Guide to Tracking and Watching YouTube Channels Anonymously


In the recent period, mostly during the last month, many corporation’s ads have been airing on YouTube videos that were considered distasteful and contained hateful opinions, extremist and racist content and alike. The companies whose ads aired during these videos include Verizon, Volkswagen, AT&T, Coca-Cola and many more. Many of these companies decided to remove their ads in fear of being associated with the opinions and attitudes displayed in the videos.

Some people, certain journalists, for example, often track YouTube videos as a part of their job, while searching for extreme content and people of interest, that they believe would be interesting to the public, or important part of the current events. For people like that, the darkness of YouTube is not a new thing.

Others, however, might be surprised to discover what manages to slip by YouTube’s filters and end up being posted for all to see and be associated with.

Don’t Track Me

Many people seek a private way of browsing the internet so that their identities wouldn’t be connected to potential hateful content that they might find online. Most people accidentally stumbles upon something which they don’t want to be connected with, but when they discover what it’s about, the damage has already been done. Recently, this also started being true for certain YouTube videos as well.

Association with some of these things can be very dangerous for those who find themselves living in some of the more oppressive political regimes, In the most extreme cases, those people could even be executed if their political belief starts being questioned. They could even go to jail just because they were reading the news that wasn’t considered “official”.

That’s why there’s an extreme need for an anonymous way of surfing the Internet.

When it comes to YouTube, it’s important to remember that it belongs to Google, and Google is well known for tracking everything. And we do mean everything. From your last search to your location, Google constantly tracks you and everything you do. Their methods are extremely invasive, and all of the data they collect about you is used for creating your online profile, which is some sort of presentation of who you are and what you’re like.

This data is mostly used for advertising since they can target you with ads that might interest you if they know what you like and what your interests are. More and more people are being aware of this and are starting to use other search engines, like StartPage, which is a company from Netherlands. This makes it perfect for many users, since it’s safely out of the US law’s reach, and they don’t even track your activity.

These private search engines are a great way to start working on your online privacy, but even so, they’re only the first step towards the true internet anonymity.

How To Watch YouTube Privately


When it comes to online privacy, and therefore YouTube privacy as well, there are several different solutions. Many people choose the browser called Tor because it’s a free option that hides your location and sends your data around the world, which basically makes it impossible to be connected to you.

Still, this is a very slow process and it makes it a very bad choice when it comes to downloading things, or watching videos, and this is why it would be a bad solution for achieving YouTube anonymity.


Others go for different proxies, but this method only partially works, because it doesn’t really provide enough protection, but instead only masks your IP address and it can help with unblocking geo-restricted content.

Still, this “disguise” of your IP can be seen through by skilled hacker or your government, and then all of your actions will be obvious to everyone who tracked you down. It can also be pretty slow because it’s free and many people are using it, however, most of them aren’t in danger of losing their life or freedom, they just can’t get access to some of the online content they’re interested in.


Guide to Tracking and Watching YouTube Channels Anonymously  Guide to Tracking and Watching YouTube Channels Anonymously  Guide to Tracking and Watching YouTube Channels Anonymously
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Your third and best option are VPNs. VPNs are Virtual Private Networks, which do a lot to hide your online actions, location and even allow you access to blocked content. This is the best solution for numerous reasons. Not only does it hide your IP, after connecting you to one of the multiple servers around the world, but it also creates a secure tunnel for your data flow to go through, and therefore make it completely inaccessible to hackers, government and anyone else who might try to log your actions.

It also helps to secure your connection, protects it from malware, blocks ads, and it still has a pretty decent speed, which makes it perfect for watching videos or downloading content. Many of them even support P2P, which makes it perfect for those who like sharing files.

Now, the VPN option is a very popular one, especially in the last couple of years, and many different providers have surfaced. You might be wondering which one to choose and how are you going to set it up. Many of them are a perfectly valid option when it comes to watching YouTube, but we recommend TorGuard. And when it comes to setting it up, it’s really not that difficult. All you need to do is create an account, download the app, log in, and choose one of the many servers around the world. That’s it.

Now, many people don’t feel like paying for this service, and would rather choose a free VPN, and that is fine. Be aware, though, that free VPNs can’t provide that much safety as the one that comes at a price, and that it’s also slowing your device down, a lot. There’s more on the downside, but security and speed are two of the most important things for those who wish to watch YouTube anonymously, and free VPNs can’t provide that.

You don’t have to worry, though, because the prices aren’t that astronomical that affording VPN creates an unsolvable problem, and most of them can be obtained for more or less $10 per month, or around $50-60 per year.

That’s not too much when you have in mind that you’ll have complete safety and anonymity during the entire year.

How To Subscribe To Youtube Anonymously

For those who are interested in subscribing to channels on YouTube, but want that to stay anonymous as well, the RSS Reader is a perfect option for you, and this way, you’ll still receive regular updates about the new videos, without anyone even knowing about it. And after you get a notification about the video, you can simply proceed to safely watch it through your VPN.

RSS or Rich Site Summary is a special format that’s used for distributing web content that changes frequently. Basically, it’ll keep you informed about the new content, without you having to actually go to the websites that you’re interested in.

It’s a truly great idea and a fantastic way to be updated about activities on your favorite websites, including YouTube. There are also many different readers that you can choose from, some of which are Inoreader, FeedReader, Newsgator, Amphetadesk, and Feedbin, but also many others.

The process of subscribing through an RSS reader is really simple too, and in includes several really simple steps:

  1. Visit the channel you’d like to subscribe to.
  2. Open that page’s source code (For Chrome users, it can be done by right clicking and selecting ‘View page source’, while Firefox users can do it by pressing Ctrl+U)
  3. Press Ctrl+F and when the search field opens, type in “channel-external-id”.
  4. Once you’ve located that text, next to it is a value that looks like “UCM0VNOWHnCZaM4zc6RIvXxg.
  5. Put that at the end of the following URL, just after the “=”, so it should look like this:
  6. Copy the URL and paste it into RSS reader, and you’re good to go.

We know that many people are really concerned about their online security, and would like to know more about it, which is one of the reasons why this and similar guides exist. By using these methods of protection, you will no longer be in danger and will have the option of accessing everything that the Internet offers, and you weren’t able to use before.

Ali is a freelance journalist with 5 years of experience in web journalism and marketing. He contributes to various online publications. With a master degree, now he combines his passions for writing about internet security and technology. When he is not working, he loves traveling and playing games.

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