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Since July 2015, Malaysia has blocked over ten websites including online news websites and private blogs. These sites reported controversial news that the government wanted to be kept secret. One such site is The Malaysian Insider–a censorship scandal so big that the U.S. Department of state commented on the issue.

While past news seems outrageous, things seem only to be getting worse. Now, the Malaysian government wants to control Internet Service Providers and users even more.

Users and ISPs could be getting even bigger fines for disobeying key components of the Communications and Multimedia Act Amendments, which fine users if found guilty of any “comment, request, suggestion or other communication which is obscene, indecent, false, menacing or offensive in character with intent to annoy, abuse, threaten or harass another person.”

Under the laws, ISPs could also soon be placed under new data retention, allowing active user tracking.

If you want to retain your internet access in Malaysia, using a VPN is paramount. With a VPN, you can keep access to social media sites like Facebook, torrent sites like, or even just sites like YouTube, which host videos.

Of course, Malaysia, not being in the United States, also has strict Netflix restrictions on its library. If you want full Netflix access to its huge library, you will need to utilize the power of a VPN.

Also, if you want to retain your anonymity in Malaysia, and prevent your ISP and government from tracking your every move and potentially coming after you with fines or worse, you will HAVE to use a VPN.

Now that you understand the need for a VPN in Malaysia, the question remains. Which is the best VPN for Malaysia?

For the best Malaysian VPN, you will need various features:

  • Access to Netflix

If you want access to Netflix in Malaysia, you will need to choose from three VPNs–ExpressVPN, TorGuard VPN, and NordVPN. This gives you three choices so far.

  • 256-AES

Luckily, all three of those VPNs has 256-AES encryption. But what’s the use of good encryption if you don’t have additional security measures alongside it? That brings us to our next category.

  • Stealth VPN Anti-Censorship protection

The only one of these three VPNs that has anti-censorship protection and Stealth VPN servers is TorGuard VPN. They also have a stealth proxy that makes your connection to the VPN server invisible. Their stealth VPN servers are super hard to track, and they work to obfuscate your connection.

Anti-censorship measures ensure you won’t be caught using a VPN in Malaysia to access uncensored content on social media websites.

  • Global Servers

TorGuard VPN has a massive server network, in fact, it was rated as the best combination of servers worldwide along with country access. They have over 1600+ servers in 42+ locations.

  • Fast Speeds

We already picked the fastest VPNs, but for Malaysia, if you want to blend excellent security with speeds, we ultimately recommend TorGuard since we received high rates in our torrent and speed test in our TorGuard review.


If you need a great VPN for Malaysia, you don’t have many options. Sure you could get a VPN that promises a 4098-bit RSA key, or the fastest speeds, but for the best blend of real high speeds, top of the line security, and extra security features to prevent censorship, we can only recommend TorGuard for your safety.


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