Learn How to Unblock Betfair from Spain and Place Your Bets!

Unblock Betfair from Spain

Betfair is an online gambling company based in West London, in the United Kingdom, and in Clonskeagh, Dublin (Ireland). Since February 2016, its name is Paddy Power Betfair because of its merger with Paddy Power. People can use this service to place online bets with an extensive platform of games and daily odds, and with the peace of mind that an accountable and dependable company manages their money.

Betfair is in charge of managing and maintaining the world’s largest online betting exchange and offers sports gambling, online poker, online casino, online bingo, and other traits to satisfy their customer’s constant need of thrill and entertainment.

Bet on virtually anything!

When it comes to sports, almost no alternative can compare to Betfair’s offerings. You can place your bets in football’s best European and world tournaments, horse racing, ATP and WTA tennis, cricket, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), and many more.

However, as the service is in the United Kingdom, people from abroad cannot access their full catalog of services. The described situation makes fans all over the world very frustrated, because Betfair’s platform is trustworthy and reliable, and clients know they won’t have any problems while placing their bets and collecting money in case of winning.

So, imagine you are a British tourist currently visiting Madrid, and you miss the thrill and excitement you get when you place a substantial bid on Manchester United winning by at least two goals against a competitive rival, like Chelsea.

While gambling online should not be viewed as a bad thing, some countries ban it from the list of permitted uses of the Internet. If you are currently in Spain and want to enter Betfair with your UK account, you will not be able to do it successfully. Depending on the country, the system may redirect you to another region of Betfair customized for that country, or it will not let you access at all because that nation prohibits online betting.

Where can you access Betfair?

You can access Betfair from the UK and Ireland, the two “host” nations of the service, along with countries such as the Netherlands, Italy, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Belgium, Bulgaria, Hungary, Macedonia, Serbia, Czech Republic, Montenegro, Romania, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Germany, Malta, Russia, Ukraine, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Norway, Gibraltar, and many more.

The service is banned in countries such as Afghanistan, Algeria, American Samoa, Angola, Austria, Brunei, China, France and its territories, Guam, Guyana, Hong Kong, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Iraq, Japan, Korea, Kuwait, Laos, Libya, Martinique, Myanmar, Namibia, Papua New Guinea, Puerto Rico, Singapore, South Africa, Sudan, Syria, Turkey, Uganda, USA (excluding New Jersey), the Virgin Islands (USA), Yemen, and Zimbabwe.

You may access Betfair from Spain because it is in the list of licensed countries, but using your UK account may be a different story.

Ideally, what you are looking for is to avoid this dreaded message: “You are not permitted to register with Betfair from the country you are in.” Whatever the case, you should know that there are ways to access Betfair from Spain or any other country in the world if you use a Virtual Private Network or VPN.

However, you should think twice about the reasons and the locations of which you are visiting if you are using a VPN. We are not here to tell you to be part of illegal online gambling, so consider all aspects before deciding to access Betfair from Spain with a quality VPN provider.

Use VPN to gain accessibility

VPNs are valuable online resources that allow users and clients to change their IP address whenever they need to. Hiding your IP address can bring your online experiences many benefits that will make it smoother in almost any sense of the world.

What VPN does is keeping your IP address well secured and stored, not making it public. Instead, if you get the services of a quality VPN provider, you will borrow an IP address from a pool of existing ones, with the intention of remaining anonymous on the web. If there are many people using similar IP address as the one your VPN assigned you, you will be tough to track.

But who would want to track you? Numerous third parties. The government, for example, may not like the fact you are trying to access a blocked online gambling site from a specific country, so you need to hide from it and all of its institutions. Hackers can also intercept significant traffic and data from your part: when you share personal information with these kinds of sites, such as usernames, passwords, and credit card numbers, you can leave a trace that hackers can use to identify you and place bets in your name or using your money for obscure stuff. You don’t want that.

Learn How to Unblock Betfair from Spain and Place Your Bets!

In short, VPNs give you the ability to access many blocked sites around the world in their original versions. For example, there are different Netflix regions available for every part of the world, but the one with the better and broader catalog is the American region. Many VPN services can give you the opportunity to access the US-based region. It is the same case applied to our current situation: if you want to access Betfair from Spain, you need to bypass geo-blocking preventing you from entering your UK session.

With a dependable VPN client, you will hide your Spanish IP address and connect to a UK server that your VPN will provide you. This way, Betfair’s services will think you are physically in the British territory when you are enjoying a deserving vacation period in Spain.

How to access Betfair from Spain with a VPN

We know by now all the features and traits that VPN clients can give you at very affordable costs. They vary from free services like Hola, TunnelBear, and the no-cost versions of some paid services, to options that charge you as much as $12 or $15 per month, which is a very manageable cost, right?

Downloading, installing, setting up and using a Virtual Private Network is very straightforward, and it will only take away 15 or 20 seconds of your time. To access Betfair from Spain with a VPN, you need to complete these steps:

  • Go the page of your selected VPN provider.
  • Register to its services, creating an account and introducing a payment method if you choose a paid option (a recommended measure, for safer encryption protocols and lesser probabilities of the provider selling your information to your Internet service provider).
  • Download the app or the software of your VPN provider, depending if you want to access Betfair from a computer or a tablet.
  • After installing the app or software, run it on your device.
  • Sign in with the credentials and information you provided in the first step.
  • Select to connect from a UK server.
  • Done! Now, you will be able to access Betfair from Spain. Where it previously showed you a message like this: “You are not permitted to register with Betfair from the country you are in,” now the system will allow you to sign up. You will have to create a Betfair account, for which you need to provide your name, gender, date of birth, country of residence, mobile number, username, password, a security question, and the currency with which you want to bet.

Best VPN for unblocking access to Betfair

There are numerous Virtual Private Network options and servers out there in the market that can work just fine if you want to bypass geo-blocking and access Betfair from Spain, or any other country on the planet.

However, you don’t want a good option: you want an excellent one. Four of those alternatives fulfill this and merit the right to be called extraordinary: Private Internet Access (an affordable VPN with satisfactory encryption protocols and an acceptable amount of servers available), IPVanish (the fastest VPN choice of all) and TorGuard (very robust encryption measures and a top-notch customer service).

In conclusion, if you want to access Betfair from Spain, or from any part of the world, you need to hide your IP address because the system will reject your request if you are in a location where there is a ban for the page.

VPNs are the perfect tool to hide your IP address and borrow a new and temporary one for the duration of your session and from the location you need, which in this case is the UK. You will have the capability of accessing the site and place your bets in a secure, protected way.

Learn How to Unblock Betfair from Spain and Place Your Bets!  Learn How to Unblock Betfair from Spain and Place Your Bets!  Learn How to Unblock Betfair from Spain and Place Your Bets!
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