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Good / TorGuard excels in nearly every department, from speeds to amazing customer service. They have tons of VPN extras like a freely included proxy, VPN routers, encrypted email offerings, and their main VPN service has more settings and configurations than any other VPN app on the market. With the best encryption 256-AES, no logging policy, and consistent improvements from the time of our first review, it’s easy to see why we rate them #1.

Bad / Not much! TorGuard has updated their main app’s UI / look and feel which was our previous complaint.


Review Highlights

Review   Fastest tested speeds for torrenting as of 2018

Review   Best Customer Service Live Chat

Review   Well-priced $29.99 6 month offering

Review   Best security features from VPN

Review  (4.9 / 5)

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TorGuard Review 2018 

While TorGuard’s name comes from the “tor” in torrent and the service does work well with torrenting, TorGuard has grown into a top-notch VPN provider that works great for a variety of uses.In this full and detailed TorGuard Review, I’ve found it the fastest and most secure VPN provider out there–no questions asked. With added features like Stealth proxy, Stealth VPN, Encrypted email, and even Firefox/Chrome apps–TorGuard’s dedication to privacy and encryption makes it much more than a simple BitTorrent proxy or VPN for torrenting. In this full TorGuard review, we’ll check out each section.

TorGuard Review – Pricing 9/10

TorGuard’s basic pricing starts at $9.99 for its VPN service. The Anonymous Proxy service costs $5.95 a month while Private Email costs $6.95 a month and Smart DNS $5.95 a month.TorGuard also has dedicated IP addresses for $7.99 per month which could be useful for those looking to set up game servers or use specific websites that work well with one IP address. It also works very well with Netflix streaming.

While TorGuard’s basic VPN service is a little bit more expensive than a few other competitors, it’s numerous services with fair pricing provide a great model for any user. The service also has an extremely affordable package at $19.99 for 3-months, $29.99 for a six-month subscription, and annual subscription only costs $59.99.

Interested users can also purchase multiple simultaneous use licenses (comes with five already), a dedicated IP, and extra DDOS protection.

TorGuard has numerous payment methods available including payment through gift cards and Bitcoin. Now, in 2018, they offer a TON of cryptocurrency payment options like (Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Dash, Zcash, DogeCoin, Monero, BlackCoin, NavCoin, Novacoin, PIVX, Peercoin, Startcoin, Vertcoin, CloakCoin, Namecoin, Nxt, Potcoin, Steem Dollars, VeriCoin, WorldCoin, Primecoin).

The only bad thing is that they don’t offer a free trial. That said, most major VPN providers don’t. TorGuard does offer a 7-day refund policy.

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TorGuard Review – VPN Client 10/10

Torguard’s primary service is Anonymous VPN. The VPN service can be accessed through the TorGuard client. The client is very lightweight and straightforward to use. Overall, it feels like a very minimalist app that gets your running quick.

Review  The application feels very traditional with a simple interface. You only launch the app, enter your credentials, pick your preferred server (or if will automatically select one for you) and once you connect you’re ready to go. Its basic setup is super smooth, but there are still plenty of features packed in for more advanced users. The client, now with a brand new visual update, looks great with great contrasting colors that make the interface very easy to use and appealing visually.

The client features auto start which can be useful for remembering to launch the service. Other security protection features like WebRTC leak block and DNS leak block are great to see, as well as a built-in app kill as well as network kill switch which ensures that when your VPN disconnects so will your app or internet (like BitTorrent for example).

Review  Stealth VPN is also included which is useful for users in censored countries. Recently, TorGuard also released a new Stealth Proxy feature alongside their Stealth VPN to make things even more secure. Lately, TorGuard has been implementing more improvements like dedicated IP address integration, tons of more optimized servers, better encryption rates, server IP filtering, and Stealth VPN servers for every location. However, like I said, it’s very easy to use, so it’s nice to see TorGuard satisfying both sides of the tech spectrum.

TorGuard Review – Mobile Application 10/10

The TorGuard client for iPhone felt very similar to the computer version. Now they’ve updated the mobile app and it LOOKS amazing. It has a black opaque background of the globe, and the bright button, as well as server options and customizable features, make using the app even better than before. It’s easy to setup, use, and it’s crazy fast.

TorGuard is available on iPhone and Android devices on the respective iOS and Google Play Stores.

TorGuard Review – Extra Services 10/10Anonymous Proxy

Review  Besides TorGuard’s VPN offering, there is also an anonymous proxy. The proxy service is a cheaper alternative to the anonymous VPN, or in some cases, a complementary tool. The proxy acts more like a tool to camouflage your IP, while a VPN works as a software on your computer encrypting all internet traffic through the internet main connection. The proxy works with torrent applications to prevent other users in the BitTorrent swarm from seeing your IP, but it also works through browser extensions available on Chrome and Firefox.

These proxy apps work very similarly to the main application in which users simply enter login credentials and then connect to the service. I was disappointed that I couldn’t find the TorGuard proxy on the Firefox app store, but the team did inform me that a store application was coming soon. Despite that, the Firefox app install is relatively easy with instructions available for manual install.The Chrome proxy, however works great. I was using it at Target recently and it’s very easy to use.


Review  Email is the backbone of many personal and public businesses. Sure you could use Gmail, but if you’re worried about Google analyzing your data and targeting you with ads, or you just want an easy way to encrypt your email– you should be using anonymous email.

That’s why it’s good TorGuard’s email offering starts off generous with a free 10mb box with just a sign-up. It has OpenPGP Encryption, unlimited offshore email storage, and mobile support. While it’s true that you might sacrifice some features from larger email providers, I liked that TorGuard kept key components like calendar, tasks, key storage,  bulk import, advanced search and other useful features.

While it’s true that you might sacrifice some features from larger email providers, I liked that TorGuard kept key components like calendar, tasks, key storage,  bulk import, advanced search and other useful features.

Encrypted email is getting even more important in as we’ve seen some huge privacy leaks and implications that lead me to believe companies like Google and Apple are going to have a harder and harder time hiding things from the FBI and other spy agencies or even countries around the world.

Router Offerings

Review  While a majority of TorGuard‘s offerings focus on software or online offerings, they also sell pre-flashed DD-WRT VPN routers with offerings from ASUS and Netgear. VPN routers are a great way to enable VPN security across a whole internet network. They sell powerful routers like the Netgear Nighthawk X6 or more affordable options like the Netgear R6250. TorGuard now has a great page with helpful DD-WRT and Tomato setup apps that automatically setup your router.You can find these setup guides on the “other software downloads” part of the download page.

Stealth VPN

One of TorGuard VPN’s strong points is its focus on providing services in censored countries like China where a “great firewall” encompasses the land–blocking out Netflix, Facebook, Google–and anything someone could want. They’ve engineered solutions so that people in these countries can effectively mask their IP addresses and appear like normal HTTP traffic. They now have Stealth VPN technology that works through their OpenConnect VPN Stealth VPN which, according to TorGuard, is impossible to block.

Stealth VPN works through the main TorGuard  client, simply requiring the user to pick a stealth server instead of a regular one. Hands down, TorGuard is probably one of the most dedicated VPNs to finding solutions for international users.

Only just recently I found them on an internet deals forum explaining how to use TorGuard in China. “TorGuard VPN is confirmed working behind the GFW in mainland China. (Although the website is blocked). When connecting within China, select OpenConnect Tunnel Type instead of OpenVPN. OpenConnect tunnel is available on the TorGuard Windows, OSX, and Linux apps.You can still use AnyConnect/OpenConnect in China w/ TorGuard on iOS. Same for Android, just download AnyConnect client from GooglePlay, and add TorGuard anyconnect hostname settings. We will be adding native OpenConnect support in the TorGuard mobile apps very soon.”

Alongside Stealth VPN, is their newly released Stealth Proxy feature which makes VPN connection invisible. It’s a double layered approach to security. While it might not be completely necessary for those in the United States, I could see it being very useful internationally and within schools that have very strict firewalls. We even did a writeup on how people are using TorGuard to bypass Network admins.

Alongside Stealth VPN is their newly released Stealth Proxy feature which makes VPN connection invisible. It’s a double layered approach to security. While it might not be entirely necessary for those in the United States, I could see it being very useful internationally.

I particularly liked Stealth VPN and the proxy because the Stealth proxy speeds up TorGuard’s initial server load times. Switching servers is quick and efficient. It’s much faster compared to competitor OpenVPN server load times. Speaking of servers, TorGuard has tons of servers to access.They rank highest among VPNs with over 1400 (and counting) servers in 43 countries worldwide.

TorGuard Review – Website 10/10

Review  In a lot of ways, TorGuard’s site doesn’t contain the same sort of cartoony brightness that other sites do. It’s a little refreshing, and it gives off more of a “VPN-tech” vibe, rather than a generic happy-go-lucky startup feel.Recently, they’ve overhauled the logo, some of the images, and made the main front page have more information.

The website is designed well, and while it does offer a lot of services, everyone is easy to find if you can get a basic understanding of what they are offering. Knowledge guides are very easy to find on the support tab, and the live chat works well. They also have an extremely active and large forum with helpful guides.

TorGuard Review – Privacy 10/10 

TorGuard’s commitment to user privacy is another reason for me to recommend the service. They don’t keep any logs of user data or traffic. They also utilize secure 256-bit AES OpenVPN encryption by default and allow the user to select their own encryption cipher if needed. We even did an in-depth look at their policies in this post on their logging policy and this post on their DMCA policy.

TorGuard VPN users can choose from BF-CBC, AES-128-CBC, and AES-256-CBC encryption on all servers. TorGuard VPN supports PPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec and SSTP protocols.

TorGuard also added OpenConnect VPN protocol which is SUPER secure, and blazing fast.

TorGuard Review – Servers 10/10

Review  TorGuard offers a lot of servers with 3000+ VPN servers in 55+ countries. Stealth Servers are perhaps one of TorGuard’s strongest points even if I do consider that an extra service. Every server here is promised not to be overloaded with 99.99% up time. From my tests in, TorGuard gave me some of the FASTEST speeds around.

TorGuard Review – Speed 10/10


When I reviewed TorGuard a year or so back, I was impressed with their speeds while torrenting, browsing, or just watching Netflix. However, with their new OpenConnect protocol integration, they’ve become the FASTEST VPN by a LARGE margin in some of my tests. In fact, they’ve increased their speeds by over 100%. If you can see my speeds in the above picture, you know I’m telling the truth. TorGuard is fast and FAST.

TorGuard Review – Customer Support 10/10 


Like any good online business, TorGuard has a solid customer support team. It’s impressive, however, when considering how available their team is. I sent a message saying “Hello” and a rep answered mere seconds afterward. They are even active in chat rooms even at odd hours like 2 in the morning. I was chatting with a fellow named Jordan who seemed quite helpful.

The team operates in shifts 24/7 with advanced support desk on site to help with difficult networking problems. I also noted that the team offers remote support which can be very useful for users who either lack the motivation or don’t like setting things up themselves.

Overall, TorGuard’s support team is the best I’ve seen yet. I like how easy it is to jump into chat as well, without a large amount of information required.  Great job here TorGuard.

TorGuard Review – Verdict 

TorGuard has a lot of solid features and additions they’ve added to their arsenal over the years.  It’s the only VPN we’ve ever reviewed that managed to stay ranked as #1. In fact,as a conclusion to this TorGuard Review, due to speed increases, and visual improvements–I now recommend TorGuard as a “perfect VPN” more than I did before.

There’s plenty here, for advanced users, but it’s also easy enough for non-power-users to figure out as well. TorGuard has tons of applications with great app support, and their services keep expanding to improve security internationally, as well as more servers and locations to increase speeds and accessibility to different locations. 1400+ servers is A LOT, and 43 different server locations feel like plenty.

Our most important features for a good VPN are speed, security, and service offerings. TorGuard delivers on each. I liked the email service that provided some much-needed tools, and I found their primary VPN client a joy to use.

Their DD-WRT routers are very good, affordable, and they come with free TorGuard subscriptions. They are now easier to setup than ever, thanks to auto-setup guides. Some of TorGuard’s features and pricing may be intimidating or confusing at first, but that can be expected with so many different products. That said, each service offering feels like a great product. The company also offers a seven day no hassle refund policy to make things go smoother.

If you’re looking for an advanced VPN or a simple VPN, TorGuard feels perfect either way. Their stance on security is well known, and they love to protect user data and are active advocates for internet freedom. As far as VPNs go, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Thanks for reading our TorGuard review.

Comment below with your experiences–or if you want, leave your own TorGuard VPN review and let us know your thoughts on how you feel about TorGuard as a VPN service.

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Since VPNs constantly change and evolve, we thought it could be helpful to see a list of TorGuards changes since our first TorGuard review in 2015.

TorGuard Review Catalogue of UPDATES Since First Review 

TorGuard VPN has launched many new updates from when we did our first TorGuard review. Here is a total list of some of the changes:

  • Improved visual interface to their main TorGuard app on all PC platforms.
  • In 2017, TorGuard introduced OpenConnect VPN protocol that shows drastic speed increases with better security.
  • TorGuard adds ability to use OpenVPN config generation
  • Added more Stealth VPN options for every server, as well as added more high-speed servers for China.
  • Added Server filtering/favoriting as well as dedicated IP address integration on PC Version.
  • Improved visual experience on mobile app including new features seen in PC app like dedicated IP address integration and server favoriting.
  • Early 2016, TorGuard also improved their encrypted email services with optimization and OpenPGP encryption


  • Easy to use VPN apps
  • Good customer service
  • Fast Download speeds
  • Tons of extra services and features
  • Incredibly solid encryption and privacy


  • Nothing!


Pricing - 9
Software - 10
Mobile Software - 10
Extra Services - 10
Website - 10
Servers - 10
Privacy - 10
Speeds - 10
Support - 10
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  1. Worked great for me thanks, best vpn service i have had for a while.

  2. Hi Spark,
    Most of the time I use my Samsung & Sony SmartTV and Playstation 3 console to stream movies from Netflix and Amazon rather than my computer or laptop. Which type of VPN service do I need to get?
    1)Anonymous proxy
    2)VPN Pro service
    3)Smart DNS

    • VPN Pro service. Keep in mind that you will need to utilize computer sharing with the VPN connection, or even purchase a VPN router to have VPN active on all Wi-Fi. Check out this guide on how to share VPN with Xbox or Playstation. The best surefire way to unlocking Netflix is to buy a dedicated IP. What’s the difference between dedicated and non-dedicated?

  3. Thanks for the detailed review Tom. Purchased TG with the discount for cheap! I’m coming from ExpressVPN, but TG seems like it has everything but cheaper and faster so far.

  4. Decent VPN. Not shit like PureVPN hahahahaha

  5. Torguard is the fastest VPN I’ve used so far and it’s not even close. 300+Mbps down/200+Mbps up all while on a dedicated IP using access to their 10gbit premium network. I also have my connection set up with a pfsense box so all devices on my connection are encrypted. Torguard is dirt cheap if you use the 25% off recurring coupon here.

  6. I stopped using TorGuard after receiving this after signing up, June 2017….
    “Thank you for contacting us.
    At the moment all of our shared servers have been blocked by BBC.”

    • Unfortunately this is the case with most VPN providers. TorGuard is useful, however, since you can buy dedicated IPs which can often work quite well.

  7. Thanks for the information. My requirement was to use a dedicated VPN router for the whole house since I did not want to run a VPN application on the Personal Computer and smart devices. I tried all the top VPN providers and was extremely frustrated with them luckily it was easy to cancel the services with in 30 days . If they supported streaming which most don’t, they only had 1 or 2 servers in the US dedicated to streaming which would stop working after a few days due to the streaming providers blocking all VPN users due to licensing agreements they have with the studios.
    Then I gave up on the idea of always on VPN at home for a month. Then recently out of trial and error I tried TorGuard and as I was ordering I thought maybe I need a dedicated IP address. I ordered both 1 year $54ish and 1 USA dedicated IP address $50ish. I also found a coupon for 50% reoccurring so that was a great deal.

    That seemed to do the trick, I use DD-WRT on my router and setup my TOR account, selected to entered a randomly generated username and password, and the standard VPN Client information they send you.

    I tested the smart TV and Roku with the various streaming services that would never work and they worked just like VPN was not running.

    Thanks again,


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