How to Watch the US Open Live from Anywhere in the World


The US Open Tennis Championship is almost upon us, with the beginning set to be on August 28th. This is the fourth Grand Slam of this year, and it is set at Flushing Meadows, NY, USA. Of course, the fans around the world can barely wait for the games to start, and excitement is ever-growing.

Naturally, several streaming channels will broadcast the US Open in multiple countries around the world. The only issue is that not all countries and regions will have access to these channels. People who live in these countries won’t be able to watch the games live. At least not without some sort of special tool, which is what we are going to discuss today.

By using specially made tools like a VPN, or a SmartDNS, you can easily access any channel that will broadcast the US Open. In this guide, we will describe how you can use both of these methods, no matter the country you live in. Also, VPNs work on pretty much any device that you might think of using, so don’t worry about that either.

Which channels are going to broadcast the US Open 2017?

Of course, before you start setting up your VPN, you should first try and discover whether or not can you access these channels in the first place. There are a lot of them, with the US Open being a quite important and popular part of the Tennis world. Here is the list of channels that will stream the games, as well as countries that they can be accessed from:

  • ESPN for the US
  • Eurosport for the UK
  • TSN for Canada
  • WOWOW for Japan
  • SBS for Australia
  • SRG for Switzerland
  • SporTV/ESPN for Brazil
  • CCTV/iQiyi for China
  • SuperSport for South Africa
  • Sky Germany for Germany
  • Eurosport for Portugal/Spain
  • Eurosport/NTV Plus for Russia
  • beIN Sports for North Africa/Middle East
  • Sony TEN for Pakistan/India

If you live in these countries and regions, you should already have access to some of these channels. If that is the case, you don’t need this guide, and instead, you can simply access the channels right now.

However, if you don’t live in any of the mentioned regions and countries, then keep reading. Soon enough, you will get access to these channels as well. There are two methods that you can use, so here they are.

How to watch US Open 2017 with a VPN

Using a VPN is the first of the two methods and the one that we would recommend. VPNs are safe and specially created in order to protect their user online. They do so by employing several layers of protection. One of them, the server network that can hide your IP address is actually the one that interests us now.

You see, all of the mentioned channels are using geo-restrictions. Basically, that means that they are only available where they want to stay available. By scanning your IP address when you try to connect to them, they can determine your location. If you are in the region that they support, they will grant you access. If not, you will get a message saying that this service is not available in your country.

VPNs can bypass such restrictions by hiding your real IP address. They will allow you to connect to one of their servers, that are located all around the world. When you choose a server, it will grant you one of its own IP addresses, and that address will be a local one in the area where a server is at. So, when you try connecting to a server in Australia, for example and then try accessing SBS, the service will think that you are an Australian citizen.

Long story short, by connecting to a server, you are getting an IP address that is capable of tricking the service into granting you access to its content. This might all seem difficult and complex at the first glance, we know. However, the entire process is quite simple, if you follow the instructions that we will provide soon enough.

One more thing that we should mention is the choice of a VPN. This is often the most important part because you need to make a good decision here. You must choose a good, strong, reliable provider, with a lot of servers, and good protection.

There are many providers out there, due to the recent increase in VPN popularity. However, they are not all equally good. Some would serve you nicely, while others are pretty faulty, and will leak your data. The new users often have problems with finding the right provider, since they don’t know what to look for. That is why we would like to recommend TorGuard as the best choice.

TorGuard has quite a reputation in the VPN world. That alone speaks volumes about its reliability and usefulness. It even offers multiple packages for you to choose from, all at the same prices. That way, you don’t have to pay for something that you don’t need. The full VPN package is only around $10 per month on TorGuard, which is very affordable, and downright cheap. If you don’t have a personal preference already, definitely check it out. And now, let’s see how to set your new VPN up.

How to set up and use a VPN?

  1. Start by going to TorGuard‘s website
  2. Sign up, and download its app
  3. Install the app, launch it, and log into it
  4. Now choose a server from the list (depending on which channel in which country you wish to access)
  5. After choosing the server in a country that has access to the channel that you wish to use, go to its website
  6. And that is it. You should have full access to it by now.

One more thing that you should know is that some of these channels might require you to make an account. In most cases, these accounts are free to make, and you can access the content for free as well. However, you will still need to make it in order to get to the content in the first place.

Here are also some other VPN options:

How to Watch the US Open Live from Anywhere in the World  How to Watch the US Open Live from Anywhere in the World  How to Watch the US Open Live from Anywhere in the World
Multi-platform Compatible
256-AES Encryption
Website Rating 9.9 9.2 8.9
24/7 Live Chat
Residential / Dedicated IP for permanent streaming access
Has Mobile App + PC / Mac Support
Stealth VPN / Advanced Obfuscation techniques
Visit VPN Provider Visit TorGuard Visit IPvanish Visit PIA

How to watch US Open 2017 with a SmartDNS

If you wish for an alternative to a VPN method, then the use of a SmartDNS might be a solution you need. SmartDNS is an inferior method, definitely. However, it still does the job.

It is important to mention that, by using this method, you will get to the online content that you wish to access. However, you won’t have the protection, anonymity, or any kind of encryption. These are all the benefits that the VPN will provide, but SmartDNS can’t. If that doesn’t bother you, and if your country doesn’t have strict laws against using such tools openly, then you don’t have anything to worry about.

In that case, using a SmartDNS might even be a better option, since it won’t impact your internet speed. SmartDNS will mask your IP address, instead of putting a fake one in its place. It works by partially redirecting some of your traffic, which will allow you to get access to the content that these streaming channels offer. Provided, of course, that you have created a free account on them. For the purpose of this guide, we will use Unlocator as an example. Here are the steps for setting SmartDNS up:

  1. Start by going to Unlocator‘s website
  2. Subscribe for the 7-day free trial, and get the app
  3. Configure it on your device of choice
  4. And finally, go to the channel that you wish to use for streaming the US Open.

This is the entire process, and it is pretty simple, as you can see. One more thing worthy of mentioning is that the free trial doesn’t require providing credit card info. You can get it simply by entering your email address, and then you will get an entire week to check it out.


The US Open is an important event in the world of tennis, that many fans around the world are waiting on right now. Many channels will broadcast the games, but since they are not available in every country out there, some people will be left out.

In order to prevent that happening to yourself, you can use one of two methods from this guide: a VPN, or a SmartDNS. VPN is clearly a better option, with more security and protection. However, if that is not an issue for you, then you can use SmartDNS as well. Our VPN recommendation is TorGuard, while for SmartDNS we recommend Unlocator.

By following the instructions in this guide, you should easily set both of these tools up and enjoy the games.

Ali is a freelance journalist with 5 years of experience in web journalism and marketing. He contributes to various online publications. With a master degree, now he combines his passions for writing about internet security and technology. When he is not working, he loves traveling and playing games.

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