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VPNs for Project Free TV

Online streaming is one of the trendiest activities worldwide. All you need is a fast Internet connection and a suitable device, and you will have the keys to entertainment: you will be able to watch your preferred shows and movies, wherever and whenever you want.

There are dozens of platforms around the web in which users can enjoy free or paid content in the form of movies and TV series. All genres are covered! Thrillers, suspense, drama, science-fiction, fantasy, comedy, action, Westerns… depending on the site you visit, you can earn access to any production.

One of people’s favorite streaming platforms is Project Free TV. It has a broad selection of movies and TV series, with the bonus of constant updates to the list of offered options and productions.

However, there is an issue regarding Project Free TV: it is not what you would consider as “reliable.” The site is very convenient for people that want to enjoy productions on the go, but it is prone to be shut down by authorities from time to time.

Why would authorities want to shut down Project Free TV? Because it is not always authorized to show specific content, continually incurring in copyright violations and raising the attention of law enforcement agencies. These, combined with studios and production companies, exercise pressure on the site.

Those are the issues of choosing free online streaming services instead of paid ones: they often offer pirated content that can get you in trouble with the law. But since we know that you are eager to find a reliable platform to stream content online, we offer you the best alternatives to Project Free TV:


Tubi offers several enticing features that make it a reliable alternative to Project Free TV. At the moment of watching a video, the content is adjusted thanks to auto-generated settings to suit the device from which you are enjoying the production, although the system allows manual adjustments, as well.

Tubi is famous around the industry for its selection of TV shows: you can find options from almost any location on the planet. The service is not free; however: it requires users to register and pay for a subscription. It is also available in the United States only.


Youtube is arguably the world’s most famous site to watch videos. And, despite not specializing in movies and series, it does offer some options. People can also view other types of clips, including interviews, sports highlights, music videos, tutorials, reviews, and more.

However, it does have some drawbacks: it restricts some content by geographical location, and sometimes it has its videos taken down or deleted from the platform. Youtube also offers the option of upgrading to enjoy premium films and enjoying an ad-free experience.


Another exciting alternative to Project Free TV, TV Player has a desktop and a mobile version. It has almost 90 channels: among them are Lifetime, BBC1, History Channel, MTV, and Discovery.

The issue with TV Player is that it is only available for people in the United Kingdom because of geo-blocking restrictions. However, those can be beaten with the help of a VPN provider (we will explain it later.)


FOX is one of the world’s most famous entertainment networks on the planet. Although it primarily offers US-based content, it has millions of fans in several locations, showing content that ranges from the hottest TV series and the latest blockbuster movies, not to mention live streams. People can enjoy FOX via the mobile app (geographical restrictions apply) and the web.


South Korean television is highly ranked when it comes to people’s preferences. For those that want to enjoy local dramas and other Asian shows, KShow123 represents a fantastic alternative to Project Free TV, since it offers an extensive collection of Korean productions.

The library of shows is frequently updated to include the newer productions after the most recent premieres. The platform runs ads, however.


Sports fans are the kings of the web: they are continually looking for platforms to enjoy the latest highlights and live events. Sportstream provides plenty of the latter, especially covering baseball, football, hockey, rugby, tennis, and volleyball.

You can see the exact start time of the available sporting events. Just click on the game and start streaming, with no need to register.

Other alternatives to Project Free TV:


Bypassing geo-blocking restrictions with a powerful tool

Most of the mentioned platforms are geo-blocked to specific audiences, which means that only people from certain locations can enjoy the content. To circumvent the situation, Virtual Private Networks represent the best solution.

VPNs, as they are often called, are online encryption resources that also reroute the person’s generated content online (traffic) and location information (IP address) to remote servers, away from Internet Service Providers (ISPs,) hackers, cybercriminals, malware developers, crypto miners, and, especially, copyright enforcers.

Since VPN brands are capable of hiding the user’s IP address and replace it with a new one for temporary use (chosen by the subscriber,) they can effectively change the country from which a person appears to be establishing the connection to the streaming platform.

If a specific site is geo-blocked to American audiences, and the user is currently in Argentina, all it needs to do is hire a VPN with servers in the United States and connect to one of them. All American sites and streaming platforms will now become available.

TorGuard: the best VPN for online streaming

TorGuard is, arguably, the best VPN to watch all the Project Free TV alternatives. It has a myriad of servers (more than 3,000) in 55 nations around the world, which means that streamers can unblock content in that many locations.

Speed is a crucial attribute that streamers need. VPN technology may slightly affect connection rates, but with TorGuard, users won’t feel a difference. The American brand is reliable and uses the best encryption standard in the market (AES 256-bit encryption) to fiercely protect content against copyright enforcers.

Visit TorGuard

How to set up TorGuard

  • Go to the website or find the mobile app in the App Store or the Google Play Store
  • Download the app or client
  • Sign up for the VPN service
  • Connect to any virtual server from the country you want to unblock content

In conclusion, Project Free TV has achieved worldwide fame because of its movie and series catalog. However, the site isn’t reliable and is prone to be shut down by authorities due to copyright infringement. There are several alternatives, but most of them are geo-blocked: to bypass any restrictions, use a VPN.

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