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How to Watch NBA League Pass Without Blackouts for CHEAP!!!

Do you want to watch the NBA league but you don’t want to have blackouts? Well, you’ve come to the right place. The NBA League Pass is the best way to watch content from state to state in the US. However, since there are deals made with local broadcast TV networks, NBA League Pass owners will experience a “blackout” or inability to watch content when a specific game is bein...[Read More]

How to Use a VPN on Carnival Cruises?

Are you trying to access your favorite VPN on your carnival cruise but can’t connect? Well, you are not alone, because Carnival actively restricts PPTP and IPSec connections, as well as common VPN ports. Taken from their site, they even admit to blocking VPN connections. “VPN connections are not supported – discuss your VPN limitations with your company’s IT department if you are...[Read More]

How to Prevent DMCA Warnings from ISP for only $2 a Month?

If you are torrenting without a VPN active, chances are that you have received an email from your ISP threatening to cut off or cancel your service if it happens again. You might be wondering, how did this happen? Well, when you go to a website and download a torrent file into your native BitTorrent application, and you start downloading that file, your IP address can be seen by everyone else who ...[Read More]

What is the Difference between Shared IP, Dedicated IP, and Residential IP?

VPNs often can feel very complicated. There’s encryption, various settings to play with, logging policies, pricing, IP addresses, and all sorts of things to ponder! Today we will focus on IP addresses and the various kinds you can get from a VPN provider. Now keep in mind, not every VPN will offer every single IP type–that being a shared IP, a dedicated IP, residential IP, sports IP, s...[Read More]

NordVPN Alternatives for Unblocking Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Netflix?

NordVPN is a popular choice for people to pick nowadays, mainly because they market their VPN like crazy. They entrance users with sweet deals with 3 years for only $73 dollars. While it’s not the worst VPN service in the world, it’s by no means perfect, or worth the $73. Lots of people are having trouble with NordVPN, and it’s easy to find. One of the most popular problems peopl...[Read More]

How to Use Dedicated IP for Streaming?

If you haven’t been aware, Netflix and other services like Amazon Video, Hulu, and other US based content streaming services have been blocking VPNs since 2016 or so. They don’t want VPN users bypassing geo-restrictions since they have greedy licensing deals with various companies. It’s certainly not illegal to use a VPN to access the “full library” the service has to...[Read More]

What are the Best Torrent Search Engines?

What happens when you can’t find the right torrent on your favorite torrent website? Well, you get annoyed that’s what! Fortunately, there are ways to search multiple torrent sites at once to find the specific file that you need. In order to search multiple libraries are once, you can use a “torrent search engine”. Today we’ve found some of the best ones, and I’...[Read More]



AirVPN Review

AirVPN is an Italian owned VPN company that prides itself on security and transparency. The application AirVPN uses is open source, and the team is very active on their forums providing clear-cut answers to controversies and providing answers to the community. Quite frankly, I consider them one of the last remaining “honest” VPNs around, and I think they are often underrated. Sure they...[Read More]

How to Watch DAZN Anywhere with VPN

DAZN is one of the best ways to watch sporting events online for a low monthly fee. With DAZN, you can watch some of the best sports entertainment for only $9.99 a month, and if you signup you get a month free. You can even watch DAZN on (ROKU, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, LG TV). The only bad thing about DAZN it’s only available as a service in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Ca...[Read More]



TorGuard VPN Review

TorGuard VPN is one of the cleanest VPN providers on the internet. By that, I mean they have a dirt-free reputation. The company has no history of giving up logs, being hacked, lying about features, or fudging their base of location. Yet, they still don’t top too many “review” sites out there. But why is that? Today, in this TorGuard VPN review, I’ll be listing the pros and...[Read More]



Private Internet Access Review

Private Internet Access catches a lot of people’s attention since it’s so cheap. It’s also extremely popular, which makes it the first VPN people like to try out. At one point, it might have been the best VPN out there due to the cheap price, fast speeds, and excellent app. However, in recent years, it’s degraded a bit, and we’ll discuss why and how that is in this Pr...[Read More]

These 5 VPNs are Underrated!

A lot of VPNs out there get a lot of press, mostly because they pay for it. But I’ve found some good solid VPNs that have decent speeds and good reputations that don’t get as much press. These VPNs aren’t the biggest money spenders on marketing, and this means they get less attention. Here are 5 VPNs that are actually quite good but seldom talked about. Most of these VPNs are in my top ratings as ...[Read More]

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