Can a VPN Protect You Against Computer Viruses?

Computer viruses have been wandering around the web universe for a very long time. Some people are extremely cautious with their online activities and interactions, while some others fearlessly click on every ad they see and download any attached content in their email inboxes, without even knowing who the sender is. Letting a virus enter your online assets and software could have catastrophic con...[Read More]

How to Disable a Keylogger in Windows 10

With all the stories and news about hackers, malware, ransomware, and the rest of threats out there, we can only consider ourselves lucky that we have not already become a victim of one such attack. However, there might be another threat that Windows users are facing for several years now, without even knowing about it. When Microsoft first released the Windows 10 Technical Preview, they were pret...[Read More]

InfoArmor Reports Massive Torrent Malware Epidemic

Torrenting has always been a risky business since the files you download are shared throughout a peer network which means any file can be compromised. The only way to tell if a torrent is infected with torrent malware is through scanning comments, evaluating the file size, and the peer provider reputation. As if it wasn’t bad enough already, now security researchers from InfoArmor have revealed th...[Read More]

Can a Router Get A Virus?

If you’ve been ignoring your router as a possible security vulnerability, you might want to consider rethinking how the internet and computer security works. Many people don’t know it, but your router can get hacked and spread malware to other devices in your network. In this article, we will answer the quest “can a router get a virus” and give you some tips on what you can do to preve...[Read More]

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