How to Stop ISP Bandwidth Throttling with a VPN!

Are you a victim of bandwidth throttling? It might be that you’re trying to watch Netflix (or any other streaming service), use P2P protocols to torrent, game and you’re finding that your speeds just don’t seem up to par. The reason could be that your ISP is purposely limiting your bandwidth and restricting your speeds would could give you buffer time or even lage. ISPs around the world argue that...[Read More]

How to Watch UK TV in the Philippines

The Philippines is a cosmopolitan country. Based in the South Eastern part of Asia, it has over 100 million people, which ranks in the top 15 of the most populated nations. There are people from numerous ethnic groups, languages, traditions, cultures, and backgrounds. In addition to being one of the most diverse countries in the Asian continent and the world, Filipino people enjoy watching TV. In ...[Read More]

Gain protection from Bitcoin Mining on Public WiFi with a VPN

Public Wi-Fi networks are a requirement these days for business managers and those who provide services, even ones that don’t have to do with informatics or technology. Pizza shops, restaurants, cafés, ice cream stands, malls, airports, libraries, movie theaters and virtually every business in the street has a public Wi-Fi connection. That is good in an overall view of things: people in need...[Read More]

Gaming Torrent Sites

In a world where a) there is a lot more stress and, therefore, a need to find ways to channel it, and b) the Internet provides numerous forms of entertainment and leisure, online gaming has become one of the most widely spread ways of killing time in a fun way. Gaming is taken very seriously in inner circles. There is a fierce competition involved, in which people’s strengths and skills are ...[Read More]

What is a Warrant Canary? Are they Important?

Edward Snowden’s recent revelations that the NSA (National Security Agency in the United States of America) regularly spies on people’s online content made a turmoil, and for a good reason. The government may believe it has the right to sniff on what the people do or visit on the Internet, but that doesn’t mean that users with a clean conscious have to accept the meddling if they...[Read More]

Anonymous Email: Learn its Benefits and how to Get One!

It is incredibly uncomfortable knowing that Internet and email service providers can look at everything you do and send online. Even if you are not into shady business, you don’t want any prying eyes spying on your content, because you are meant to have privacy when you start your computer and connect to the web. If you don’t want to share your content with absolutely anybody, these em...[Read More]

Onavo VPN Collecting Data Worse than we Thought!

Only just recently I wrote and made a video about Onavo VPN for Android and iOS. I cautionated users that while the app was free and easy to use, the app didn’t really have much of a point at all, since all the data collected while you use the app was being harvested instead of encrypted and not seen. Essentially, using Onavo VPN for Android or iOS is like willingly giving the company that owns On...[Read More]

What are VPN Tunnels?

VPNs are becoming more and more popular everyday. Since their inception, they have been used to increase user privacy at the workplace, at home, and on the go. People use VPNs to torrent without leaking their IP, to secure files and corporate data, to stop internet service provider tracking, and more! However, you still might be wondering how a VPN works, why you need one, or if they work that wel...[Read More]

How to Make qBittorrent COMPLETELY Anonymous

qBittorrent is one of the best and most lightweight torrent options around. A lot of people think of it as the better version of uTorrent since it’s not only ad-free, but it’s also chock full of features and open-source updates. I’ve nominated qBittorrent in many top torrent app lists of mine but today we are going to take a closer look at qBittorrent and examine how to make it c...[Read More]

Best Torrent Sites for Anime

Every country has something that people from abroad clearly relate to it. In the case of Japan, that element is its entertainment system and inventive, and it is very evident in the number of options that the creativity of Japanese professionals produce not only for their citizens but also as content available for export. Television series, film industry, a large video game and tech supply and mor...[Read More]

What is Geo-Blocking, and How to Stop it?

How can you stop geo-blocking? Well, if you want to unblock websites like Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV, or any other media or regular website, you need to change your IP. Online content is all about your IP address. Your IP address is something like 95.123.123 and it’s essentially your computer’s virtual address. When you visit a website, the website sees your IP, and thus knows where you a...[Read More]

Should I Use VPN Even with HTTPS on Website?

If you know anything about websites, you know that the best ones that are the most secure use SSL encryption, which is shown by the “HTTPS” in front of the URL bar. Facebook, Google, Banking sites, Crypto exchanges, and more use this type of secure encryption. So you might be wondering, why do I need a VPN if the website is secure using HTTPS? Well, there are plenty of reasons! #1 Not Every Websit...[Read More]

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