Find Out the Best CouchTuner Alternatives

CouchTuner Alternatives

Torrent clients and streaming platforms have taken over the Internet as the preferred ways to obtain entertainment. It can be performed on the go, via tablets or smartphones, or at the comfort of one’s home through a laptop, Smart TV, desktop computer, or suitable device.

In this article, we will discuss CouchTuner, one of the most widely known streaming websites in the planet, some of its associated pitfalls, and a few alternatives you can try if you don’t want to take any chances. In all cases, using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) seems like an excellent idea.

CouchTuner: free entertainment with a few issues

CouchTuner is a free streaming website that offers numerous movies and TV series for users to enjoy at no cost. It has an exciting catalog that includes the newest and most anticipated premieres in the industry, and some of the classics as well.

Despite not having an autoplay function, it has managed to be one of the most popular platforms for those wanting to enjoy a good movie. However, and in spite of being a private website, some of CouchTuner’s content is illegal and can get you in trouble.

CouchTuner requires no registration process, despite some users having claimed the system prompted them to do so. There are lots of advertisements and pop-ups in the interface, a potentially dangerous situation.

Related concerns

If you want to use CouchTuner, know that it can violate anti-piracy laws and that it has recently been shut down because of that. It has been forced to use other domains, such as,,,, and

You can also see that CouchTuner is restricted in some nations, such as India, Australia, Norway, Denmark, France, Malaysia, and Ireland. To boost your security levels while using CouchTuner or similar sites, and to circumvent geo-blocking measures applying in some countries, a VPN can be your best friend.

CouchTuner alternatives


More than a CouchTuner alternative, Netflix is arguably the world’s premier streaming platform. It has a customized catalog of options for each one of the 200+ countries in which it provides its services.

The company started in 1997, but the business as you know it has been functioning since 2007; as an online streaming platform. Not only Netflix provides access to thousands of movies and TV series, but now, it is also producing its own material.


When it comes to pleasing American audiences and serving as a CouchTuner alternative, Hulu has few rivals. The service, like Netflix, is not free, but it is more than worth the price, with thousands of movies and TV series, not to mention the Live TV service that was launched in 2017.

The thing with Hulu is that it is destined to American audiences only, and any connection request from abroad will be blocked. To remedy the situation, using a VPN as a location-spoofer will do.


A fantastic CouchTuner alternative in its own right, Putlocker is a very well-known entity in the online streaming world, with a myriad of options to choose from when it comes to films and the newest and hottest TV series in the industry.

However, there is one caveat (or advantage, for some people:) it is free. That means that you have to be careful with malware, but it also represents an opportunity to spare the cost of a monthly subscription.

The Daily Fix

If you are looking for a vast movie library, then look no further: The Daily Fix can make you spend a great time watching your preferred films, positioning itself as one of the top CouchTuner alternatives out there. The page is free for use, and the best part is that it doesn’t require a registration process to enjoy the content.

Café Movie

It may not be one of the most famous names on the list, but Café Movie is a reliable alternative to CouchTuner users. It offers a sizable catalog, with options in several languages. The design and interface are user-friendly, and you can find some classic films that are not available on other platforms. You need to register to use the service, though.


In Alluc, you can find some of the best content in the entertainment industry. The page doesn’t provide the material per se: it offers links to third party websites, so you need to be careful with hackers and malware and use an encryption tool, like a VPN, and preferably antivirus software, just to be sure. The service is free.


If you are looking for yet another free streaming service similar to CouchTuner, then FMovies will do the trick. It has loads of TV series and movies to enjoy, with a handy search engine to help you find what you are looking for.

Solar Movie

In a similar mold than Alluc and FMovies, Solar Movie is an excellent alternative for CouchTuner since it is free and easy to use. And don’t be fooled by the name: in fact, this option specializes in TV series instead of films. The only drawback is the high amount of pop-up advertisements on the site.

If you like torrenting, these are other options you may consider as CouchTuner alternatives:

  • YIFY torrent
  • Torrentking
  • Toorgie
  • Seedpeer
  • TorrentProject
  • Sky Torrents
  • iDope
  • Torrent Downloads

VPN technology and its benefits to the streaming and torrenting industries

By now, you have seen that CouchTuner isn’t always a reliable option. You can not only see how malware takes over your device but also, you can get in contact with copyright enforcers and run into trouble with the law. Not only that, but the site is blocked in several locations as well.

To help you overcome some of those issues, use a VPN. Its full name is Virtual Private Networks, and it is a technology that companies around the web offer; it is capable of encrypting the user’s communication and hiding its actual location.

It helps you protect from copyright trolls when you use CouchTuner or any of the mentioned alternatives, and thanks to its ability to hide your IP address and lend you one for temporary use, it is perfect for anonymous browsing and content unblocking.

TorGuard is recognized around the industry as one of the best brands. Its fast speeds are suitable for content streaming, and its 3,000+ servers in 55 locations are perfect for unblocking any platform you want. The service isn’t expensive at $10 per month and includes other traits such as DNS leak protection, a kill switch, AES 256-bit encryption, OpenVPN, live chat, a knowledgebase, multiplatform compatibility (even some routers) and more.

Visit TorGuard

To set up TorGuard:

  • Go to its website or find it in your device’s app store
  • Sign up for the service
  • Create a username and a password
  • Sign in to your account
  • Connect to a virtual server that helps you unblock CouchTuner or any of the alternatives

In conclusion, CouchTuner is a streaming site that has achieved worldwide fame. However, it is blocked in specific nations and is considered unreliable due to its free nature, ads, and issues with copyright. To fully enjoy CouchTuner or any of the alternatives, use a VPN.

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