What is a Dedicated IP VPN and Do You Actually Need One?

Dedicated IP VPN

VPN technology is here to stay. The word is the abbreviation of Virtual Private Networks, which are resources that allow people to encrypt their shared online content from end to end, to avoid external agents to decipher it and use it against the user.

The traffic, as well as the person’s IP address (the element that shows the physical location of the device and connection),  are then rerouted to remote servers, managed by the VPN service provider and not by the Internet Service Provider (ISP,) which is the usual way.

Basically, a VPN company will hide the user’s content and IP address, and in the process, it will let the person borrow another IP number from a different location to dodge hackers, copyright trolls, or avoiding censorship and geo-blocking, among other uses.

Issues associated with shared IP addresses

What numerous VPN readers (and even users) still don’t know is that the type of IP addresses that these companies give away (or “rent,” to use a more appropriate word) can differ. There are shared IP addresses and dedicated IP addresses.

The shared IP addresses that VPN companies offer their users are practically self-explanatory: they can be shared by several users, but not at the same time: when a person connects to a specific location without explicitly asking the provider for a dedicated IP number, it will obtain a shared one for temporary use. Once he/she logs off, the shared IP number will go back to the available pool for another user that joins the same server.

These shared IP addresses can help the users connect to particular nations, and they are recycled, meaning that they are not unique and once a user stops using it, another one will eventually take it.

The scenario sounds good enough for all parties involved. However, and as a user, you may end up paying the “sins” of another person if the shared IP address you get has been banned or blacklisted by specific pages or services over the web.

For example, the previous user of the shared IP number may have written offensive comments in a forum, causing the administrators to block the IP and, therefore, yourself, if you end up with the same IP address and if you use to enter the same blog or forum.

The previously mentioned case can take place not only in forums, but also in online shopping platforms, streaming services, games, and dozens of others. That is why you need a unique, dedicated IP address to avoid uncomfortable situations.

What is a personal IP?

Typically, personal VPN servers that not only increase your protection against the usual agents or situations you need to fend off/avoid (such as hackers, cybercriminals, malware developers, crypto miners, geo-blocking, surveillance, censorship, and others,) but also prevent you from getting blocked from your favorite pages and services because they will be available just for you: unlike shared IP addresses, dedicated ones can’t be assigned to someone else, since you are paying for uniqueness.

A dedicated IP address will prevent you from having a connection or usability issue associated with previous use of a shared IP number. Since you and only you are using it, it can’t get flagged unless you do something wrong on the web!

Personal or dedicated IP addresses allow users to connect to specific countries while also controlling the browsing history and online reputation of that particular IP number.

While shared IP addresses have their uses, personal ones are perfect for activities that require extra privacy, such as online banking, email accounts, crypto wallet management, and other sensible things.

Also, you need a dedicated IP address to get around oppressive censorship measures that some countries perform and to unblock social media sites in nations that restrict access to these networks.

Where to find your dedicated IP address

While you can get a dedicated IP address from your Internet Service Provider, you would be better off hiring one from your VPN provider, since it will probably be cheaper and it will surely be better for your privacy and security.

If you want to know which VPN company offers the best dedicated IP service, just compare the options at VPNTierList. They have a tiered system to help you rank and evaluate options, even grouping together those that are close in terms of quality.

As the VPN tier list shows, TorGuard should be your top choice. It is the only alternative that reunites the required aspects to be in the God Tier: it has excellent customer service, it is very speedy, it has a clean reputation around the web, it has tons of extra features, and its apps are amazing. The price is also outstanding.

In conclusion, while shared IP addresses can be used by dozens, even hundreds of people, dedicated IP address are there, waiting for you and only you. They can’t be obtained by anyone else, which will protect its reputation around the web and avoid unwanted and uncomfortable situations, such as blocks and bans.

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