How to Watch Indian Movies, TV Shows, and Live Channels Abroad

Watch Indian Movies

Many people identify Hollywood as the most prolific film industry in the entire world. While it is true that it contributes numerous quality movies and productions and that is maybe the most widespread and famous in the Western civilization, it may not hold the top spot when talking about the entire world.

That title may belong to Bollywood, a non – stop cinema industry that produces almost 2,000 feature films per year, according to 2017 data. It’s not just that they are numerous, it’s also that they are good: many Indian films have received critical acclaim over the years, even in United States and Europe.

A larger-than-life industry

However, the Indian motion picture industry is not entirely limited to the contributions in film and movies. The country’s television business is also highly developed and well-known in most locations.

People outside the country needing, or wanting, to access some of the best Indian channels via online streaming will be disappointed to hear that it can’t be done without the help of an external tool.

Well, good news! VPN is a fantastic tool to gain accessibility to every kind of content around the world, no matter where you are. Learn how to watch Indian movies, TV shows, and live channels abroad with the aid of VPNs.

Indian movies: Bollywood, Indywood and their power in the field

The Hindi cinema dominated the scene for many years when it comes to number of production, and the quality of work. Today, the scenario is no different, but the name is: the acronym ‘Bollywood’ (the result of putting together the words Bombay – now known as Mumbai, the host city of the whole movement – and Hollywood.)

Bollywood is the Indian Hindi language film business, one that moves around an enormous amount of investments, people, talent, resources, and money. It is based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

In fact, Bollywood is part of Indywood, which is the term to identify the global industry in the country, one that includes other locations, production settings, and languages within the nation.

Bollywood films are known for using colloquial dialects of the mother Hindu-Urdu family, as well as ‘Hinglish.’ Many pundits rank Indywood ahead of Hollywood for its prominence and importance in the film industry worldwide landscape. Bollywood alone contributes more than 350 movies per 365 days. Telugu and Tamil cinema are also relevant entities whose contributions are notable.

The annual average of tickets sold in the Bollywood industry reaches almost 4 billion in a worldwide scale, not just India. That number is substantially higher than the Hollywood statistics.

Indian TV shows: the best of the best

India is a wonderful place for culture and arts: the country has a unique language, traditions, gastronomy, customs, and a common love for movies and, especially, television. TV stars in the nation often reach God-like status and are revered and celebrated for their work in the small screen.

India has a broad catalog of channels, programs, and languages, making the industry diverse, profitable, respected and prolific. In a continent with varying degrees of poverty, India can say that significantly more than half of the households have a TV device.

Television in India is a big deal: it is by far the most widespread form of entertainment. According to data from 2016, the nation has more than 850 channels. In India, talent shows, soap operas, sport programs, news wires and more are created and produced every day.

Some of the top shows in the country are the talent contest Sa Re Ga Ma Pa L’il Champs 2017, and the soap operas Kumkum Bhagya, Kundali Bhagya, and Naagin Season 2. The latter genre is far and away the most relevant in India.

Indian live streaming channels

The combination of several hundreds of TV channels in the country, plus the digital era and high connectivity statistics in Indian urban areas, the number of online streaming channels has gone dramatically up in the last few years.

India, as a multicultural country, has online streaming channels in Hindi, English, Tamil, and Telugu. Some of the most famous platforms are:

  • DD India
  • Hotstar
  • Sony LIV
  • GNN Live TV
  • Network 18
  • DittoTV
  • Yupptv
  • India TV App
  • Eros Now
  • Hungama Play
  • PTC
  • OZEE
  • Voot
  • NextGtv
  • Now
  • Travel World Online
  • Tatas Mobile
  • MN+
  • ET Now
  • NDTV
  • ITI
  • Star World India
  • DD International
  • News 9
  • Sling TV
  • Telugu
  • TV18
  • ETV Network
  • E TV

Gemini TV

  • Vissa TV
  • Zee Telugu
  • Studio One
  • Maa TV
  • Maa Gold

Watching Indian movies, TV shows, and live channels abroad

If you try to open an Indian online streaming channel from abroad, then the most likely outcome is that the system shows you a message telling you that you can’t have access because of geographical zone limitations.

Now, if you want to enjoy the best TV shows, Indian movies and programs via online streaming and you are not physically in the nation, you may trick the system into thinking you are actually within the Indian borders. How? With a VPN.

Enjoying Indian movies and TV shows with a VPN

Virtual Private Networks, or VPNs, are online encryption tools or resources that can not only let you access Indian movies, television and general content from a foreign land but also allows you to enjoy restricted sites and services in other locations.

VPN clients use encryption protocols, most famously OpenVPN, SSL or L2TP, to hide the users’ data and traffic from the prying eyes of the government, hackers, viruses, Internet service providers and advertisers, among other external agents. People acquiring VPN software gain a gigantic boost in privacy, security and anonymity.

Enhanced accessibility

If that is not enough, maybe telling you that by hiding your IP address and letting you choose one from a country of your selection will convince you to try one. By doing that, you can open up new doors of accessibility to other nations’ content online.

For example, if you are in Spain and want to enjoy a good Indian soap opera or a classic Bollywood film, all you need to do is connect to an Indian server through the VPN app and you are done.

Best VPN for watching Indian TV and movies: TorGuard

The Internet is filled with excellent VPN options, and there is one for every taste out there. Cheap options populate the market, and while they are not as reliable as paid clients, they can offer basic encryption and solutions.

If you want speed, then try IPVanish. If you prioritize economy, then Private Internet Access (PIA) offers acceptable features and encryption. If you desire an up-and-coming alternative with at least a two week period of the refund policy, GhostVPN can be of much help.

However, the most reliable all-around option is TorGuard. This VPN app offers more than 3,000 servers in 55 countries, one of them being India. You can access Indian TV shows, movies and other productions from abroad with rock-solid encryption protocols and excellent speeds. TorGuard has the best customer service in the business and offers additional services such as anonymous proxy, anonymous email, and privacy bundle.

Visit TorGuard

How to access Indian TV shows, live channels and movies from abroad

  • Carefully choose a VPN provider with secure encryption, acceptable speeds and servers in India.
  • Access the webpage of your chosen provider.
  • Register to one of the plans while providing personal details and a payment method.
  • Download the VPN app or client to your device.
  • Open the VPN app and sign in with the credentials you provided above.
  • Configure your VPN in a desirable way.
  • Select to connect to an Indian server.
  • Open the online streaming page of the show, game, hub, or media center you want to unblock.
  • Enjoy the best Indian TV.

In conclusion, the Indian television and film industry has no rivals. Each year, thousands of movies and new productions are created, and people live and die for sports, Bollywood movies and soap operas.

If you want to unblock Indian movies, TV shows and channels abroad, you need the help of a VPN to hide the IP address of your country and let you borrow an Indian one. That way, you will trick the system into thinking you are physically in India, granting you full access.

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