How to Watch and Unblock MovieBox the Safe Way with VPN

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If you’re an Android user and you like using streaming apps, then you’ve probably already heard of ShowBox. For those who don’t already know, ShowBox is one of the best available streaming apps, and it allows you access to the best content. This includes TV shows, the best Hollywood movies, and more.

You can probably guess that this doesn’t exactly make it popular among the services like Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Instant Video. Mostly because of the fact that all of the content that it offers, and that’s categorized in many different sections, is completely free. However, it’s also not licensed.

If any of the Apple users started feeling left out, don’t be. ShowBox also has its iOS version, called MovieBox, that works in the same way. The interface is clear and appealing, and it allows you completely free access to the entire catalog of available shows and movies. These apps use P2P file-sharing protocol and can stream desired content to your iPhone, iPad, or even AirPlay. Despite these two being basically one and the same app, MovieBox is a bit more difficult to install. Still, it’s easy if you follow a couple of steps.

How to install MovieBox

How to Watch and Unblock MovieBox the Safe Way with VPN

The first thing you’ll need to do is actually find the app since Apple doesn’t approve or support it, and so it can’t be found in the App Store. That’s why you’ll need to jailbreak it. This is a process that removes certain security restrictions that are built into iOS devices.

After you do this, you’ll be able to install this and any other third-party app. One of the best places for downloading this sort of apps, that aren’t approved by Apple, is Cydia. It’s also called “App Store for jailbroken devices”. Getting MovieBox on your device can be done in several different ways, and also, don’t forget that there are some alternatives as well, like CinemaBox. Now that you know this, all you need is a solid VPN and you’re ready to go.

Why should you use VPN with MovieBox/ShowBox

Many countries don’t consider streaming of the copyrighted materials to be illegal. With that being said, there are also those that do, and even some companies or services like Netflix are all trying to eradicate online piracy by any means necessary. Netflix, does it the smart way, for example.

They offer licensed content, and the price is only a couple of dollars per month so that there’s no much point in risking being caught downloading stuff illegally. Of course, their services are still very limited, and the full Netflix package is only available within the US borders, which many find unfair. This also explains why the piracy is still very much present.

Now, the biggest problem is that people wish access to that content. If they can’t have it, because services like Netflix are unavailable in their country, they try to pirate it. If they are caught, they get big fines or even face time in prison. It all depends on the country and how strict they are when it comes to this. That’s why apps like MovieBox/ShowBox are so well accepted since they are streaming the content that the users don’t have access to. Still, there could be consequences to using them, which is why we recommend never doing so without a VPN.

VPN can encrypt your content and hide your IP address so that even your ISP won’t be able to tell what you’re doing while you’re using it. You need to choose one that has good security and strong encryption, but it’s also important for it to have a lot of servers so that you could achieve the best speed, as well as be able to access all of the content online.

It needs a high-quality iOS app too if you’re going to use MovieBox. Also, it needs to support P2P, so that you’d be able to use. With that in mind, we would recommend several different providers for you to choose from.


Let’s start with TorGuard. It’s often considered to be the best option for this sort of thing. It offers servers in 42 different countries and provides its users with four different packages. All of them have different features, as well as prices, and it’s up to the user to decide which one best suits their needs. Other than that, TorGuard is among the VPNs that offer the biggest number of different features, like kill switches, DNS leak protections, no logging policy, money return policy, as well as protection from malware, ads, and curious intruders.


IPVanish is the next best thing if for some reason, you can’t or don’t want to use TorGuard. It has over 700 servers in more than 60 countries around the globe, and the speeds are the best ones you’ll ever find. Just like TorGuard, this provider also keeps no logs, allows P2P, and has a professional customer service that’s available at all times. Its app is very user-friendly and is easy to use, even for complete beginners.


PIA, or Private Internet Access, is our third and final choice for those who are in need of a strong, reliable VPN. It provides users with many great features, most of them the same as the previous two, including keeping no logs, providing you with kill switch, protection against ads and malware, as well as great encryption. Some users don’t like PIA because of the minimal interface, however, that doesn’t mean that it does its job any worse than other VPNs. In fact, due to the minimal interface, PIA is one of the cheapest good VPNs you’ll find.


That concludes this list. We hope that one of these VPNs would be useful to you, and if not, you can always explore for yourself and find some other provider. You should stay away from the free ones, since they’ll either bombard you with ads in order to make money, or they’ll log your activities and sell them to the highest bidder. Sometimes both. Even though paying for the VPN is considered to be just another expense by many, they all agree that it’s worth it, considering the amount of security and anonymity that VPNs provide you with.

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