What are the Fastest VPNs in May 2017?

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Welcome to our first fastest VPN roundup of 2017. In this series, we take a look at some of the fastest VPNs in verified speed tests that test each server. While this is a ranking of the fastest VPNs tested in each month, we can’t say that the fastest VPN is necessarily the best VPN to use.

The reason is that with VPNs, there are multiple things to consider like privacy, customer service, extra features, payment options, as well as just the general power and usability of the apps provided. However, everyone needs a fast VPN, so if you pick any VPN on this list, you should be good. The VPNs on this list are all fairly equal in terms of speed, with the rankings showing very slight edges in speed performance.

#1 Private Internet Access

What are the Fastest VPNs in May 2017?

In our speed tests, PIA got the fastest https load time with 114 Mbps average, and the Bittorrent speed was still fast at 76 Mbps.

Private Internet Access is a decent VPN to choose since it’s fairly cheap at $5.95, and the speeds are quite good. However, lately we’ve been having a lot of complaints about poor customer service as well as locations not matching the right IPs. So keep that in mind.


#2 IPVanish

What are the Fastest VPNs in May 2017?

IPVanish was first in the Bittorrent speed test at 85 Mbps and it barely came behind PIA with a 112 Mbps average Https test.

IPVanish has always been fast due to its parent company, Highwinds, being a big company with plenty of money to invest into fast servers. They are a great VPN company with decent privacy policies, good apps, and decent customer service.


#3 TorGuard

What are the Fastest VPNs in May 2017?

TorGuard barely lagged behind the other two options with a 106 Mbps speed test and a 65 Mbps speed test for Bittorrent.

While TorGuard was last in this list, it’s certainly not the last in our rankings. It’s #1 in our ratings for numerous other reasons excluding its great speeds. It’s the only VPN company that constantly has live chat support, consistent updates to their apps, and great security for countries like China.

Recently they’ve updated the visual design of their logo, website, and added dedicated IP features to their apps. They are the only VPN we’ve seen that supports Netflix use through dedicated IPs. Combined with their BitTorrent proxy, I find them the most useful streaming / torrenting VPN on this list, even if there speeds are a few Mbps slower (doesn’t amount to much).


Stick around untill next month to get the next speed update! If you’re wondering what VPNs to avoid, see this next section:

Slowest VPNs of May 2017:

In this section we’ve picked a handful of VPN providers who always brag about speeds but can’t deliver.

You’ll see some decently large names in this list like VyprVPN which has OK speeds, but then services like PureVPN which have very mediocre speeds. BufferedVPN, HideMyAss, and Cyberghost all lag behind our top picks for May 2017 which all pass the 100 Mbps speeds. Services like Privatoria have abysmal speeds.

What are the Fastest VPNs in May 2017?  What are the Fastest VPNs in May 2017?  What are the Fastest VPNs in May 2017?  What are the Fastest VPNs in May 2017?  What are the Fastest VPNs in May 2017?  What are the Fastest VPNs in May 2017?

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