Which VPNs Support Dash as a Payment Option?


Dash coin is another altcoin cryptocurrency looking to reshape the future of cryptocurrencies. Dash coin is similar to some other currencies, but like all individual cryptos, it has significant differences.

Dash operates on a decentralized governance, but it has a budgeting system which means that a certain amount of coins go to a treasury which helps developers build out dash into a bigger platform. It uses a chained hashing algorithm called X11, and due to its scrypt that uses 11 different hashing functions, it’s one of the most secure cryptocurrencies on the market. As of April 2017, it’s the 5th most valuable cryptocurrency on the market.

If you want to pay for your VPN with Dash coin, you only have a few options. Fortunately, two of these options are actually pretty good.


TorGuard is my favorite VPN to recommend for any purpose since it has the fastest speeds, best updates, and no logs collected. It’s remarkably interested in privacy since it supports almost all cryptos, and their fair pricing combined with extra features that make it compatible with Netflix make it stand out the most. It also supports all platforms and all of the apps are bug-free.

TorGuard Review.


AirVPN is another decent VPN provider with good speeds and a fair pricing model, but the service itself is outdated in terms of having the most recent apps and services. AirVPN doesn’t have a mobile app, but the PC app and the company’s policies are transparent and their security is airtight.

AirVPN Review.


BolehVPN has a decent PC app, and it’s good to see that they support Dash as a payment option, among other cryptos, but their poor speeds, lack of a mobile app, and overall stagnancy in the VPN marketplace is concerning. They’ve been around since 2008, and they still don’t have a mobile app? What gives Boleh?

BolehVPN Review.

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