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Depending on where you live, you probably have a lot of internet benefits that you might not even know of. Most of us have very little or no restrictions at all when it comes to our internet. We all have a connection in our homes, with great speeds, and the ability to access basically anything. That is why people are raising such a fuss whenever they can’t get something that they want. Howev...[Read More]


Porn is blocked in Iran due to strict censorship laws. It’s not “appropriate” for viewers to watch under the direction of the government, so the government has decided that ISPs are required to block the content and prevent access to horny citizens. If you’re here bursting to pop, stick around since we will give you clear directions on how to unblock porn in Iran. How to Unblock Porn in Iran ̵...[Read More]

The best thing about censorship is that you can use a VPN. (1)

Iran is an Internet-savvy country, with over 20 million Iranians online. However, Iran also has one of the strictest censorship regimes in the world. The Iranian’s government heavily censors and blacklists any form of content that they deem inappropriate. This content could include anything political, sexual, or even current events. It’s hard to gain access to real content in Iran, esp...[Read More]

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