Find out the Best Anonymous browser for Android: Do they trump VPN?

Best Anonymous browser for Android

As all modern operative systems do, Android devices allow you to browse the web either via a Wi-Fi (wireless) connection or a data plan with a phone service. The possibilities are endless: a few years ago, the majority of phones only had calls and Short Message Service, or SMS. Now, you can do all kinds of things online thanks, in significant part, to Android.

Some of the most famous web browsers available on Android, like Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Mozilla Firefox are very reliable and offer many useful qualities and features, but they do not necessarily provide the best security measures and services among browsers available for the Android operative system.

Unrecognizability is a favorite treat when it comes to browsing the web on your mobile device, be it a mobile phone or a tablet. You don’t want your internet service provider to track you and send you annoying messages and offerings, and you certainly do not want government institutions to know every step you make.

Each browser has a list of pros and cons, and you should do an extensive investigation about which one to use based on your requirements at the time. But you should also know that security and privacy are essential in the online world, and it essential to identify the best anonymous browser for Android, one that fits your needs.

The importance of Internet anonymity

You may not know it, but being responsible on Internet has a lot to do with leaving no trace of your activity. Anonymity is essential because any leaks on your security systems may mean that valuable information goes into the hands of third parties.

Find out the Best Anonymous browser for Android: Do they trump VPN?

These third parties can be harmless. In fact, the majority are. But hackers are all over the internet, and they can inflict damage to your device or connection. For instance, someone may clone your credit card or gain access to your accounts.

Choosing the best anonymous browser for Android can mitigate or substantially decrease the risk factor, but reality indicates that it will be ever-present. You may also consider other measures to make sure you browse the web with peace of mind, and one of the most reliable tools out there is a Virtual Private Network.

What is the best anonymous browser for Android? Here are a few options:

Tor Browser

A super-secure browser, Tor is arguably the most famous browsing tool of all. It provides adequate protection without being complicated to install and use. In fact, it will guide you through the whole process.

It has a similar code of that of Firefox and bounces your traffic through various nodes on the Internet that are encrypted so that anybody can get details about you or your location.

GNU IceKat Mobile

The GNU version of Mozilla Firefox, the IceKat Mobile is excellent for Android devices because it has a plan for every case. It is also free.

It includes measures against JavaScript traps (LibreJS), fingerprints countermeasures, secure navigation on many sites via HTTPS Everywhere, and private browsing mode, a “tunnel”-like measure against malicious agents.


Orbot acts like a VPN, in the sense that it is a traffic encryption app which, additionally, you can download it from the Google Play Store.

It is available for free, and it creates a private mobile connection that makes your traffic bounce through various desktops.

Krypton Anonymous Browser

Although Krypton Anonymous Browser does not provide the smoothest browsing experience, it certainly makes it up in protection. It lets you cruise along the web while your identity is a mystery for as long as you need. It does not save your browsing history or save cookies. It is also free, but buggy.


InBrowser is a reliable option for Android (available on the Play Store) because it is straightforward to switch tabs and it deletes all your record as soon as you leave the app, leaving no trace of your tasks. It also makes sure your usernames and passwords are secure.

Dolphin Zero Browser

The Dolphin Zero is very user-friendly because it does not have ads or popups, or any annoying marketing adventures into your life. Also, it has a “Do Not Track” feature activated, keeping privacy levels high.

Ghostery Browser

The great thing about Ghostery, the one that makes it unique and different, is that when you enter a web page, the app tells you how many trackers are there. Besides, it allows you to block them with ease. You can also clear cache and history with no problems.


Privoxy is one of the best anonymous browsers for Android, but it comes with the caveat of being an alternative for advanced users because it is not so easy to install and run. If you go through the manual process of configuring it, you will benefit from active protection from malicious agents and ads and popups.

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is a free app for Android that acts as a VPN because it hides your IP address and thus helps shield and combat Internet threats. It is very convenient to use it in public Wi-Fi connections because it tunnels your traffic. It also has an ad-free paid version.

CM Browser

This option is well presented, simple and effective. Also, its size does not even reach 3 MB, so it will hardly make space in your internal memory. Its configuration makes third parties very difficult to track your activity.

Brave Browser

Brave comes from the Mozilla family, and it uses features like HTTPS Everywhere and fingerprinting countermeasures. The good thing about Brave is that does not consume a whole lot of your battery life.

Javelin Incognito Browser

Another app that can block ads, it is a welcome addition for users who find themselves annoyed by unwanted publicity. Javelin Incognito makes sure to honor its name, giving you undercover status on the web and protecting all your interactions. You can also bypass blocked sites over a wireless connection.

Why is VPN the best way to stay anonymous on Android?

A Virtual Private Network, or VPN, can solve all of the security and privacy issues that represent risks for your online activity. This tool, which is an Internet sensation and has been for a few years now, encrypts all of your data and traffic. All of it. No one will threaten your status, your connection, your device or important stuff like your usernames, passwords, and credit card data.

All traffic is encrypted through a virtual tunnel, making it secure and private. That is why VPN is the best way to remain anonymous on the Internet; because most of the browsers available for Android may have leaks and threats that you don’t know about.

Anonymity is what allows a user with a VPN connection to gain access to all foreign sites, stream and download content from virtually any country in the world. Using a VPN allows you to mask your IP address and borrow one from the nation of the service you want to enter. For example, if you are in Spain and want to get American Netflix‘s channels, the use of a VPN will lend you an American IP address, and you will “pass” as a US citizen, thus avoiding geo-blocking.

If you want to keep your online ventures and interactions hidden from any malicious agent, then TorGuard is your best choice, by far. It protects your content like it is your most precious asset and all for a minimal monthly fee. TorGuard‘s customer service shows how much they care about your needs and issues, as they can take your inquiries 24/7.

In conclusion, there are more than a dozen web browsers out there that can be in the discussion for the best anonymous one for Android operative system. Many of them minimize risks by a considerable percentage and make the online experience more secure than conventional alternatives such as Google Chrome, Opera, Safari or Mozilla Firefox.

But the best way to remain anonymous, private and safe on the Internet is by installing and setting up a Virtual Private Network because it acts as a tunnel with no fissures: no data leaks, no one sees or has access to what you see, visit or do online.

VPN’s privacy strengths also let you bypass geographical and location protocols set by some pages or services and stream or download content from anywhere in the world. VPN is, by far, your best choice for online anonymity.

Best VPNs for Android

Find out the Best Anonymous browser for Android: Do they trump VPN?  Find out the Best Anonymous browser for Android: Do they trump VPN?  Find out the Best Anonymous browser for Android: Do they trump VPN?
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