Watch Xfinity TV Go outside USA and Enjoy More than 125 Channels

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Xfinity TV Go is a fantastic tool to have at hand these days. It allows you to collect all the best TV shows, movies, live games, short film, documentaries and other productions into one library and stream it. You can watch shows from the top channels and chains in America, such as Telemundo, NBC, ABC, Fox, CBS, the CW, Univision, and many of the HBO options.

This entertainment alternative represents an excellent option overall for people living within the limits of the United States of America, but what about the people abroad? How can Xfinity TV Go fans enjoy the content the streaming has to offer if they are not physically in the US?

Fortunately, it is possible to watch Xfinity TV Go outside USA. You have two paths: one involves getting the help of a Virtual Private Network (VPN), and the other one has to do with obtaining a good Smart DNS proxy server.

These methods will help you mask your “online identity”, which means that your IP address will not be available for internet service providers and websites. You can be sure that they will not locate you or your connection’s origin, and you will have peace of mind.

If you are intelligent enough to use a VPN or a smart DNS proxy solution, you will be able to hide your IP address, avoid geo-blocking that some sites and services put as restriction and ultimately watch Xfinity TV Go outside USA.

A little bit about Xfinity TV Go

Online streaming multimedia centers are the bread and butter of the Internet these days. It is a very convenient form of entertaining because it takes advantage of the Internet and its offerings and is portable, fast and practical.

You will probably be surprised to hear that Xfinity was born, as a company, in 1981, which is 36 years ago, but then was known as Comcast Cable. Since 2010, it went from Comcast Cable to Xfinity, and it started offering cable television, phone, Internet and wireless technology with success. It is part of the Comcast Corporation, a leading communications conglomerate based in the United States of America.

With Xfinity stream app you can enjoy live and On Demand TV everywhere: it does not matter if you are in or out of American territory. More than 125 channels are waiting for you to watch them and enjoy them. Hundreds of TV shows, series and films are available every day for a high amount of users around the globe.

While the Xfinity TV Go app and website are no longer available, it does not mean that Xfinity services are off the web. To the contrary! The company is stable and running, and is one of the preferred ways to watch movies, shows, TV series, documentaries, short films and other features in America and some strategic locations in the world.

If you visit the old Xfinity TV Go app site, it will now redirect you to the newer, improved Xfinity Stream portal, where you can find some of the most sought channels and TV options.

What is VPN?

VPN is the initial of Virtual Private Network, a revolutionary tool when it comes to online protection. Data encryption and tunneling are the main treats of VPN, and as a consequence, the benefits of using a VPN server for your web interactions are enormous.

If your traffic is encrypted, nobody will have access to any sensible, personal information such as credit card data, pages you usually visit, usernames and passwords, and other crucial material. Hackers will have a hard time inflicting any damage on your connection or device, the government or related institutions will not know any interaction you make online, and advertisers will not be able to send their messages or products based on your location and preferences.

Among the many options available for selection on the Internet, TorGuard has received the best reviews lately. It does not affect your internet connection the way other VPN do, and they have an excellent customer service. Putting the needs and requirements of its clients as a priority has taken the company ahead of the pack when it comes to quality of service.

Best VPNs on our site:

Watch Xfinity TV Go outside USA and Enjoy More than 125 Channels  Watch Xfinity TV Go outside USA and Enjoy More than 125 Channels  Watch Xfinity TV Go outside USA and Enjoy More than 125 Channels
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What is Smart DNS?

A Smart DNS proxy server is a technological tool that has the same final result of the VPN, in the sense that it allows a user to hide its IP address and thus unblock some sites and web services that are restricted by geographical location.

Smart DNS Proxy technology changes the DNS of your device when it tries to enter geo-blocked sites around the world so it can pass through as a local connection. The user data is rerouted through a “filter” proxy server located in the country you want to access a website.

The system will then be “tricked” into thinking you are physically in the page’s host country and any restrictions and blocking measures will go down. It comes in handy if you want to watch Xfinity TV Go outside USA.

Some of the benefits of Smart DNS technology is that it practically does not affect your connection speed, it reroutes only a small portion of data (the one that has to do with geographical location), whereas VPN reroutes all data and traffic. DNS is also very simple to set up and install and works on many devices such as iOS-based devices, Android, laptops, PC, Kindle Fire, Apple TV, Gaming Console, and many others.

How to watch Xfinity TV Go outside USA via VPN

Watch Xfinity TV Go outside USA and Enjoy More than 125 Channels

A VPN lets you browse the web anonymously, which will increase your privacy and sense of security in your Internet interactions and ventures. To watch Xfinity Tv Go outside USA, you just have to follow some quick and easy steps, which are:

  • Select a VPN of your preference.
  • Log into your VPN.
  • Pick the country that houses your encrypted server.
  • Done! You will now be able to enjoy the best US channels that the Xfinity service has in its grid: more than 125!

How to watch Xfinity TV Go outside USA via Smart DNS

A smart DNS proxy server is easy to install and set up and does not slow down your Internet. It does, however, stop running when there is DNS Hijacking or Transparent Proxies. To set up this method, you have to:

  • Sign up with a SmartDNS proxy server provider, like Unlocator.
  • Install the application.
  • Select a city from the list and click connect. To watch Xfinity without restrictions, it must be an American city.
  • When the app tells you that you are connected, reload the Xfinity TV website.
  • Done! You will be able to watch streaming content in Xfinity.

In conclusion, Xfinity does have geo-blocking as a security measure, which means that it does not allow users to watch, stream or download content if they are in some specific countries. But, as the Internet shows us every day, everything is possible.

If you want to watch Xfinity TV Go outside USA, you have to choose between two alternatives. Install a VPN app or server and encrypt all your data and information so you can borrow an American IP address and avoid geo-blocking, and get a smart DNS proxy server to reroute your geographical data in such a way that Xfinity website does not know that you are accessing from abroad.

Both methods have advantages and disadvantages, but both can equally help you achieve what you want and enjoy the best streaming content available in the online world. You just have to correctly identify which are your needs and requirements at the time and take your time to choose your solution carefully according to that information. Both VPN and DNS are available at very pocket-friendly prices.

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