How to Hide Your Real Location While Surfing the Web


Hiding your location while surfing the web is important for today’s internet users. It’s a way of protection, as well as a way of extending one’s reach, and both are necessities.

Troubles of showing your location

You have probably noticed that your location is being tracked. Whenever you open your Google Maps, you can see exactly where you are. Provided that you haven’t already disabled all forms of tracking, of course.

Also, if you try to find a restaurant or some other service via Google, it’s more likely that you’ll get something near you, than the best service in the world as a result.

So yes, we’re being tracked, and our location is known to services, apps, and even our search engine. There are some people out there that simply don’t care about it. Others see it as a major privacy breach and are fighting against it.

Benefits of hiding your location

Changing your location can benefit you in other ways besides protecting your privacy. You can also access the geo-restricted content. That’s the content that’s otherwise inaccessible to you because of your location.

Due to the copyright issues, some of the online services and websites can’t be accessed by people living in certain regions. For example, those from outside of the UK can’t access BBC’s iPlayer.

Web sites and services like this are blocking all of the IP addresses that don’t belong to the region they support. Because of it, people are often trying to change or hide their IP address. Doing so helps them out with accessing such content, and also ensures some level of online security.

Doing things like this might be morally questionable, but for the most part, it’s not illegal.

How to change your IP

Changing your IP address for the purpose of accessing restricted content, enhancing your security, and any other reason you might have is pretty easy. You can do it yourself in a matter of minutes, actually.

All you need is one of the several types of different tools. You can do so by using proxies, Tor browser, or one of the VPNs.

How to hide your location with a proxy

Using a proxy to mask your IP is really easy. They mostly come as browser extensions, and all that you need to do is pick one.

They are pretty much the fastest option on this list, and they’ll help you access pretty much anything on the web.

Alternatives to regular proxies are proxy websites. They work in a similar way, only you don’t browse the internet freely like you usually do. Instead, you go to a proxy website, and on it, you have a search field. You type the name of the website that you want to visit, and the proxy does it for you.

Basically, in this situation, the proxy will be used as a middleman for your browsing. The website knows that proxy is visiting, but it can’t tell who’s using it. This method is pretty slow, but it can be useful if none of the other options are available.

Using a proxy will get you a certain level of anonymity, but it doesn’t encrypt your content. If you attract attention to yourself, your ISP might discover what you’re doing easily.

Surf anonymously with Tor

Tor is a special network that uses thousands of different relays to hide your content. The network is made by volunteers only, and if you use it, you give as much as you take.

For those not skilled with computers, the Tor browser is a version of Firefox that uses the same method by default. When you use it, your data is traveling from one relay to the next one, for as long as it needs. Eventually, the connection between your data and you is lost.

This method is pretty simple and very efficient. However, it’s also very slow. That makes it impossible to use Tor for streaming, uploading and downloading and doing similar things online. It’s still pretty good for regular browsing, and it’s completely free.

Safe, secure, and anonymous surfing with VPNs

How to Hide Your Real Location While Surfing the Web

Our last and also the best option is the use of VPNs. These are private networks that are probably the best way of using the internet safely.

They have their own servers located all over the world. When you connect to them, you get the IP address that belongs to the place where that server is. Basically, if you’re from Italy, and you connect to a server from the US, the internet will see you as a US user.

This is a very handy way of changing your IP, and you can even choose where you appear to be from. In addition to that, it also encrypts your online data and uses protocols to shield it from view. This method is the best for changing your address as well as enhancing your security.

Choosing a VPN might turn out to be quite a challenge, especially since there are hundreds of them available these days. To help you out, we would recommend the ones that we think are best. Those are GhostVPN, PIA, IPVanish, and TorGuard. All of them are great for using the web anonymously and safely, and you won’t go wrong with any of them.

How to Hide Your Real Location While Surfing the Web  How to Hide Your Real Location While Surfing the Web  How to Hide Your Real Location While Surfing the Web
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People might have plenty of reasons for hiding where they’re from online. Their reasons may include security, or privacy, or maybe just a widened reach. Maybe even something else entirely. The truth of the matter is that the internet should be a free place and that it’s not.

Because of that, nobody can blame the people for wishing to take back their online rights. And through the use of these tools and methods, they now can. So pick one of them, hide your IP, and browse anonymously.

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