Watch Amazon Prime Video on Fire TV Cube from abroad

Amazon Prime Video on Fire TV Cube

Netflix and Hulu are two of the best and most recognized online streaming services and libraries and with good reason. They both have done an excellent job the last few years and you could argue that they – especially Netflix – have made the activity of watching movies and series “a la carte” what it is today.

However, make no mistake: the market is full of other options with similar profiles and compatibility. Just look at what Amazon is doing right now: the company, one of the planet’s leading online shops, has redirected efforts and investments in competing with the top streaming platforms.

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Watch Amazon Prime Video on Fire TV Cube from abroad

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Watch Amazon Prime Video on Fire TV Cube from abroad

The Fire TV Cube: Amazon’s new toy

If the Amazon Prime Video is one of the world’s leading streaming sites, the Amazon Fire TV Cube has the potential to be one of the household names when it comes to entertainment devices. Produced and marketed by Amazon, this 3.5 inch little cube has specific attributes and traits that make it very enticing for the average streamer.

The Fire TV Cube, which entered the market this month, is a combination of the Echo Dot and the Amazon Fire TV (and Fire Stick) gadgets. You can not only watch Amazon Prime Video on your Fire TV Cube, but you can also access other multimedia libraries, such as the BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and Netflix.

It is smaller than the Amazon Fire TV, and arguably more powerful than the Fire Stick. It is Alexa-powered, just like the Echo Dot. However, the Fire TV Cube takes the best out of each one and provides the chance of voice-controlling not only the reproducing device, but also, the soundbar, the Blu-Ray player, and more. Its launching price is $120.

The challenges of geoblocking

Amazon is a US-based enterprise. Its Amazon Prime Video service has recently begun expanding its activities and presence to nearly all countries in the planet. However, the American Amazon Prime region is, naturally, only available within US territory.

The service detects connection requests, and if it identifies an IP address that is not American, access would be denied because of geo-blocking measures. It is a similar scenario than that of Netflix: it has content divided by regions and depending on the films and series’ popularity in those markets and, of course, getting licenses.

Therefore, if you are not in America, you would be rebuffed from the Amazon Prime Video service because the system would identify your non-American IP number. The challenge, then, resides in getting an American one.

Is that even possible? Let’s find out.

A VPN to watch Amazon Prime Video on Fire TV Cube

Virtual Private Networks, or VPNs, have the ability to let users change the way they appear connected, at least when it comes to location. They can hide the customer’s IP address and lend him/her a new one for temporary use.

The magic of VPN is that the user can choose the country in which he/she will connect, from a list of servers and nations provided by the VPN brand. The best VPN companies have between 50 and 100 countries to select from.

It means that VPN technology has the ability to let users watch the Amazon Prime Video on Fire TV Cube Cube from abroad with no issues. If the VPN has servers in the United States (as most top options do), then customers will be able to unblock the American region of this popular streaming service.

VPN technology can also provide security, as its encryption protocols and methods can also hide traffic and browsing history. Users can protect themselves against the actions of hackers and governmental surveillance agencies, among other things and agents.

How to watch the Amazon Prime Video on Fire TV Cube with a VPN

  • Choose a VPN provider with servers in the United States of America.
  • Go to the VPN website.
  • Register for the service. Make sure that it offers an Amazon Fire TV Cube-compatible VPN app.
  • Download and install the VPN app in your device, in this case, the Fire TV Cube.
  • Launch the VPN app.
  • Log in, providing the username and password you created at the signup process.
  • Connect to an American VPN server.
  • Launch the Amazon Prime application.
  • Watch the best content on Amazon Prime outside the USA on your brand-new Fire TV Cube.

Best VPN to watch Amazon Prime on the Fire TV Cube abroad: ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN and its 94 countries available for connection are the best alternatives for Amazon Prime Video on Fire TV Cube users, without a doubt. They have incredible encryption to protect your content privacy, excellent speeds and stable performance, no DNS leaks, a fantastic customer support service, and is very straightforward to install and use.

It costs $12.95 per month, which makes it one of the priciest of the market, but is definitely worth it.  ExpressVPN is compatible with Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, Mac, Apple TV, Roku, Play Station, Android TV box, and, of course, all Amazon streaming products. If you’ll use ExpressVPN, take advantage of the live chat feature to make sure you pick the right server for Amazon streaming.

In conclusion, Amazon launched its new product, the Fire TV Cube, this month, and it is ready to reproduce online streaming content with innovative voice-controlling technology thanks to the presence of Alexa.

Users can enjoy the best of Hulu, Netflix, local streaming services and, of course, the Amazon Prime Video platform. However, to fully enjoy the chance of watching movies, productions, and series from all locations, a VPN app like ExpressVPN is highly recommended.

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Amazon: successfully venturing into the online streaming universe

Amazon has launched several home appliances and devices that have garnered excellent reviews. The list includes the Amazon Fire TV and the Fire Stick, both incredibly convenient gadgets to have. However, the most recognizable product so far has been the Amazon Prime Video service, a similar platform to Netflix, Hulu, and the BBC iPlayer.

The Amazon Prime Video provides access to some of the best content available online in exchange for a monthly membership payment. It is a fairly complete library, with options for all tastes.

Now, imagine combining the Amazon Prime Video service with the latest development in technology, produced by the same company. Yes, Amazon keeps venturing in the tech world and has now launched the impressive Amazon Fire TV Cube, an Alexa-powered gadget with voice recognition and incredible video quality.

Region-based content

Similar to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video categorizes its content by geographical region. This makes possible that a specific title is available in one country, but unavailable in others. It is a very annoying issue, but when one thinks about every market not being the same and not liking the same productions, it makes sense.

Now, there has to be a way to overcome the geoblocking issue, right? Fortunately, it is! In fact, there are plenty of methods and measures to be implemented for this purpose. However, the best and most convenient of all is hiring the services of a VPN provider.

VPNs are excellent resources to have because they can help you unblock services and sites that are off-limits for you under normal circumstances. That is why you can have access to everything the Amazon Prime Video has to offer thanks to the existence of these apps.

Amazon Video and Amazon Prime Video: streamers’ good friends

Amazon Video is Amazon’s Internet VOD (Video-on-demand) service; produced, developed, marketed, and powered by the online shopping giant. The network provides customers with the opportunity to enjoy movies, series or other shows for rent or purchase.

Additionally, Amazon Video also offers Amazon Prime Video, which is an online library filled with Amazon’s original productions as well as other acquired, licensed content. It is available for Amazon Prime subscribers.

A global product

Americans have access to Amazon Prime Video’s content and show via a video-only membership – not requiring a subscription – whereas nations such as Italy or France, the Rent or Buy and Prime Video features are unavailable on the platform’s website.

The Amazon Prime Video was founded in 2006, under the name of Amazon Unbox in the United States of America. Nowadays, the Amazon Prime Video is available in more than 200 countries and territories. It represents, because of its worldwide reach and power, the main Netflix competitor as things currently stand.

Networks and channels available in Amazon Prime Video

  • AcaciaTV
  • Acorn TV
  • AeroCinema
  • Alchemiya
  • All Babies Channel
  • All Warrior Network
  • Ameba TV
  • Baeble Music
  • BeFit
  • Best of British Television
  • Best TV Ever
  • Best Westerns Ever
  • Bongflix
  • Boomerang
  • BritBox
  • British Pathé Presents Secrets of Cinema
  • Broadway HD
  • Brown Sugar
  • CBS All Access
  • Cheddar
  • CineFest
  • Cinemax
  • CinePride
  • Comedy Central Stand-Up Plus
  • Comedy Dynamics
  • Comic-Con HQ
  • CONtv
  • Cross Counter
  • CuriosityStream
  • Daily Burn
  • Daring Docs
  • Dekkoo
  • Destination Unknown
  • Doc Club
  • DocComTV
  • Docurama
  • Dove Channel
  • Dox
  • DramaFever
  • Echoboom Sports
  • El Gourmet
  • Eros Now
  • Eurocinema Carte Blanche
  • Fandor
  • Fear Factory
  • FidoTV Channel
  • Filmbox
  • FilmDoo
  • Full Moon
  • Gaia
  • Gilad TV
  • Gone TV
  • Green Planet Stream
  • Grokker
  • HBO
  • Hallmark Movies Now
  • Here TV
  • HISTORY Vault
  • Hi-YAH!
  • HooplaKidz Plus
  • Horror TV
  • Indie Club
  • IndieFlix Shorts
  • Indiepix Unlimited
  • Inside Outside
  • TV
  • J-Edge
  • Jennifer Adams: Home & Lifestyle
  • Kid Genius
  • Kidstream
  • Kikiriki
  • Kundalini Yoga TV
  • Learn How to Run
  • Lifetime Movie Club
  • Magnolia Selects
  • MHz Choice
  • Miao Mi
  • Monsters and Nightmares
  • Motor Trend On Demand
  • Motorland
  • Motorvision
  • Mubi
  • NatureVision TV
  • NextUp Comedy
  • Nursery Rhymes Club
  • 8Outside TV Features
  • Panna
  • Pantaya
  • Paula Deen Network
  • Paul Rabil Experience
  • PBS Masterpiece
  • Pinoy Box Office
  • Pio Pio
  • PixL Movie Channel
  • Pokémon
  • Pongalo Next
  • Powerslam Wrestling Network
  • TV
  • Qello Concerts
  • Rain TV
  • RingTV
  • Say Yes
  • ScholarView
  • Screambox
  • Secret Golf
  • Shout! Factory TV
  • Shudder
  • Sleep Sounds & Meditation
  • Smithsonian Earth
  • SpaceRip
  • Sport Now
  • Sports Illustrated
  • Stingray Classica
  • Stingray Djazz
  • Stingray Karaoke
  • Strand Releasing
  • Sundance Now
  • SweatFlix
  • TV1000 Russian Kino
  • Tastemade
  • Tennis TV
  • The/DRIVE
  • The List
  • The Titanic Channel
  • The Great Courses Signature Collection
  • TheSurfNetwork
  • Toku
  • Toonscape
  • Transcending Vibrations
  • Tribeca Shortlist
  • True Crime Files by ID
  • Undisputed Champion Network
  • UP Faith & Family
  • Urban Movie Channel
  • Vaporvue
  • Vemox Cine
  • viewster
  • Walter Presents
  • Wellness Plus
  • Warriors and Gangsters
  • XiveTV
  • XLTV
  • tv
  • Yoga International
  • Yoga and Fitness TV
  • Young Hollywood
  • Yoga Anytime Channel

Amazon Original series

  • “The Man in the High Castle”
  • “Transparent”
  • “Mozart in the Jungle”
  • “Tumble Leaf”
  • “The Tick”
  • “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”
  • “The Grand Tour”
  • “Jean-Claude Van Johnson”
  • “The Last Tycoon”

Additional series

  • “Crisis in Six Scenes”
  • “Goliath”
  • “American Playboy: The Hugh Hefner Story”
  • “Sneaky Pete”
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