How to Watch Pron.TV Without Anyone Knowing?

After Alluc, which was known for providing its own API code, stopped doing so in the spring of 2018, showed up as an alternative for people looking to watch adult videos online without much hassle. However, these sites have a permanent threat of malicious links and ads, not to mention the implicit privacy that is needed to browse or watch videos of that nature.

Alluc was an online video directory, generated by users, which provided the chance of enjoying links to streaming video-sharing pages that could cover nearly all genres and requirements: pornography, TV shows, movies, music videos, sports, anime, and cartoons. For adult film lovers, has big shoes to fill.

For people looking for privacy while watching videos or movies in, the need to hide their IP addresses is evident. IP numbers show the necessary information about the device, user, and location, so naturally, they want to mask as much data as possible.

Fortunately, there are several tools online that can be used for privacy and anonymity. Smart DNS services are one option, and working in some settings and configuration on your browser can help, as well. However, no measure can match a VPN’s blend of security, privacy, anonymity, and accessibility. the best and latest adult content is a clever wordplay to hide the term “” It is a website dedicated to showing the most recent and on-demand adult movies and related content, which represents a huge industry that produces billions of dollars every year. While Alluc limited users to 200 daily search results, provides more than 5,000 links for free per day.

We know your expectations are high but don’t worry: is not too shabby. Users can join without paying, and the registration process is very straightforward: all you need is write your email address, with an associated username and passphrase.

After that, you will go to the My Account section, where you will see your Profile. There, you need to copy your API code and store it where you can access it later in case you need it.

If you want to watch a particular film, you will see that the page offers lots of links. While the site does provide some non-adult movies, you should know what the focus shifts to by looking at the website’s name. Anyway, some of the links are suspicious or unreliable, but the percentage is tiny.

In any case, if you want to protect yourself, your assets, your device, and your privacy while you look for content in, you may want to use a Virtual Private Network, or VPN, as a measure to spoof your location, mask your traffic, and use a different IP address to avoid tracking, snooping, and spying.

After all, after Alluc suggested its customer base to use at the time of stopping offering an API code, several users didn’t see the measure with good eyes because of security concerns: they had doubts about the safety of the site, and they feared about getting in contact with viruses and hackers.

How to Stay Safe on Pron.TV to Protect Identity?

Virtual Private Networks, often shortened to VPNs, are useful online resources that encrypt the user’s traffic and connection details (timestamps, visited pages, and more,) rerouting the data to remote servers away from the Internet Service Provider (ISP,) hackers, cybercriminals, malware developers, crypto miners, and more.

And since VPNs can mask the traffic under a virtual tunnel to send it over to servers managed by the VPN brand instead of having it handled by ISPs, they make for perfect privacy and anonymity tools. Customers can implement a VPN brand to obtain a different IP address in case they want to watch something on, thus enforcing their privacy right and fending off data-logging ISPs, hackers, government surveillance agencies, spies, and other snoopers that want to know what you are doing online.

The theory explains that VPN technology implements protocols, or encryption technologies, to create the virtual tunnel for the person’s information to pass. The location data and identity are also hidden, and each brand has a list of servers attached to IP numbers from specific countries to enhance accessibility and international content unblocking.

The VPN app will position itself between the user and the broader network, in this case, the Internet. It will replace the ISP as the agent that manages the person’s connection requests; receiving them, hiding the user’s IP number and traffic, and sending the information to the web under a different IP number.

VPNs aren’t precisely antivirus, but by protecting the user’s online interactions and limiting contact with external agents, they boost overall security and promote a safe environment for the use of pages like

If you don’t want your traffic and online activity to be monitored by third parties, especially if you are visiting a website like, you better encrypt your content with a reliable VPN brand. They are also helpful when limiting contact with copyright enforcers.

Protect Privacy on Pron.TV with VPN?

How to Watch Pron.TV Without Anyone Knowing?

If you are going to stream content online, you need a VPN for overall security, privacy, and the ability to unblock international sites. TorGuard offers all those traits plus another crucial one: speed! The service has some of the fastest rates in the industry.

To protect your content from being snooped while you watch, TorGuard has a strict no-logging policy, AES 256-bit encryption, DNS leak protection, and a kill switch. Additionally, it has OpenVPN and other useful protocols.

TorGuard is compatible with Windows, Android, iOS, MacOS, Linux, and even some routers as well. The price of $10 is low if you consider all the features. A live chat feature that will respond within seconds is the cherry on top of the cake.

Visit TorGuard

How to install a VPN to watch

  • Look for a VPN with high speeds and excellent privacy and content protection resources
  • Go to the website or find it on the App Store of your device
  • Download the app or client to your device
  • Register to the VPN service
  • Connect to a VPN server to encrypt your data
  • Open and enjoy!

In conclusion, is an excellent alternative for Alluc as an adult content site. However, to give you peace of mind and extra protection from hackers or copyright enforcers, hire a VPN.

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