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Television has a fascinating effect on people: it lets them live their childhood fantasies through the screen, providing a sense of fulfillment that is very pleasing to experience. Sports fan that dreamt of having a career at football, tennis, or boxing most likely enjoy a good game, match, or fight, for example.

The same thing happens with detective and crime shows. They bring the best out of people when it comes to guesses, hunchs, assessing and collecting evidence, and trying to sort out all kinds of obstacles to find out who the killer is, or the person that served as the intellectual author of a crime.

That is pretty much the case with Vera fans. Vera is a British production of the crime drama variety that shows the adventures of a very talented, yet troubled detective named Vera Stanhope. The wonderful Brenda Blethyn brings life to the primary character of the show.

British fans can enjoy the series via ITV, and if they want to do it online, the ITV Hub is available. However, the tool is not accessible for foreign fans, and because of geo-blocking restrictions, they can’t watch the Season 9 of Vera online from outside the UK, at least not without some external help.

The “external help,” however, is easily accessible in the form of a Smart DNS, a web proxy, or preferably, a Virtual Private Network, or VPN. The latter tool lets you spoof your location while also protecting your Internet traffic from snoopers, hackers, and other potentially dangerous agents on the web.

Vera: one of Britain’s top crime dramas

Detective shows are amazing, entertaining, and even help us occupy our minds trying to “help” the agents do their job and come up with the criminals! Anyway, Vera is a British production, a very successful one indeed. Season 9 premiered on January 13, 2019, much to the delight of millions of fans across the UK and the world.

The show is broadcast by ITV, one of the country’s most well-known networks. The channel also has an online streaming platform, named ITV Hub, to watch the series “on the go.” The only issue is that it is not available outside the UK, but that is to be expected.

Vera falls under the “crime drama” classification when it comes to genre. It is based on the novels of the same name, authored by Ann Cleeves. The series has been airing since May 2011, with nine seasons under its belt.

Detective Vera is nearly retired, and she works at the Northumberland & City Police, a fictional place. She is a workaholic, and her own issues and demons are the driving elements of her success. She is cold and has a calculating mind, but is also irascible and caring about her coworkers. She is also good friends with sergeants Joe Ashworth and Aiden Healy.


  • DCI Vera Stanhope Brenda Blethyn
  • DS Aiden Healy Kenny Doughty
  • DC Kenny Lockheart Jon Morrison
  • DC Jacqueline Williams Ibinabo Jack
  • DC Mark Edwards Riley Jones
  • Malcolm Donahue Paul Kaye
  • PC George Wooten Steve Evets

Bypassing geographical restrictions

Learn How to Watch Vera Online outside UK

Like we have covered, geo-blocking restrictions are the primary factor behind foreign people’s inability to watch Vera online from outside the UK. ITV and the production companies it works with don’t want any copyright issues, so they want to limit their shows to local audiences only.

However, Vera has a sizable international fanbase! They don’t deserve to be left out of the fun, do they? For them, VPN technology is widely available: they can watch Vera online from outside the UK, no matter where they are, by tricking the system into thinking they are in British territory.

A VPN is a location spoofing tool that hides the user’s IP address (the element that displays its area) and replaces it with one from a place that the person chooses, provided that it is offered among the brand’s options.

VPNs also mask the person’s traffic and connection details (including visited sites, timestamps, and other interactions) to protect them from Internet Service Providers (ISPs) keeping and sharing logs to third parties, hackers, cybercriminals, crypto miners, and malware developers.

They can also offer a way to avoid specific situations that are considered disadvantageous, such as geo-blocking, targeted advertising, censorship, surveillance, and copyright enforcers, among others.

VPN apps essentially create a virtual tunnel for the user’s location and online-related information to travel to remote servers away from those managed by the ISP. In short, they replace ISPs and handle connection requests made by the person, relaying them to the Internet under a different IP address.

Using a VPN app is more than enough to watch Vera online from outside the UK. It doesn’t matter where you are: all you need is download your preferred VPN service, connect to a British server, and nothing more! The system will believe you are connecting from the United Kingdom.

TorGuard: the best VPN to watch Vera online from outside the UK

TorGuard is arguably the best alternative to enjoy the adventures of the incredible Vera from any location on the planet. It has some of the best rates and the most stable performance in the industry, with more than 3,000 servers and 55 nations to choose from (including, of course, several options in the United Kingdom.)

This American brand has excellent content protection resources, starting with a no-logging privacy policy, AES 256-bit encryption, DNS leak protection, OpenVPN (TCP and UDP, with other protocols available as well,) and a kill switch. For $10 per months, the offerings are more than fair.

Visit TorGuard

How to watch Vera online from outside the UK

  • Go to TorGuard’s website
  • Select your preferred plan and payment method
  • Register for the VPN service, providing the necessary personal information
  • Create a username and a password
  • Download and install the VPN app compatible with your device
  • Launch the VPN app on your device
  • Sign in with your credentials
  • Connect to a British server to obtain an IP address from the UK
  • Go to the ITV Hub
  • Look for Vera and watch it without restrictions!

In conclusion, to watch Vera and her detective instincts online from outside the UK, all you need to do is hire a VPN service, connect to a British server, and open the ITV Hub.

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