences while continuing the same style of the Marvel Cinematic Universe productions.

Geographical restrictions may hamper the streaming experience

However, there is one problem. Marvel and its superhero movies and series have an extensive fan base around the planet, almost in every corner. Netflix is available in virtually every country around the globe, save some notable exceptions. In spite of all this, The Defenders is only streamable within the American territory.

It has a lot to do with licensing and geographical reasons: producers are yet to expand the series to international territories, but Marvel enthusiasts cannot wait any longer and want to know that they can enjoy the series just as much as the American fans currently living in the US territory.

What can these avid Marvel fans do? They can get the services of a quality Virtual Private Network provider, and all kinds of blocked international content, from any Netflix region, will become available to them almost automatically.

Hire a VPN to stream The Defenders on Netflix

VPN, the shortened version of Virtual Private Networks, implement encryption measures and protocols to make sure the user’s data and traffic remain out of reach to all of the Internet agents that may compromise its safety.

The mentioned security protocols, such as OpenVPN, Layer to Tunneling Protocol (L2TP), Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), Internet Protocol Security (IPSec), AES 256-bit encryption, and Peer to Peer Tunneling Protocol (PPTP), among others, hide the user’s IP address with the intention of increasing privacy, anonymity, security, and accessibility.

Instead of showing the user’s real IP address, VPNs assign him or her one address from a pool of existing ones, hiding it from hackers trying to intercept and steal valuable data like your Netflix username, password, and credit card information.

How to Use a VPN to Unblock Netflix The Defenders

Privacy and anonymity go up as a consequence of the implementation of VPN, as does security because if nobody can track you, you will probably have a secure online experience. However, the most exciting feature of Virtual Private Networks is their ability to unblock geographically restricted content around the world.

The borrowed IP you would use while implementing the VPN of your choice can be handpicked by yourself at your convenience. If you are, say, in the United Kingdom, and want to stream The Defenders in Netflix, you will not be able to do it for location reasons. However, if you connect with your VPN, you can choose to do it through an American server, thus tricking the system into thinking you are in the United States territory.

Best VPN for streaming The Defenders on Netflix

Quality options such as IPVanish and Private Internet Access (PIA) are victims of the “Netflix Proxy Error” message, which means that Netflix’s advances to block VPN addresses in the world have been somewhat satisfied. However, they are far from preventing access to all VPN providers, as some of them still work:


How to Use a VPN to Unblock Netflix The Defenders

One of the most private and secure VPN providers in the market, TorGuard’s main strength resides in its customer service: they are professionals trained to help you solve any issue you may have at any moment of the day. The bonus here is that TorGuard works with Netflix if you also acquire a dedicated USA IP address for an extra fee.

How to stream The Defenders in Netflix

The Defenders is an original Netflix series, and therefore, it is only available on that platform. Thankfully, VPNs allow you to bypass geographical restrictions that may not put the miniseries open in your region. You just need to:

  • Thoroughly examine the best VPN option that suits your needs and requirements, and select one with servers in the United States and satisfactory streaming speeds.
  • Install the chosen VPN on your computer or mobile device and register.
  • Open your VPN.
  • Sign in with the credentials you entered in the registration process.
  • Connect to an American server to have access to The Defenders in the catalog.
  • Start the Netflix app or site, if you are on a computer, and log in.
  • Select The Defenders in the list of series available for streaming and enjoy the thrill and emotions of a quality Marvel production.

In conclusion, Netflix is making significant strides in blocking VPN connection requests for streaming geographically restricted content, but there are still many providers that can offer users the ability to stream content, including the new sensation of the TV series world The Defenders.

Options like TorGuard and PIA are beneficial to unblock Netflix’s US catalog, which is the one that has every TV series, movie, and other features and productions obtainable to the public.

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