How to Watch Netflix US on Roku

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The Roku is a great device. It lets you watch great streaming apps like NETFLIX, Hulu, Amazon, and Crackle on your TV. This can be a great experience for anyone in or out of the US. But there’s a problem. NETFLIX subscribers outside of the US are getting a worse library with fewer titles.

Countries like Ireland, Mexico, and Australia have less than half the movies and TV shows that are available in the US. Movies like Captain America: Civil War and The Jungle Book (2016).

This is because NETFLIX enforces harsh geographic restrictions. The company often fails to attain worldwide rights to all their titles and must adhere to contracts with the content’s owner.In the past, subscribers outside the US who had a VPN (Virtual Private Network) enabled router and subscription could use any old VPN service to access a wide variety of US only apps.

Not anymore. NETFLIX has installed a strict security that recognizes if an IP address is being used by multiple users. This means a variety of VPN services now trigger the NETFLIX PROXY ERROR.

When asked for comment on those opposed to such restrictions, NETFLIX CEO Reed Hastings called the protests ‘insignificant’ and ‘a small but quite vocal crowd.’ This has forced many people to look for new options.



Despite NETFLIX’s attempts to prevent users outside the US from watching great shows like The Flash and The Shannara Chronicles, you still have options.

Normally, a VPN assigns you to an IP address in a different country of your choice, tricking an app or website on your ROKU into thinking you’re in that country. VPNs like HolaVPN and ExpressVPN no longer work because they route multiple users to the same IP address. That means users of these services are blocked by NETFLIX’s new security.

But do not despair.


TorGuard (TorGuard Review) still works with NETFLIX US. It’s reliable and comes with a 24/7 customer service chat room ensuring all your questions can be answered.

The reason TorGuard still works is due to their dedicated IPs available for purchase. These are unique and singular addresses that ensure multiple users won’t be on the same IP. This means NETFLIX’s security has no way of blocking their use.

Hit the jump for a list of VPNs that no longer work with NETFLIX US.

VPNs That Don’t Work With Netflix US:

If you’re already a NETFLIX subscriber in your country, you will NOT need to purchase a second US account. You will automatically be logged in and able to stream.


Free VPNs no longer work with NETFLIX US.

All of them fall into the same pitfall of other popular VPNs and lump multiple people onto the same server. Beyond that, most free services offer no customer service, are less safe, and are ultimately slower.

Click here for more information about the Free VPNs available.


Step #1

In order to prevent the NETFLIX PROXY ERROR on your Roku, you must first get a VPN subscription. To start your checkout, click here. The 6-month option is your best option. It’s the cheapest and most flexible.

Step #2

Purchase a dedicated IP at the end of your checkout. This will ensure you will be able to bypass NETFLIX’s security.

Step #3

If you don’t have one already, you’ll need a VPN router. This may sound complicated or unnecessary, but it’s one of the most important steps towards watching NETFLIX US on your Roku.

Step #4

Use this VPN router setup tool to complete your ROKU set-up. This will allow you to utilize the dedicated IP address you purchased in Step #2.

Step #5

Connect your ROKU to your new router and enjoy NETFLIX US! You can now watch movies like Alice Through the Looking Glass, It Follows, and Halloweed.

If you need info on how to install your VPN on devices other than your ROKU, click this article.

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