Learn How to Sideload VPN to Amazon Fire Stick

VPN for Firestick

Thanks to the useful Amazon Fire TV Stick, users can turn their Smart TVs into a complete entertainment system: it is a USB-like device that provides the opportunity of watching and browsing Internet-based content that will project on the TV screen. The options are unlimited.

With the Fire TV Stick, people can enjoy thousands of TV shows, series, and even movies online, thanks to the power of the Internet and the talent of Amazon’s developers. However, much of this content is geo-blocked.

What does that indicate? Well, most of those series, TV shows, and films are only accessible from the location in which they were produced and meant to be shown. If you are outside of those places, the system will recognize your IP address and block access.

VPN Best Way to Unblock Streaming On Fire Stick!

To overcome geo-blocking issues, you need a VPN app. Virtual Private Networks (VPN) are designed to encrypt your shared online content as well as your IP address. Thanks to the latter, you can hide your real location and “obtain” a temporary “pass” to enter other areas’ streaming sites and pages by borrowing an IP number from another country.

VPNs use technologies known as protocols to create a virtual tunnel in which all the user’s traffic and online identity data will pass. That is why these apps also offer security and privacy because they can help you mask your traces online and dodge hackers, governmental surveillance agencies, and even your Internet Service Provider.

While VPNs can work on almost any device, they can be somewhat tricky to install on Amazon streaming products. However, in this guide, you will learn how to sideload a VPN to Fire Stick to gain protection, privacy, and the ability to unblock restricted content.

To sideload your VPN to the Amazon Fire Stick, you will need at least a second generation device or newer, as well as another Android smartphone, tablet, or computer. There are several ways to install a VPN, though:

Method 1: Install a VPN available on the Fire Stick’s app store

  • Go to the Fire Stick’s home screen.
  • Access Apps.
  • Then, go to Categories.
  • Go to Utility or search “VPN.”
  • Choose a VPN on the available ones in the Fire TV app store.
  • Select the “Get” button, which will download and install the app.
  • After installation, launch the VPN.
  • Submit your login credentials.
  • Sign in to your account.
  • Connect to a virtual server.
  • Done!

Method 2: Install a VPN on your Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick that is not offered in the app store

  • The first step involves allowing the Fire Stick to install apps from unknown locations. To do that, turn on your Fire TV Stick.
  • Access the Settings.
  • Go to Device.
  • Go to Developer Options.
  • Enable Apps from Unknown Sources and ADB debugging.
  • Return to the menu.
  • Access the About section.
  • Choose Network.
  • Write down the IP address of your device. You will now be able to use apps from outside Amazon’s range, including VPN.

From this point on, you have two choices:

Option 1: Install a VPN’s APK file with a download

To achieve this, you need at least a second generation Fire TV Stick. You will use an Android APK download link provided by your VPN brand, which is a reliable method because you will be getting it from a trustworthy source and not from a third party.

  • Start your Amazon Fire TV Stick.
  • Go to the Search bar.
  • Write the word “Downloader” in the bar.
  • Install the Downloader App on your device.
  • Open it.
  • Write the URL for your chosen VPN’s APK file.
  • Download and install the app, following the system’s instructions.
  • If the system doesn’t prompt you to go on with the installation process, go to your downloads and look for the APK file of your VPN.
  • Done!

Option 2: Sideload VPN to Amazon Fire Stick with a different Android device

To achieve this, you will also need a second generation Fire Stick or a more recent version. Also, you will require another Android device which you can use to access the Google Play Store. The process is simple: the latter will be used to download your chosen VPN, which will later be transferred to the former via Apps2Fire.

  • Install Apps2Fire from the Google Play Store on the alternative Android device you are using as an aid.
  • Get the VPN app you desire to sideload to your Fire Stick on the same device. You can get it on Google Play.
  • Run the VPN app.
  • Tap the three dots icon at the upper right.
  • Go to “Setup.”
  • Type the IP address of your Fire Stick, the one that you wrote in previous steps.
  • Save the progress.
  • Tap the three dots again, this time to choose “Upload apps.”
  • Select the VPN app you desire to sideload to your Fire TV Stick.
  • The previous step will result in the automatic installation of the VPN app on your Fire Stick.

To find it and activate your VPN:

  • Return to the main menu on your Fire Stick.
  • Access the Settings section.
  • Go to Applications.
  • Choose “Manage installed applications.”
  • Browse your VPN app.
  • Tap on “Launch application” after the menu appears.
  • Sign in to your VPN account with your credentials. You may need a Bluetooth mouse or an alternative mouse application.
  • Once you sign in, choose a server and place, then Connect.

TorGuar Best VPN to Sideload VPN to Amazon Fire Stick

Among the numerous VPN apps and clients that have proven to be useful for the Amazon Fire TV Stick, TorGuard is the most cost-efficient and secure. It implements military-grade 256-bit encryption and protects your online identity like no other.

With TorGuard, users will be able to enjoy international content on their Amazon devices and to connect five simultaneous devices. You can Sideload VPN to Amazon Fire Stick with ease.

TorGuard has more than 3,000 servers spread around in 55 nation states, which means that you can unblock all kinds of shows, TV series, or movies by sideloading it to your Fire Stick. It also has exciting security features for those who love privacy, like a no logging policy, DNS leak protection, a kill switch, and more.

In conclusion, to stay protected and, at the same time, unblock restricted international content, you will be better off sideloading your VPN to your Fire Stick by using a second Android device. The process is very straightforward, and the benefits can be limitless.

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