Torguard… Nailed It!

User Rating: 10


I am fairly new to the VPN game, but in a matter of a few weeks I used torguard extensively but left them due to my dedicated Ip (working with USA Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, & Google play) only reaching speeds of 30 Mbps on my 100 Mbps cable provider connection. I tried 2 other VPN companies, one being PURE VPN and quickly found that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. I quickly returned with my tail tucked between my legs knowing that Torguard met and exceeded all my expectations in terms of customer service, quality of service, software compatibility, price, and speed/reliability and must say there server uptime of 99.99% is dead on with my dedicated Ip. I also use there proxy service for my torrent clients and they work seemelessly with Utorrent, aTorrent, and vuze. No I’m not a paid reviewer, just a happy customer, and if your looking for the best I’d most definitely recommend Torguard. Only downside I see to torguard VPN is their website. It’s functional but could be brought up to date esthetically, but it gets the job done. Great job Torguard! I’ll take a small hit on top speeds for reliability, security, and uptime. I use with my Roku box, android tv box, mobile phone, and desktop computers. To achieve this I use my dedicated Ip set up with l2tp encryption on my home d-link router/wifi to support all my home devices seemelessly.

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