How to Watch 2017 Major League Baseball Online

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The long expected 117th season of Major League Baseball has finally started on April 2nd, and baseball fans couldn’t be more thrilled with this news. Whether their favorite team wins or loses their next game, they all know that the experience of the game itself is what truly matters, and witnessing it is something they wouldn’t give up on for anything.

The MLB started with three games, during which the winner of the last year’s World Series, Chicago Cubs, faced St. Louis Cardinals and lost with the final result being 4-3 in favor of the Cardinals. 29 more teams will participate in the season.

Now, even though we’re sure that the true baseball fans already know all of the juicy details about the recent games, we remembered that the games are geo-restricted and that baseball fans outside of the USA can’t enjoy in watching the games. Even if you’re a US citizen, but you found yourself out of the country, you won’t be able to watch the games, at least not live feed.

Fortunately, there’s a solution, a way for you to catch on all of the live action during the season from anywhere in the world, and all you need to do to bypass the restrictions is a good old VPN.

Watch MLB Online

If you wish to watch the games yourself, instead of just hearing the score a day or two later, we recommend you install a VPN. But not any VPN will do since you’ll want one with a good streaming quality so that your game wouldn’t freeze during the most exciting parts. You don’t want blackouts, freezes, glitches and slow motion, and so we have a perfect recommendation for you – TorGuard VPN.

How To Use It

Using VPNs is really easy these days, due to their rapidly increasing popularity, and setting one up shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes.

Just follow these few steps:

  • decide which VPN you want to use (again, we recommend TorGuard)
  • create an account
  • pick one of the packages it offers
  • download the app and install it on the device you use
  • log into the app
  • find the list of servers within the app and choose any of them within the US
  • you’re now able to watch any online live stream of the game you wish

Top Teams Of The 117th Season

This year, up to 29 teams will be participating in the MLB, and as you know, these games are always full of turns and twists, while everyone’s goal is to score big hits and make the crowd go wild. In addition to our VPN guide, we’ve also decided to look over a few of the top teams and see what we may expect according to their stats.

Chicago Cubs

The Chicago Cubs have the fourth youngest team of hitters, and also some of the youngest ones are already the stars of their positions. With the stats like those, everyone expected them to be ready and win the spotlight as soon as the season started, but unfortunately for them and their fans, their opening match with the Cardinals ended up with the Cubs losing with 3:4 in favor of the Cardinals. Still, they remain one of the most favorite teams, and their fans surely aren’t known for losing hope and their spirits.

Boston Red Sox

This team has some of the most energetic players that the world has ever seen. It’s expected that Yoan Moncada and Andrew Benintendi will be the stars of this season, while the Mookie Betts and also Xander Bogaerts are supposed to enter age-24 seasons. There are some high expectations when it comes to Eduardo Rodriguez, Rick Porcello, and David Price as well, and the fans sure are impatient to see what will happen with the team during the next few months.

Cleveland Indians

Many of the Indians’ fans are expecting a lot from them this season, especially from Danny Salazar and Carlos Carrasco, who have much potential for making striking scores.

Brace Yourselves

Since the new season has started, the fans have once again entered the good old state of ecstasy during every game. Everyone’s waiting for their favorite team to prove that it’s the dominant one, and even though only one of them can be the ultimate winner, what everyone really cares about is the excitement itself, and the opportunity to personally witness some of these legendary sport battles that will surely be a relevant topic for many years to come.

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