Watch the Entire 2018 London Marathon Live Online

2018 London Marathon Live Online

Few exercises are as good for the human body as running. Sure, your feet will suffer the consequences after a few minutes, but that is about the only minor harm that the activity can bring you, and it’s nothing if you compare it to the broad list of benefits it has to several systems.

Running keeps you in a good mood because you are burning calories and distracting yourself from the everyday problems of your life. It’s you against time, the streets, and the wind, and nothing can stop that satisfactory moment of self-confidence.

Also, if you run regularly, your muscles will be toned, and in top shape, especially your legs, and you will have excellent endurance and healthy blood flow. Burning calories, an effect of this sport, helps your circulatory system, your breathing, and boosts your immune system, which is recommended to combat all kinds of diseases.

More than 40,000 feel that running is the best and most complete exercise for mind and body. That is the estimated number of people that will be at the start line of the 2018 London Marathon, one of the most recognized and prestigious on the planet, on April 22nd.

The London Marathon is one of the primary 42-kilometer races around the globe, along with the ones at Tokyo, Boston, Berlin, Chicago, and New York City. Being such a relevant event in the athletics’ calendar, you surely won’t want to miss it for the world.

If you are inside the United Kingdom, you should know that the BBC will broadcast the race from start to finish, including analysis, commentary, and color notes. However, having access to a streaming signal from outside the nation will be hard without some extra help.

Fortunately, the Internet does provide you with some options to stream the 2018 London Marathon live online from anywhere, and the most efficient and convenient of all are Virtual Private Networks. VPN technology not only offers the users with excellent privacy and anonymity but also, lets them hide their real IP address and substitute it with a new, temporary one from the country they select.

The London Marathon: a magnificent race

One of the most challenging marathons in the world is the one organized in England’s capital city. The Virgin Money London Marathon, as it is known now because of sponsorship reasons, is part of the Marathon Majors, and has been on the calendar since 1981.

It is organized once a year, and the current edition will be on April 22nd, 2018. Race officials announced on March that Queen Elizabeth would inaugurate the event. She will be stepping on a customized podium in front of the Round Tower, in the Windsor Castle, and from there she will push the button that will serve as the signal for all runners to start their journey to greatness at precisely 10:00 am, London time.

The London Marathon is such a relevant event for England, the United Kingdom, Europe, and the world; that it serves as a connection between ordinary people and charitable, non-profit organizations. Since its existence, the event has raised over £450 million for charity, and is actually a record-setting fundraising occurrence in the planet.

The course of the marathon is almost entirely on the flat ground, facilitating good times depending on the weather. The route laps around the River Thames and covers precisely 42.195 kilometers, or 26.219 total miles.

Elite category – last 10 winners (men)

Year Athlete Nationality Time
2008 Martin Lel  Kenya 2:05:15
2009 Samuel Wanjiru  Kenya 2:05:10
2010 Tsegaye Kebede  Ethiopia 2:05:19
2011 Emmanuel Mutai  Kenya 2:04:40
2012 Wilson Kipsang  Kenya 2:04:44
2013 Tsegaye Kebede  Ethiopia 2:06:04
2014 Wilson Kipsang  Kenya 2:04:29
2015 Eliud Kipchoge  Kenya 2:04:42
2016 Eliud Kipchoge  Kenya 2:03:05 (record)
2017 Daniel Wanjiru  Kenya 2:05:48


Elite category – last 10 winners (women)

Year Athlete Nationality Time
2008 Irina Mikitenko  Germany 2:24:14
2009 Irina Mikitenko  Germany 2:22:11
2010 Aselefech Mergia  Ethiopia 2:22:38
2011 Mary Keitany  Kenya 2:19:19
2012 Mary Keitany  Kenya 2:18:37
2013 Priscah Jeptoo  Kenya 2:20:15
2014 Edna Kiplagat  Kenya 2:20:21
2015 Tigist Tufa  Ethiopia 2:23:21
2016 Jemima Sumgong  Kenya 2:22:58
2017 Mary Keitany  Kenya 2:17:01


London Marathon media coverage

The London Marathon exists since 1981, and the BBC has broadcasted it since its origins. The 2018 edition will be no different, as the worldwide consortium will once again hold rights to bring the action to the people’s TVs.

People living in the United Kingdom area will be able to tune in the BBC channels and enjoy the action and commentary, while those that don’t own a TV but have a high-speed connection and a suitable device can download the BBC iPlayer and watch the incidences via online streaming.

The last option may apply smoothly to residents of the United Kingdom. However, the London Marathon has gained international fans, and they will want to enjoy the incidences as well. It is too bad, then, that the BBC channels and the iPlayer radio probably won’t function if the system detects an IP that is coming outside of England.

The worldwide streaming savior: VPN

Watch the Entire 2018 London Marathon Live Online

However, there are ways to make the system believe you are connecting from within the UK, just as if you were a British resident. You can try a proxy or DNS server, but the most efficient method is implementing a Virtual Private Network (VPN.)

VPNs are tools available on the Internet in the form of brands that offer an encryption service. What would you gain if you decide to encrypt your generated content online? First, you will enhance your privacy, because the system will hide your IP address and you can browse the web in peace, away from any prying eyes, such as government agencies or your Internet Service Provider.

Second, you will increase the security of your system and connection, because if you hide your online identity and everything you do, share or visit while you are online, you will be off-limits to hackers, crypto miners, virus programmers, ransomware, malware, and other threats.

And third, and most importantly for this article, you will have the ability to spoof your location, which comes in handy for streaming the 2018 London Marathon live online from anywhere. VPNs can hide your IP number and lend you a temporary one from a country of your selection. If you want to watch the race and you are, say, in South Korea, all you need to do is hire a VPN with servers in the UK.

How to stream the 2018 London Marathon live online

  • After a careful assessment of your option and needs, pick a VPN client with servers in the UK.
  • Go to the website of the VPN client you chose.
  • Register for the service, entering your data, email, and payment method.
  • Download the software or VPN app from the official site or the app store of your device.
  • Install the VPN on your device.
  • Launch the service and sign in with the personal information you entered in the third step.
  • Establish a connection with a server located in the United Kingdom.
  • Enter the BBC streaming service you want to watch and open live streaming.
  • Done! You will now be able to stream the 2018 London Marathon live online.

Best VPN to stream the 2018 London Marathon live online

  • TorGuard: Experts recommend TorGuard because it is the safest, most reliable VPN client in the market. Not only it implements the military-grade AES 256-bit encryption and offers all the most prominent protocols, but it also provides numerous security tools to lock up your system: a privacy bundle, an anonymous proxy, and an anonymous email. It costs only $9.99 per month, it allows five simultaneous connections, and it has an excellent live chat feature. Its numerous servers in England will let you stream the 2018 London Marathon.
  • IPVanish: With just as many security configurations and offerings, and substantially above average speeds and performance, IPVanish is a comparable service than TorGuard. It is US-based, but don’t worry; it has numerous servers in the UK area for you to enjoy streaming the 2018 London Marathon live online. It also has a kill switch, DNS leak protection, and 750 servers in 60 nations around the globe, with 40,000 IP addresses to spare.
  • Private Internet Access: If you don’t have $10 in your monthly budget, but want a reliable VPN that doesn’t leak your IP address around the web and let you stream online content, then Private Internet Access (PIA) may be your safest pick. Although it unblocks content in “just” 28 nations, there are more than 3,500 servers at your disposal, several of which are located in the British state. The best part is the cost: $6.95!
  • GhostVPN: With a free service in addition to the paid, top VPN encryption, GhostVPN is perfect for streaming the 2018 London Marathon live online from anywhere. It has 1,600 servers in 51 countries, and you have unlimited speeds, bandwidth and server switching, AES 256-bit encryption, stealth VPN, and a 15-day money-back guarantee.

In conclusion, the London Marathon is right around the corner. Don’t make plans for Sunday, April 22nd, because that morning you will be watching all the incidences of this iconic race around the River Thames.

If you are in the UK, tune in your preferred BBC channel and enjoy the action. If, however, you are outside the country and want to stream the 2018 London Marathon live online, you will need one of our recommended VPN brands to spoof your location and obtain a UK IP address.

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