A Guide to Install Kodi on PS4

Install Kodi on PS4

In our constant quest for entertainment options, PS4 and Kodi appear as a match made for heaven. The former is an all-around console for gaming, streaming, and surfing, while the latter is open-source software that let us gain access to tons of movies, series, and multimedia content. Together, they can help us fight our way out of boredom!

You can easily install Kodi on PS4, but both would be better if you add another feature: VPN technology can help you achieve new levels of privacy and security while representing the key to unblocking tons of entertainment options internationally.

Kodi: the world’s premier open-source software to stream everything you want

Kodi allows users not only organize their files, videos, and music items but also to access these services on the Internet. They will be able to enjoy multimedia content around the web for free under a user-friendly interface, with the help of add-ons.

These add-ons may be official or unofficial. The first group is recognized by the XBMC Foundation, while the second one is comprised of potentially dangerous, but highly enticing offerings.

Kodi can be best defined as an online-powered tool that is effectively a home theater. Users can reproduce videos, TV series, movies, songs, concerts, documentaries, and virtually any type of content available online.

The Kodi software can be installed on compatible devices, such as Smart TVs, Android, Linux, iOS, macOS, Windows PCs, PS3, and PS4. In this guide, you will learn to install Kodi on the PS4.

PS4: the all-purpose console

PS4 stands for PlayStation 4, the most recent gaming and all-purpose console of tech giants Sony. It is one of the most widely used gadgets in the world, and it works not only for playing titles: you can also take advantage of a fast Internet connection to use it as a streaming device to enjoy services such as Hulu, the BBC iPlayer, and Netflix.

The Sony PS4, launched to the market in 2013, came with notable improvements in user experience, more and better updates, a cutting-edge design, and excellent graphics. People can use it for web surfing, as well.

Download and install Kodi on PS4

While developers have tried their best to get the PS4 version of the app, there has been no success, so we need to proceed by thinking outside the box. Having said that, the most suitable option is the Plex one, and as a bonus, you can also use it for other devices and platforms, such as Windows, Xbox, iOS, Roku, and more.

How to install Kodi on PS4

To install the Kodi software on your PS4 console, follow these steps:

  • Turn your PS4 console on
  • Open the PlayStation Store
  • On its homepage, look for the “App” option
  • Click on it
  • Tap on the “Popular” apps
  • Look for the Plex app
  • Click on “Download” to get it into your system
  • After completion of the download, click on “Start”
  • You will now see the Plex app
  • Create an account in Plex, by clicking on the Plex account tab
  • Sign in to your Plex account
  • Thanks to a code provided by the Plex app, you will enter Plex’s website
  • Sign in the Plex account while in the browser, then wait a few minutes
  • After logging in, you will see a message with a download link. You will also see an error message that reads “Unable to Play Media Error.”
  • Go to the Play Store on your smartphone
  • Look for the Plex app and install it
  • Now, connect your smartphone and your PlayStation under the same network
  • You will need to sign into your Plex account from your phone
  • To keep advancing, you will need to change some setting on your device. Go to “Settings” and enable network discovery, display the camera roll and then Advertise as a server
  • The Plex app will run on both gadgets: You will now be able to reproduce media using Kodi for PS4

Protecting your Kodi-on-PS4 streaming with a VPN

Kodi add-ons may come from unknown sources, posing as a security risk for your system: without realizing it, you may be in contact with a hacker that is capable of intercepting your traffic and establishing your location. To avoid this scenario, using a VPN is a good idea.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Networks. They are online apps and clients that can hide your traffic and IP address, which is the most obvious way to track a person’s location. The VPN app will create a virtual tunnel for the user’s information and identity to safely pass through, avoiding contact with hackers, cybercriminals, law enforcement agencies, copyright trolls, and other agents.

Since VPN services manage a list of servers in diverse countries, you could also access geo-blocked Kodi add-ons to enjoy on your PS4 console. VPNs provide privacy, security, anonymity, and accessibility benefits.

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How to install a VPN on Kodi to stream safely on your PS4

If you are looking to stream content on your PS4 via the Kodi software, you should install a VPN app not only because of privacy and security concerns but also because you could access geo-blocked add-ons with ease. You just need to register for a VPN service, connect to a server from the country your desired add-on is from, and voila!

The best and fastest method to install a VPN on Kodi to stream safely on your PS4 console is by setting it up directly on your router. There are guides for every model. By doing that, you will configure your PS4 to run Kodi under the VPN encryption.

There are methods to install a VPN on your PS4 console via a Windows PC and a Mac computer, so there are plenty of options to choose from to protect your assets and privacy while earning the chance to access blocked add-ons.

TorGuard: the best VPN to protect your Kodi streaming in PS4

A Guide to Install Kodi on PS4

Several brands are currently competing for the right to be called the “best” on the market. And while there is no clear winner, TorGuard certainly belongs in the conversation. The American brand manages more than 3,000 servers in 55 nations, which means excellent add-on accessibility.

You can easily stream Kodi content on your PS4 console thanks to TorGuard’s top-end speeds, secure encryption, and choice of protocols. You can also set it up directly on your router, or you can install it on five different devices at the same time under one account.

TorGuard is compatible with the vast majority of platforms, devices, and operating systems known by the human being. It has videos, manuals, guides, and tutorials explaining to you how to install it on each gadget, and if you have any doubts, you can contact the highly responsive customer support staff via live chat.

In conclusion, PS4 and Kodi are a fantastic combination, and you can easily install the latter on the former without much hassle. To protect your privacy, and to access geo-blocked add-ons, using a VPN is recommendable.

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