What is the Cheapest VPN for Netflix? ExpressVPN vs VyrpVPN vs NordVPN vs Windscribe vs TorGuard

What is the Cheapest VPN for Netflix? ExpressVPN vs VyrpVPN vs NordVPN vs Windscribe vs TorGuard

We’ve tested a ton of VPNs with Netflix, and the ones that work the most are TorGuard, ExpressVPN, VyprVPN, NordVPN, and Windscribe. Now, keep in mind, all of these VPNs work with Netflix in a different manner and with various up times as well as down times. Today, we’re going to examine what the cheapest VPN for Netflix is so you can save money, and understand which VPN is best to purchase for Netflix.

Is Netflix Expensive to Stream?

What is the Cheapest VPN for Netflix? ExpressVPN vs VyrpVPN vs NordVPN vs Windscribe vs TorGuard

Netflix is already expensive right (some may think its affordable but some may think it’s not), so why spend more? Basic plans start at $7.99 for Standard definition, $10.99 for 2 screens and HD, and $13.99 for 4 screens + ULTRA HD. This is actually cheaper than competitors like HBO GO ($15 or so a month) and Netflix has more content as well. So at the end of the day, I think Netflix IS pretty affordable, but no one wants to pay a ton of money on top of this right? So which VPN for Netflix is best?

Why is Netflix Blocking VPNs?

Why is Netflix blocking VPN and proxy users in the first place? Well, starting in the beginning of 2016, Netflix started a secret campaign to protect licensing agreements around the world. At the same time, Netflix really started expanding so it wanted to be sure that users were getting the content they paid for in the country they paid for. 

Netflix doesn’t want users in China for example, paying for the “Chinese Netflix”, and getting access to the “American Netflix”. So Netflix started blocking VPN and proxy users that were changing their IP to trick Netflix into thinking they were in another reason. This is why users got the error message “You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy“.

Which VPNs work with Netflix?

Starting in 2016, the only VPN that worked with Netflix was TorGuard. In fact, this website was the only resource directing users how to get around the Netflix Proxy Error, and since I found the first solution, other sites started copying my very guides! But then, other VPNs began to catch on and find their own ways of assigning rotating IPs or by doing it manually and eventually the market began to widen in 2017 and now 2018 with a few different options like ExpressVPN, VyprVPN, NordVPN, and Windscribe. My favorite option is still TorGuard, since it’s the most reliable option, but I’ve also had success with the other mentioned VPNs.

What is the Cheapest VPN for Netflix?

So which one is the cheapest? Well, pricing really varies between all of these VPNs. But in order from the cheapest, to the most expensive, you’ll find below (or in the video above):

#1 TorGuard $9 a month (with code “Best10VPN”)

#2 Windscribe $9 a month with premium upgrade

#3 VyprVPN $10 a month

#4 NordVPN $11.95 a month

#5 ExpressVPN $12.95 a month

Spark has a simple mission to help you chose the best VPN without any bias. Which VPN do I use? See it here!

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