Find Out the Best VPN for Stremio

Best VPN for Stremio

Online streaming knows no age, religion, or gender limitations. It is a fun activity that everybody with a fast Internet connection and a suitable device can perform, and it can bring joy into our lives and also added benefits such as culture, knowledge, and creativity. Movies and TV series can connect us to a new level of entertainment.

If you are bored, watch a sitcom. If you feel like you want to learn something new and useful, then tune in to a documentary about a fascinating subject. If you are into action-packed movies, there are also options for you. Dramatic productions are also immensely popular around the web. Online streaming platforms open up a world of possibilities for all tastes.

Stremio: the all-in-one streaming platform

Stremio is relatively new when it comes to streaming networks, appearing into the scene in 2012. It can be defined as an all-in-one hub for video content aggregation, which allows streamers to sort, organize, and reproduce video content from several sources on the Internet, as long as the user is implementing a compatible device.

The platform has a myriad of entertainment options available, from series, movies, documentaries, animated, and short features. Actually, it is often compared to Popcorn Time, which is also a multi-platform, free software BitTorrent client that comes with an integrated media player.

Stremio comes in the form of an app that, thankfully, is compatible with the vast majority of devices and operating systems. With it, users can enjoy ad-free Youtube channels and live TV channels around the world, not to mention partner content and Video on Demand (VOD) services. If that isn’t enough, you can use community add-ons to put together your entertainment “puzzle” by watching material from various sources.

When initially developed, Stremio was meant to extract content from a BitTorrent platform called YTS. However, since its disappearance, it now gets the material from other sources, such as Torrentz. Stremio states that it associates each usable video file inside the Torrents with an IMDB ID.

Features found on Stremio

For starters, Stremio is a Multi-Pass open-source project. The difference with Popcorn Time, or at least the most obvious one, is that Stremio takes its content from more reliable sources than its counterpart.

Stremio can detect live feeds or content from different places because people can send magnet links to the search bar. Additionally, users can configure the app to notify them each time a new episode of your favorite TV series is available for streaming, or when a new season premieres.

Some people within the industry have stated that Stremio takes the best out of Netflix, Popcorn Time, and fellow open-source project Kodi. Independent developers are free to contribute to the network with new offerings and functionalities. Stremio, in short, is free, versatile, torrent-based, and easy to set up and use.

VPNs: what are they and why do you need one?

While Stremio add-ons are fantastic ways to find entertainment options online, there are a few caveats. The majority of the material you can find online, including add-ons and other streaming platforms or hubs, are geo-blocked, which means that they can’t be accessed from any nation other than the one in which they were produced. Often, studios and production companies establish pacts and alliances with these channels or networks to force them to show the content only in that country.

And these networks have a way to recognize the location from which their visitors are requesting to connect: they do it by looking at their IP address. To enjoy Stremio without restrictions, you need a VPN.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Networks, and they are location spoofing resources available online in the form of apps and clients. They can encrypt the user’s content, traffic, IP address, and other connection details, rerouting them to remote servers away from Internet Service Providers, hackers, cybercriminals, malware developers, crypto miners, copyright trolls, surveillance, censorship, and more.

By creating a virtual tunnel to manage communication requests between the user and the Internet, the VPN brand achieves privacy, security, and anonymous browsing. Those traits, plus the ability to access International content, are required to enjoy the best Stremio experience.

Third-party add-ons from unknown sources can be dangerous for a variety of reasons. That’s another reason to use a VPN for Stremio: to be protected at all times.

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TorGuard: the best VPN for Stremio

The best VPN for Stremio needs to allow and encourage P2P sharing activity, which means that torrenting must be permitted. Other factors that are needed for a smooth VPN experience in this service are fast speeds and lots of servers and networks to access more international content.

In this regard, we can say with confidence that TorGuard is the best VPN for Stremio. It has full P2P and torrenting allowance, offering fast speeds and more than 3,000 servers in 55 nations to boot. TorGuard has a strict no logging policy and some of the fiercest encryption methods in the VPN market, as well as a very responsive customer service. It is compatible with most operating systems.

How to install and use a VPN for Stremio

  • Select a VPN with torrenting allowance, fast speeds, and a broad server network
  • Go to the VPN website
  • Register for the VPN plan of your liking, providing a payment method and information about yourself. Fill only the required fields
  • Create a username and a password
  • Download the VPN client in your device
  • Launch the VPN app
  • Connect to a server from the nation you want to unblock content
  • Install the Stremio platform on your device, downloading it from this link.
  • Configure a free email account
  • Login to Stremio with your previously-entered email address
  • Install any third-party add-ons you need
  • Done!

In conclusion, Stremio is a torrent-based streaming hub that takes content from around the web and puts it at the users’ disposal. It provides a myriad of entertainment options, ranging from comedies to dramas and short features. However, to have full access to geo-blocked international content, you need one of the best VPNs in the market, such as TorGuard.

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