What are the Best Alternatives to ScrapeTorrent?

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Everyone who’s relying on torrent technology and torrenting itself has heard of ScrapeTorrent and has most likely even used it at some point. It was one of the most popular solutions for accessing media content, and many have considered it to be among the best choices.

However, it’s unavailable for quite some time now. While it was operational, it allowed you to look for torrents, and it provided results from some of the best torrent sources. It made finding and downloading torrents easy and accessible to everyone. The site is now gone, as we mentioned, but there are, of course, alternatives, so let’s check out some of the best ones:


It’s one of the most commonly used BitTorrent trackers. It is very easy to use and is known for its wide community of users. It offers many different categories while searching for torrents, including movies and shows, comics and audio books, games, apps, music, and even anime. Demonoid is also known for its regular updates, but unfortunately, it is also known for being down every now and then, mostly because it’s been moved several times already. At the moment, the website is fully operational, with admins that are working hard to make everything go as smoothly as it can.


This one is known to be the largest of the private torrent communities. Its members are regularly exchanging or selling files via InviteScene, and the content that’s being exchanged here most of the time can’t be found anywhere else. The design of the website is modern, and it also offers a lot of advanced features that’ll grant you access to some of the most exclusive content.

The environment is very secure, and the website itself is updated by its very knowledgeable community. As you might have guessed, this community values their privacy, and so some of the strongest encryptions are employed in order to protect the data. Only premium members can get to reap all the benefits of InviteScene.


Another one of the very efficient and powerful options, TreeTorrent does its job excellently. It takes great pride in the fact that it’s the largest meta-search engine out there, and it’s known to search through some of the most popular websites used for torrenting. Some of these include the famous TPB (The Pirate Bay), IsoHunt, and even the re-launched Kickass Torrents. TreeTorrent doesn’t host all that content itself, but it’s a great help when it comes to finding the content that you need. It’s effective, and also very easy to use.


TorrentRover’s goal is to provide its fans with the most enjoyable experience. It’s simple to use and provides you with extremely fast results. It searches TPB, IsoHunt, 1337X, as well as several other sites. It provides you with malware-free and even ad-free solution, and you can even download the torrents automatically. It also has a Quick search option, which can help you with finding results within seconds. Of course, there’s also an advanced search, so that you can be more specific about the content you need. TorrentRover offers amazing quality, and lets you find any content in the shortest amount of time.


If you’re among the users who wish as much privacy as possible, BTJunkie is the perfect software for you. It has and uses its own bot, which is designed in a way that allows it to get torrents from all the popular websites, including TPB. The interface itself looks pretty great, and the software is easy to use too. It can provide its users with access to one of the most extensive databases so that they can enjoy any content they wish. One of its main features is the ability to download any content, without having your security compromised.


Last but not least, we have TorrentKing. It can give you access to thousands upon thousands of torrents. There’s even a list so that users can see what options are available to them. It can provide you with the best available torrents in a very short time, and with very little effort.

The search engine itself is so simple, but still so reliable, that you can find any movie you wish to download, and it even allows you to search for the actors. The organization of the movies is also very helpful, and it allows you to find the most popular ones, as well as the most recently added ones. It even provides you with ratings, so that you can see the general opinion concerning a certain movie.

How to Protect yourself on Scrapetorrent

Of course, finding and downloading torrents is one of the best and cheapest ways of controlling what you watch. However, security shouldn’t ever be neglected, especially when you work with torrents, which are known to often carry malware, or to even be found on malicious sites.

All of these torrent search engines have their own securities, but you can never be too careful, which is why you should consider getting a VPN. VPNs can encrypt your torrenting, and mask your IP address so that you’ll be truly anonymous while downloading torrents. We recommend TorGuard, IPVanish, and PIA, since all three of them are known to have great speeds, support torrenting, and have many servers in many countries that don’t block torrent sites.

Using torrents is one of the oldest methods of online file sharing, and it’s not going away. You might as well use it, but if you decide to do so, do it right, with the best torrent search engine, while you’re protected with the best VPN software. Always remember, that your safety and privacy don’t have a cost. Happy torrenting!

What are the Best Alternatives to ScrapeTorrent? What are the Best Alternatives to ScrapeTorrent?
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